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Original title: Knife of the bold in snow goes: Element of announce of Zhao of old an eccentric person gives Xu Feng year the curse, derivative the main content of the 2nd season Although still some of meaning still was not used up, but ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” the first season also should near end.

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This teleplay from sow begin, about playing play side spit groove, had not stopped all the time. But the tussle setting till Li Chungang and Wang Xianzhi, let be judged about the wind of tussle setting improve quickly, the two people in drama are luxuriant of the shock to letting person clap express one’s gratification definitely, the development of gut also undertook turning white-hot, bury the foreshadowing below to also let a person to the gut of the 2nd season more expects.

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In newest gut, the real look of small Taoism priest rises to surface eventually, so he is Long Hu element of announce of Zhao of mountain sky division. Announce word generation compares door of present palm of dragon tiger hill to go up even high two position in the family hierarchy, and division of this old celestial being had lived two a cycle of sixty years, the old an eccentric person that is an one hundred percent.

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Zhao Xuan Suyi follows in Xu Feng continuously year beside, it is to be in Li Chungang and Wang Xianzhi are right battle when, find an opportunity, ascend Tian Chengxian. His plan should succeed almost, one sword opened Li Chungang day door, fly just about litre once in a blue moon opportunity, but absolutely did not think of to encounter A of Deng Tai of sword celestial being however, thinkheaded finally the Zhao announce element that be ineffective dies at sword of Deng Tai A to fall, fly litre of great dream at this point broken.

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But before Zhao Xuan Sulin is dead, his soul leaves the body, xu Feng was played when be dying year. Xu Feng year forehead appeared the impress of a black, although look,be like was not allowed why to be injured, element of announce of little imagine Zhao already Long Hu hill all disaster are difficult move gave Xu Feng year, from this Xu Feng year adversity is about to begin, xu Feng year all round all and close person does not get die a natural death.

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Xu Feng year good luck is admirable originally, this goes all the way, countless ace are aided blast, all the way satisfactory flexibly, trun ill luck into good, and still learned fly the art of the sword, two sleeve black serpent waits unique gest a moment. However on the road later, although have one,numerous stunt draws near personally, but Xu Feng year cannot prevent however beside miserable experience of the person, be a very cruel thing really. But, final these things did not happen, because breathe out,breathe out a girl to change these lot number to his body forcibly.

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Original, xu Feng year it is to breathe out the benefactor that breathes out a girl, ah breathe out a girl to know what to can produce in the future, know Xu Feng year do not get die a natural death, clear also Xu Feng year the family member all round can suffer what kind of misfortune. She is not willing oneself benefactor is tormented by such anguish, because of this ability a few 3 assassinate Xu Feng year, the reason is nevertheless get with its such torment, be inferior to dying in oneself hand, also be got delighted. So Xu Feng year guessing is completely correct, breathe out breathing out a girl is a good person, believe from the back can very large space introduces ah breathe out a girl, just the first season is afraid is to cannot see.

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Nowadays, foreshadowing has been buried below, the big ending of the first season is coming also, when to just know the 2nd season just can come after all?

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