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Original title: ” ace ” pathos of Gu Yiye ending, broomcorn suffers serious injury, diversiform-leaved poplar is become help straw ” ace army ” see nowadays, it seems that everybody content part is already satisfactory. Can be in the teleplay of nearly 10 collect that remain, let a person cannot think of every part still can face how sealed choice and destiny. This thinking get over an another lachrymatory clue, but a few collect after everybody won’t think of and even ending just are the biggest tear drop. All the time since the discussion of the original scenario that comes about coming out on the net and the part that a few cutout reduce, still emerge in endlessly, discuss ceaseless.

20220110120819 61dc21b3d1fc6

What pay close attention to most to the audience is the final result with every final part of course. Even if did not see now finally, but a few discussion part that combining a net to go up and a few guess content, these a few parts that pay close attention to quite to us it seems that also had a few corresponding knowledge. About-face of diversiform-leaved poplar identity, put forward to ask the diversiform-leaved poplar of white deer personate attracted eyeball when coming on the stage at the beginning overly to Gu Yiye, this dares to pursue the girl of love egoistically, chasing after a railway station to ask Gu Yiye is to want tank to still want him.

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Although this paragraph of gut just began the chamfer that be spat, of complex of God of the Li Su that hold out Ma. But also established diversiform-leaved poplar at the beginning the figure of this part, stay to the audience have deep impression. Let an audience the 2nd times meet impressively, it is Gu Yiye the hospital is in when getting hurt, she and Changjiang Delta sign two people ” rival in love meets, especially jealous ” battlefield of smoke of gunpowder.

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This haughty little girl all the time the identity pose as with cummer of Gu Yiye first love. Put the to Gu Yiye love in no less than hearts and illusion from beginning to end. Till Gu Yiye special reject him explicitly that momently, experienced her to abandon this affection it seems that, and change this bitterness make a motive force that her career grows. But we know to be in of exotic an alien land countless day and night in, thinking in the heart still can be heart heart reads aloud the Gu Yiye that read aloud. Think when us her camera lens with respect to go no further hereat when, did not think of to still can her key comes on the stage finally.

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When the growing motivation that when her the bitterness love spends a career, became surgical neurologist. Became the person above average of this domain. Probably she also is thinking haughtily in the heart in those days Gu Yiye abandoned for his army brigade career he, so she also should make certain result. Will prove oneself and differ unlike anybody. Letting what the person did not think of is, suffer serious injury when broomcorn finally, when everybody adjudges him to do not have a result, it is diversiform-leaved poplar became his final savior unexpectedly.

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Broomcorn suffers serious injury, diversiform-leaved poplar becomes his savior, changjiang Delta ask forring is love tearful wear marriage gauze diversiform-leaved poplar and broomcorn these two see the role that is like without what too big be mixed, return knock of the audience that be mixed by a lot of netizens to cross two the individual’s CP at the outset.

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Namely diversiform-leaved poplar is seeing Gu Yiye during, of two people a few interactive quite interesting still really quite happy. Not little at that time netizen sends a comment on relevant topic and barrage, hope two people calculated together. Disposition is very suit really, very skin very be proud charming.

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Did not think of broomcorn is in later rush to deal with an emergency when be weighed, the result that the doctor adjudges him to wake is vague, life also goes the time that is less than two months only. Changjiang Delta is asked for at this moment tearful put on marriage gauze, two people each other love each other old, but do not have this from beginning to end momently Changjiang Delta ask forring also was done not have again scruple, in also putting down him heart arrogant. But in everybody expected is, broomcorn refused.

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He loves Changjiang Delta ask forring so, during affirming the be dying that won’t do not have how many time in oneself, even Changjiang Delta of be a burden on is asked for, become her burden even. He won’t Changjiang Delta of be willing to part with or use is asked for also become should rely on him to recollect and the person of subsist, won’t let her also become widow more. If possible word, he thinks Changjiang Delta is asked for all one’s life happy. Liked so long person, also can choose to let go momently in this.

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But when Gu Yiye they look for neurosurgery expert when, did not think of miracle and opportunity are before. Because this neurosurgery expert is diversiform-leaved poplar, when Gu Yiye begs diversiform-leaved poplar to help. Latter refuses apparently. Because this operation difficulty is great,be on one hand, successful odds is too low, can damage all reputation that she gains probably. Have again, so old he also is not intentionally to won’t, ask for her together to be able to be accepted with Changjiang Delta even, but what he marries is A Xiu however. It is one looks in her the analphabetic woman that big character does not know, is even if learned and courteous how? What he hates is to considered this body military uniform and his dream on one wild body to divest at the outset not only her, the marriage that is Gu Yiye choice more the object is not her as much.

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Can be imagined she that proud result has much be thwarted. Request wildly to considering so, she put forward very exorbitant requirement. She can promise to help broomcorn become an operation, but Gu Yiye also should promise his work. Probably a lot of people can think, let Gu Yiye abandon A Xiulai marrying her? Even a few people thought of to lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” , zhao Min is like in Zhou Zhi and say on big marriage of Zhang Moji, if want the information of his adoptive father, so be about to abandon this wedding. And Zhang Moji also was abandoned on the spot in big marriage really Zhou Zhi if. But what we look is army brigade drama, nature won’t have such dog blood gut. Nevertheless, this requirement of diversiform-leaved poplar, it is a more heavy hard choice to Gu Yiye however.

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Gu Yiye abandons him to save brotherly within an inch of army brigade dream, diversiform-leaved poplar is become help the requirement that straw diversiform-leaved poplar raises lets Gu Yiye take off military uniforms of next his that body namely, also mean Gu Yiye to end the army brigade career that ends him, he this lifetime since the dream that engraves from in one’s heart.

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This is diversiform-leaved poplar heart in all the time the heart knot since, she thinks is this body clothes divested her Gu Yiye. So he just can raise such requirement, probably she can get on psychology and spirit a few make up for. Broomcorn and Gu Yiye the brother that two people are go through fire and water. Even if diversiform-leaved poplar raises such requirement, but he still promised to come down, want him to become an operation to broomcorn only, so he goes be transferred to civilian work. Probably diversiform-leaved poplar in one’s heart is remained at the outset that capricious girl.

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Face ground of Gu Yiye resolute and decisive to agree, diversiform-leaved poplar has flashy confused, she all the time since not be that most the person that knows Gu Yiye. But in this momently, there is what defense line it seems that in her heart definitely bank. The operation cost that sees broomcorn especially makes these brotherly comrade-in-armses medley when coming out, he is moved by this comrade-in-arms affection. And she also understood it seems that, gu Yiye at the outset choice.

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What fortunately last operation restores successfully is pretty good also, broomcorn had new hope again. At the outset the girl of that capricious Diao Man, became the doctor of world of an aid that hang crock really. “Close relationship of the army and the people ” reveal in what this also got acme momently. Of course Gu Yiye does not have true be transferred to civilian work finally, because diversiform-leaved poplar looks for Song Jian to set again, do not let him approve Gu Yiye’s be transferred to civilian work to apply for. Diversiform-leaved poplar got growing newly again, and this part also becomes more stereo and full.

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No matter be the place of detail or long-term conception,will look, ” ace army ” this drama can let a person in all affection, feel each part grow. Those who witness each character grow, witness the birth of an ace army.

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