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Original title: ” rustic love 14 ” calm archives, besides Yu Yuexian, zhao Benshan has prentice also died last year On January 10 morning, the rural light comedy that manufactures by this hill medium ” rustic love 14 ” announce formally to decide archives, broadcast schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater is on January 24, the twelfth month of the lunar year of the traditional Chinese calendar 22. ” rustic love 14 ” open the off year that sowing is north the following day, this is ” rustic love ” idiomatic schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater, also be the schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater that suits this drama most.

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All the time since, ” rustic love ” locate even if ” national horizontal drama, the Spring Festival is offerred especially ” . Still having an idiomatic schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater is the 5 around at the beginning of good year, last year ” rustic love 13 ” it is the first month of the lunar year first sow 5 times. This schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater is the schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater when the star on in the past broadcasts commonly. A word says well, “Countryside loved to come just is year ” , imperceptible a company that this drama had become an audience to await the Spring Festival to come, also can saying is a kind ” year common ” , ” year flavour ” .

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” rustic love 14 ” the biggest hotspot is ” Wang Xiaoli is returned to ” , also have Zhao Jiaban only this kind mode, ability invites an audience from ” father blueness writtens guarantee ” to ” father blueness is answered ” free switch. At the outset when Fan Wei leaves Zhao Benshan, people says a comedic times ended, who can think of again old later two people are in again ” Liu Laogen 3 ” and ” Liu Laogen 4 ” in fit. By May 2020, ” rustic love 13 ” open the Wang Xiaoli when patting and did not appear in piece, “Liu Neng substitution ” the message begins to pour out of, this hill medium actor resembled be being issued ” heal makes ” same, everybody does not carry this matter.

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Last year ” rustic love 13 ” leave when sowing, audience see, the Liu Neng in drama changed others really. This the audience is done not have etc too long, liu can be in after cured ” rustic love 14 ” in regression. Long expensive died to still can borrow ” Huang Shiyou ” identity regression, liu Neng absent is returned after one season can come back take sport again, just a person is answered forever however did not come, she is drama in ” thank beetle-crusher ” Yu Yuexian of the person that act.

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Last year on August 9, yu Yuexian encounters in show road traffic accident misfortune dies, year only 50 years old. To a 30 actors that perform middleaged woman odd, 50 years old are she acts art the gold of career period, leave to let a lot of people cannot be accepted really with such means. Now, the distance dies to already went at lunar celestial being full 5 months, people still can feel regretful to mix when remembering her sadness, be in especially her posthumous work ” rustic love 14 ” when deciding archives, be in year of flavour gradually thick every family should reunion too year when.

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Do not know everybody discovers a detail, this ” rustic love ” when announcing to decide archives, a bit did not mention Xie Da foot, don’t they know sale? Not be of course. If use ” thank beetle-crusher posthumous work ” will publicize, nature reachs right propagandist result since the meeting, but drama just did not use this kind of means, this are really praiseworthy. Someone says, ” rustic love 14 ” can you expunge the show share of beetle-crusher? Should not, drama just just does not want to be publicized with this kind of means, after all the dead is big, do not regard her as the esteem that propagandist tool is at least.

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Additional, ” rustic love ” series drama is the theatrical work of go with rice that transfers happy viewpoint of value all the time, nature of drama square this action also does not hope the be mingled with in this joy is worn sadness. Besides be about to leave sow ” rustic love 14 ” outside, yu Yuexian still was participated in ” rustic love 15 ” film, wait for the 16th to leave when patting, won’t have again ” beetle-crusher aunt ” form. Audience somewhat insensible is, last year ” rustic love ” the actor that series drama dies is not have Yu Yuexian only one person. He calls Wang Haiyang, also be Zhao Benshan is prentice, because suffer from liver,last year cancer will die of illness April.

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Wang Haiyang is the love apprentice of composer Yang Baisen, zhao Benshan is done obeisance to to be division under the recommend of inter person later, became the actor with this hill subordinate medium. King sea foreign Ceng Can has acted ” rustic love 12 ” , act in drama come the businessman that ivory hill invests, his true identity is telegraphic swindler.

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The name of the actor of this hill medium is commonly with ” Liu Laogen ” for prefix, wang Haiyang before one’s death howl of nearsightedness frequency Zhang ” Liu Laogen Wang Haiyang ” , he updates trends for the last time will be on April 8, he at that time has been tormented a mere skeletonly by cancer. Wang Haiyang last year the bottom will leave the world in April, year only 42 years old.

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” rustic love ” sow 17 years, already 6 actors leave early or late, it is respectively ” Li Fu ” Li Zhengchun, ” restaurant boss ” Zhang Xiaoguang, gues-star a Lidamei that act, ” the member that match a dog ” Liu Yu, and died last year ” thank beetle-crusher ” Yu Yuexian and Wang Haiyang. Also hope when seeing play everybody remembers them, appreciate the joy that they bring for everybody.

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