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Original title: 16 when 2021 Korea of Piao of the guideline that seek theatrical work show double male advocate corrupt drama, which do you like most? 1, Korea teleplay ” the star that sends me ” × of top class star warms male chef acts the leading role: Sun Wuxuan, Jin Kangmin head sow: 2021-01-22(Korea) volume number: 9 weak market piece long: 15 minutes renown: The star that sends me (harbor) ╱ and you spend light-year in all (fabaceous friendly interpret) ╱ does not lose light-year ╱ to wish not to enjoy light-year the plot of a play with you: This drama told about actor Jiang Xujun, depend on perfect appearance and endowment, since going out, never had appeared to glide trend. Zhi Yu of Han of warm male chef, advance silently towards the target with interest of gritty pliable but strong all the time, because of Jiang Xujun enter the disorder that is immersed in one’s whole life in, as light-year elapse, they encourage move loving each other each other.

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2, Korea teleplay ” enlighten I, renown: New smooth male tall student union ” head sow: 2021-07-06(Korea) volume number: 16 weak market piece long: 18 minutes of gut: Adapt from game of adventure of homonymic BL character ” student union of college of man of bit of a place of strategic importance ” . Told about in a man high school, disposition learns younger brother dissocially to come to student union, after the student vice-chairman that knew enthusiastic student chairman and Gao Leng, the story that can produce between them.

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3, peaceful Han combines teleplay ” the peach of days ” main actor: · of Cui Zaixuan, pleasant examines offer in the gram Pan Shou sows: 2021-08-30(Korea) season number: 1 collect counts: 10 gut: This is combination of You Taihan Cp is double male advocate drama, cross take chat, without seam join, yan Zhineng is hit, acting is pretty good. Gut told about Thailand boy, with the story between his Korea friend.

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4, Korea teleplay ” be in an emergency madly, renown: Days but period ╱ love is in an emergency ╱ and you in all dance ” main actor: Qiu Yingyu, Yuan Hengxun head sow: 2021-02-26(Korea) volume number: 8 gut: Tell about study contemporary orchestic undergraduate and lend money the romantic story between the person.

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5, Korea teleplay ” Florida restaurant ” head sow: 2021-09-24(Korea) season number: 1 collect counts: 8 weak market piece long: 10 minutes those who tell about is: 4 handsome little elder brother, management move cries ” Florida ” restaurant. Encountered in the process a series of amused and interesting surprise again the thing of flower, and in running a course, encounter right that individual in life.

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6, Korea teleplay ” Liu Shusheng’s wedding ” head sow: 2021-04-15(Korea) volume number: 8 gut: The little sister runs away from home, the elder brother gets married for the little sister, mix next the love story that produces between ” of ” younger sister’s husband.

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7, Han drama teleplay ” blueness is acerbity you, renown: The lover ╱ with acerbity blueness of ╱ of my dear lover my sweet ╱ demilitarization youth Luo Man history ” main actor: Zhang Yixiu, Li Zanjiong head sow: 2021-10-21(Korea) volume number: 8 weak market piece long: 14 gut: It is the Han drama about cate respect. It is setting with dining-room, between two big chef, from bicker each other clutch, two see two repugn, arrive to brush the romantic old practice that gives scintilla gradually.

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8, Han drama teleplay ” be the same as color with you, renown: Coloring ” in all 8 collect, weak market piece long * minute. Head sow: 2021-12-23(Korea) volume number: 8 weak market piece long: 12 minutes of gut: This drama will be told about be stranded in the picture ” useless world child ” as wonderful as what the contemporary high school that has deep love for brushwork is born encountering.

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9, Han drama teleplay ” besides camera lens ” main actor: Piao Fanjun, Yan Shixiong head sow: 2021-12-28(Korea) renown: BehindCut tells about the person that two collective angle dream.

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10, Korea film ” housetop love song ” show date: 2021-06-21(United States) piece long: 85 minutes [a word is wraparound] : Live in a pair of very upstairs good friends, they are respective a love story that produce, ending HE. [gut] : Film distributes a line. Those who tell is a river that. The river is a hobo then, all the day make a fuss about an imaginary illness, extremely suspicious, the person that excessive mood turns. One-sided thinks, male friend does not agree to admit their relation of two people, and put forward to part company, move into boudoir honey to act according to establish to live in. Male friend civilian be love him very much really, will look for him compound. He very enjoy energy of life be issueinged by male friendly low heart, and exalt the feeling in control, do not agree to agree to had been been attributed to again again however. After be being rejected then by the river civilian, below sad despair, together with drunk wine, gave traffic accident, became plant person. Do not do not dead — those who say is a river this kind of person. Not bad, calculate him to have conscience, final when the come to of male friend. Another line: Those who tell is to give plant. Giving plant is an appearance cynical of handsome, surface, all the day ” do not pass alive 40 hanged ” if, those who be hanged on the mouth is famous advocate sow. Min grand makes the division that move wine in a bar. He is the vermicelli made from bean starch that gives plant, he likes to give plant, pursuit gives plant, his detection the essence of Min grand, knowing his heart is soft, alone. Acting according to establish to begin refuse, below the unremitting of Min grand, fengzhi agrees and the first time of Min grand dates. In appointment, they kissed. Min grand asks give plant: Do they calculate do not calculate association? Act according to establish to say with Min grand: He has a secret. After telling Min grand, they just calculate formal association. Act according to establish to say, he got AIDS. At that time, give the answer that establish did not get he wants, it is disappointed very, also severed the connection of Min grand. Min grand course is cogitative, went searching to give plant, two people were together.

