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Original title: ” bright sword ” author anger approves Liu Ye, sun Lili is held out ” redness of skin is romantic ” , zhong Yuemin destroyed generation person 2004 ” redness of skin is romantic ” once broadcast, the instant, fashionable whole nation, be weighed by the netizen, after Liu Ye Zhong Yuemin; ” bright sword ” author why anger approve him? ” redness of skin is romantic ” be suspected of borroweding, sun Lili is held out bridge, was destroyed by mythological Zhong Yuemin generation person. Bridge and friend bet draw up ” bright sword ” , the friend offers, write a novel about 669 time again, 20220110120609 61dc2131c4341Romance of redness of skin ” redness of skin is romantic ” be born; The friend meets together is often thing, malty wine mouthiness also is often thing, of millennium year, bridge and friend have a meal together, after the abdomen below a few cups of wine, the friend that be present begins to speak he, finally, the topic falls to writing, borrowing wine interest and friend to say, I should write a novel, write do not come out, the everybody that is present please has a meal; The following day after wine wakes, remember the word on wine desk, then, collect material begins to write a novel, kongfu does not lose an observant and conscientious person, drew up classical novel ” bright sword ” , did not think of this novel is bought outright by company of movie and TV copyright, because time is special, just pat teleplay to broadcast till 5 years, also discover oneself have writing talent; The friend offers, let him write a novel about 669 time, after he recovers from an illness with respect to him basis, drew up in the life of courtyard ” redness of skin is romantic ” , after this novel is published, also be bought by company of movie and TV next copyright. 20220110120610 61dc21322aacdLiu Ye Zhong Yuemin is not had again after Liu Ye; Buy the company of next copyright, begin to film immediately this drama, the Liu of capable able person that expedites oneself firelights or sunlight, grandson couple, the person such as Teng Wenji, after this drama is shown, audience insanity is infatuated with Zhong Yuemin, he fights in drama affray, the popular feeling of development of figure of street scraper-trough conveyer that strands for affection, can become a soldier originally, chose to retire from army however; Can be the public security policemen that people serves when, he chose booth thin pancake made of millet flour, the course tries hard, had oneself old hotel, can become a boss, he set foot on cocoa again however on the west the team of the hunt that turn over pilfer in, this kind of his means, get of instantly youth yearning, imagine even, oneself also have Qin Ling, the girlfriend like Zhou Xiaobai, also be like him in drama of movie and TV hundreds respond to a single call, its brother goes up together, get rid of for the society cancer, he and small blamed decisive struggle are same in resembling opera of movie and TV become a hero. 20220110120611 61dc2133b273fLiu Ye ” bright sword ” author why the angry bright that approve Liu? Everybody does not know somewhat, these stories are adapted according to the author’s experience, in drama small blamed the neighbour circumference benefit that is an author, the person that is bullied by him is his little brother, regrettablly, small blamed sacrificed in the combat of courtyard, encounter 100 people to besiege, would rather hold a tree in the arms not to fall, also not be willing to lower one’s head, this kind of moral integrity is touching each person, theatrical work of so good movie and TV, why does the author resent? Because he feels Liu firelights or sunlight,jump civilian Yang Gang’s gas, oneself the wording and purpose of what one writes goes after him free, acted to know to fight only the street scraper-trough conveyer that affray strands for affection, it is angrily rebuke director more, leaving why to before patting, discuss with oneself, pat novel of a time into city affection drama, subsequently, give off firm word, also do not cooperate with them again. 20220110120612 61dc213472cd5Liu Ye ” redness of skin is romantic ” be suspected of borroweding; A person of high position is liable to be attacked, likelihood this drama of that is to say, after this drama heat is sowed, without how long, be called Xia Meng’s author to phonate actively, this drama is suspected of borroweding, when 2 years, he ” green years ” manuscript sends Shenzhen the company plum surname controller, 3 years past, the company never has contacted him, this drama not only the manuscript with him is very similar, oneself tell Li Zong a lot of detail, challenge when him when Li Zong, he admits with bridge understanding, this ability bridge and play staff tell a court together, but this novel is to be in 01 years to create, apparent, his shape is not accused hold water, this thing ends up with nothing definite finally. Sun Liye is in clarify for him for a short while, this drama is not had absolutely borrowed. 20220110120613 61dc213532709Grandson couple Was destroyed by mythological Zhong Yuemin generation person, be really such? Once this drama is shown, fashionable whole nation, be attracted by the character place in drama, by the Zhong Yuemin of cheesy romance, the Zheng Tong of garrulous humour, affectionate unconverted Zhouxiao is white, still the Qin Ling that can sing folk song attracts white, after the 2nd even if is Tong Dawei and Bai Baihe is shown, also conceal the audience jubilation to the first hard, it is to give him to be hit more 8.8 tall cent; After the thing lies between 18 years, somebody criticizes this drama finish generation person, in those days the model that a lot of people consider to live into Zhong Yuemin, imitate him not to take office, go placing vendor’s stand by the side of the street, but these person oversight a bit, even if is the head that has him, also do not have his setting, do not have his person arteries and veins more, his father ever was the division commander of all around, mostly part two wide cadres are out all around, accordingly, when he guides educated youth make trouble, encountered father’s bodyguard, after calling Uncle Ma, was not punished not only, still be found out to lack the account of grain by Uncle Ma, give them complemental commissariat, if he does not know Uncle Ma, this side make trouble is informed green meeting to have what kind of result, can be imagined. 20220110120613 61dc21358ec59Liu Ye These people besides him, it is the person that have powerful connections, zhang Haiyang’s father is chief of staff, yuan Jun’s father is bureau cadre; Zhou Xiaobai is a thousand pieces of gold of assistant commanding officer more, least of all the Zheng Tong of aid, his father also is factory total worker worker, look to mix Li Kuiyong with them again, just be mostly the person’s portraiture, without person arteries and veins, cannot go be a soldier, can mix only most person is same, waiting to answer the opportunity of the city, it is return a city in, also can become a worker in the factory only, those who await them is come off sentry duty, next, additional seek one’s fortune, got incurable disease finally miserable die, doesn’t he have Zhong Yuemin’s personal loyalty and brains? He lacks De is that resource, at this late hour, this drama had broadcasted 18 years, as before countless netizens are watched repeatedly? Through the person that years chafes, pay close attention to Zhong Yuemin no longer, because of him both neither is full of redness of skin like Ning Wei, also break through line of defence in that way without Tang Huang, be worth pride exclusively, be afraid is the identity of courtyard children. 20220110120613 61dc2135e3681Ning Wei Note: The picture in article originates network, if have copyright problem,contact an author to delete please.

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