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Original title: Strong ” Jiang Ni ” Li Geng hopes to look ” surmount ” , be attracted by her 39 years old however, laugh very warmly! Distance on Feburary 4 winter abstruse opening sitting still does not have a month, will greet this sports to weigh the arrival of contest thing, early before stage of place of much last year home rises with respect to combination made ” surmount ” this sees the New Year in drama.

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Be in after platoon period ends, caught up with on January 9 to arrive then eventually CCTV, 3 nets are sowed repeatedly, give off one collect to be obtained namely 4.79 million broadcast. As suffer numerous group to do not have so much ” mission theatrical work ” , head sow achievement already pretty good.

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More those who make a person surprizing is, the line on this drama namely Man Bing 5 stars, the audience states Li Geng hopes in succession is this ” counterattack ” , in ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” in piece act ” Jiang Ni ” by ridicule, this changes the contemporary theatrical work that is familiar with to oneself, came immediately reputably.

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Strong ” Jiang Ni ” Li Geng hopes to see drama Li Geng hope is ” surmount ” female advocate person of Chen Mian that act, when announcing to switch on the mobile phone last year, her wind is judged still do not have so poor now. Regard Xu Jinglei as the leading role that admire nods, she from go out to begin resource quite pretty good, she gifted cherishs herself to have very much likewise.

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In ” small jubilate ” in personate action person learns rarely bully little sister Qiao Ying child, she grown in family leaving other, the surface is lively and optimistic actually heart is sensitive, for ” please ” mother and the disposition with sensible nurturance. Qiao Ying child it is complex, and Li Geng hopes to deduce this character frown and smile mediumly carefully. Qiao Ying child accomplished Li Geng to hope, and Li Geng hopes recumbent the road with this part more mature trend.

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Cut short hair this to give the Chen Mian that act, relatively Yu Qiaoying child take care everywhere, she is round of slippery girl of a fire of wind wind fire, hit a match to take award to run immediately.

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To guard oneself short way fast slippery dream, come in somebody create difficulties for sb when, adult does not know how to be handled, she can run big growl stays in person bluff.

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Chen Mian is a talent, it is self-confident, the domain that Li Geng hopes to suit in oneself can give off light namely. And before she did not come on the stage, another those who attract me is Ma Li of 39 years old.

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Ma Li deduces tender coach, laugh very warmly Ma Li the pronoun that this name is comedic booking office, but the label word that also is good acting at the same time, after giving the role that performs big Bei of need great rejoicing, this her Wu Qinggong is the about of tender coach.

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Of big Leng Tian, carrying a bench to begin ” have reward fast slippery ” , select good young successor. As a result of the part at that time cherish pregnant, ma Li is so macroscopical add for play fat a few jins. In the picture, after she sees good young plant appears, lower his head to see a table, look up see him, that praise in the eyes is strong Tibet does not live.

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Groan to get the label in subordinate, bring about ” team ” change ” person ” later, she walks over to say so nailing, somebody just has a group, sentence sentence reasonable, word word gem, laugh warmly.

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Left comedic scenic her, can deduce good Wu Qinggong as before this is sending out the coach figure of the aureola that save atone for.

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