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  1. Korea film ” distance, renown: Love is in spring scenery suddenly uptodate ” little elder brother of fresh pork of Vs of old bacon uncle

Show date: Film festival of international of 2020-05(entire administrative division) / 2021-03-18(Korea) piece long: 119 minutes [a word summarizes] : Zhen Yu wants in the country, the daughter light snow that brings up a little sister is grown. The arrival of male friend and little sister, broke this the portion is halcyon. The little sister wants to bring back a daughter, conflict produced among, speaking Zhen Yu is with. The Zhen Yu that is gesticulated by village person, with male friend virtuous civilian produced brawl. Virtuous civilian sadly leave, light snow suddenly be missing. After finding light snow break and regain. Let Zhen Yu wake up to reality suddenly. He decides to resign the farm works, return an Er to look for male friend, ending is open mode. [gut] : Zhen Yu to escape peculiar eye, taking light snow to live. Male friend virtuous civilian will see him, stay on the town definitely surely. Virtuous civilian in place hall of one family education becomes a teacher, religion on the town a few went up the person of the age writes a poem. such, virtuous civilian with Zhen Yu two people are hiding the truth from the villager, got on a paragraph too relaxed and comfortable cohabitational life. Accidentally, the farmer daughter Wen Jingfa of Zhen Yu be favorited showed. Wen Jing to alien however, because she likes Zhen Yu, do not be willing to harm him. The arrival of the little sister of Zhen Yu twin that misses couplet 5 years, broke this the portion is halcyon. She should take light snow to leave small garrison post. On the funeral of the grandma, spoke the relation of Zhen Yu He Xianmin in public. Let virtuous civilian lost the job. The villager is talking about Zhen Yu He Xianmin with peculiar eye. Below the public opinion of everybody and pressure, zhen Yu erupted, he Xianmin quarrels. Zhen Yu is strange all the time in the heart virtuous civilian: Blamed him to tell him little sister the address here, bring about a little sister to grab light snow; Strange virtuous civilian suddenly arrival, brought pressure to him; Everything what what produce now, it is virtuous civilian bring to him. Ask him sagely, do you think so really? Zhen Yu is acquiescent. Left after wanting to understand sagely. Absent-minded Zhen Yu goes putting a sheep, give light snow put lost. Anxious Zhen Yu, send moving look about. In grove, found insensible light snow eventually. The Zhen Yu that break and regains wakes up to reality suddenly, oneself bring to bear on all public opinion of the outside and pressure to oneself. He after be enlightened, offerred resignation to farmer. Light snow followed a mother to go, zhen Yu answered an Er to search virtuous civilian. Ending is open mode.

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12, Korea short ” dark love still tell me please, renown: Tell you stealthily ” show date: 2021-09-11(Korea) piece long: 10 minutes [gut] : Fall in love at first sight + mutual dark love the little short film with very sweet = ! Story outline: Counterjumper falls in love at first sight to the client, admire what see oneself everyday in the heart next object mood was shared with the netizen. However, what he does not know is, self-righteous that netizen is him however is dark love an object. The story is two people mutual dark love, to the story that professions each other finally.

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13, Korea short ” go seaside, renown: The dream that those gets Pan ” show date: Cruel of 2021-10-14(Taiwan international the shadow exhibits) piece long: 30 minutes renown: When openness goes vacationing (stage) [brief introduction of a word] : Blueness is acerbity real good campus love, involve campus bully approach, looking very is depressive, very sweet also very cruel, very beautiful but very actual also, acting colour value is online, ending BE. [gut] : South still two people go and Huang Min congratulate together seaside amuse oneself. Music eventually when the person comes loose, still put forward to part company. High school is unripe south still and Huang Min congratulate are a pair of lovers. Civilian congratulate is right still the love of , did not add had concealed; And still feels uneasy for this however. Because,civilian congratulate is in the school sexual orientaton, be mocked by the classmate, by the person bully approach, still is helpless however, can look on indifferently only, what can do exclusively is: Because of,sit in the corner self-condemned and cry loudly. Once still , also because of same reason, by the person bully approach passes, chose to escape so, part company with civilian congratulate. Bonze overshot in the seaside the happiest day in life, in seeing life the most beautiful a last firework, civilian congratulate refused, still the continuity like be seized by a whim interacts. Because he is to maintain no less than going to really, he has wanted to want the way that reconciles with this world, chose to commit suicide. When south still reemerges when the seaside, thing thing person is not, he considers that individual that search, also searched not to come back again.

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14, Korea short ” enclasp my hand, renown: Hold your hand ” × learning broken bits learns bully, green campus, two-way dark love, profession each other, Gao Tian drama. Show date: 2021-06-01(Korea) piece long: 7 minutes of gut: Before graduation, learn bully should go to an university on Er, learn broken bits to want to build credit again. Learn bully to learn broken bits to profession, learn broken bits to use move response.

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15, Korea short ” first love story, renown: Two-way dark love ” very sweet very sound old practice. Show date: 2021(Korea) piece long: 17 minutes those who tell is: One old to arriving as a child good friend, liked to go up insensibly the other side, oneself still do not know how to return a responsibility, just say to among them, he should be a soldier. Besides do not abandon, return another impure sentiment. One party professions to another. Other before one party also likes him. A word sums up: Two people that are green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, mutual dark love, the story that professions each other.

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16, Korea short ” sweet curse ” show date: 2021-07-01(Korea) piece long: 32 minutes renown: Go to bed of fierce ghost (stage) gut: 10 thousand people are confused male advocate, draw on the friend’s be envious of. Circumvent of ghost of call together of the cuss below the friend male advocate. Who knew ghost of a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest to love each other. Final man should be registered.

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