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Original title: ” in snow ” can go really, he still is a child! Teleplay ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” receive big final result, this Wu Dicheng big fight, it may be said is tall light of complete theatrical work, “The world the 2nd ” Wang Xianzhi, alone Li Chungang of brachial sword god, a of Deng Tai of god of peach blossom sword, the body that still has child child lived however the Zhao announce element of two a cycle of sixty years, collect is neat 4 people can open day door.

20220110120517 61dc20fddda4b

The Zhao Xuan Suyi of personate of continuous heavy rain of Hao of Han of 12 years old of Tong Xing horn, because the age is small,do not have, and be a burden on the acting of this part, instead the expression of Zhao announce element is very rich, the explanation with each eyes and very good movement gave the characteristic of the part and feeling, did not think of an actor of 12 years old also is actual strength clique actually, acting is really praiseworth.

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Although acting of continuous heavy rain of Hao of young actor Han is masterly, but he is this after all in drama of personate is villain in drama, what so that this part fails,win an audience is general love. Zhao announce element by Deng Tai A 12 handles flying sword is manacled, the Zhao Xuan Sulou that cannot realize flying Apsaras desire gave very angry expression, did not think of to be in of part mood accuse to go up, han Haolin still accuse very well, zhao announce element is shown very well those who went out to be ruined sth in the moment of truth of life important matter is anxious the expression with anger.

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Although Han Haolin still is year young young actor, but his civil play and fierce show performance special give prize, a bit is not inferior the other and main actor in drama. Zhao announce element has not come on the stage a few collect, han Haolin or the inner world that abound this part and complex facial mood changeover are behaved very outstandingly, make Zhao announce element this one part very bright, the applause that Hao Lin of young actor Han should win, because this part is villain in drama,should be not ignored by the audience.

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Adult of a gang in gut surrounds beat up ” the child ” , this complete theatrical work makes what the person fixes eyes upon make show most, pat really Jing is colourful, even if sees the plot of a play twice, also a bit won’t feel be bored with. Hit play to look from original prevue and this drama early days, this thinking that adult of this a gang surrounds beat up ” the child ” gut can die, did not think of a few collect are finally on specially good effect and design of acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance, really far tower above the level of early days.

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Alone Li Chungang of brachial sword god ” the sword comes ” , all over the sky thickly dotted ground near 2000 swords, next recast is a Ju Jian, one sword opens the grand acclaim as the peak of perfection making a person of the wonderful view of day door, a of Deng Tai of god of peach blossom sword squelchs with 12 handles flying sword the setting of specially good effect of Zhao announce element, these specially good effect that are big ending make play Gaoguang hour. After such gut broadcasts, still harvested topic of many hot search, the hot search vocabulary entry that concerns with Han Haolin alone only is ” the soul gives a key to do sth ” .

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Zhao announce element by Xu Feng year after 959 lis of behead kill one sword, did not think of actually can the soul gives a key to do sth, and feel arrived Xu Feng year impress of Chinese rhubarb front courtyard, this impress blackens subsequently. The soul gives a key to do sth this bridge paragraph design, make a person a little accident really, but still still do not have audience boast Han Haolin the acting of this young actor is masterly.

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Because Han Haolin models the scheming of this part and shade firm,be probably too too successful, so that the audience is too dedicated this part, admire the wonderful expressional changeover on his face, and oversight personate person it is a young actor that has 12 years old only actually. Before after the line on the part of personate of Han Hao continuous heavy rain, no matter be the film,return teleplay work, basically can win audience praise, and ascend go up hot search is obtained praise, and element of this Zhao announce this part is alluded to discuss by the audience rarely, this fact is belonged to not should.

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Work laboriously wants to fly rise celestial being, did not think of to be in finally Wu Dicheng however assemble pay a debt of gratitude bureau, fly not only litre of desire is undone, return city of emperor of body dead fierce, be Youred Excellency to surround the Zhao announce element of beat up by the a gang, also have really so lose the pain that throw to force, this lives namely probably long those who see is helpless. Everybody is enjoyed freewill, zhao announce element wants to fly litre, spend sword god without cloggy peach again what thing, if Zhao announce element is incorrect,do not pass Xu Feng every year killer, reckon he also won’t enjoy this ” luxurious go to great gift dead to wrap ” .

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