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Original title: Regression of king small profit continues to act ” Liu Neng ” , “Thank beetle-crusher ” still be Yu Yuexian! ” rustic love 14 ” leave 24 days this month sow 20220110120952 61dc2210d8d99 How much to count by collect, had broadcasted one after another 22 years, the Guangdong dialectal drama that replaces more than 2000 part ” man of this locality of ab extra daughter-in-law ” sit firm homebred teleplay first an ancient folding chair should the question is not big; But if want the energy of life that consider a person, those who have personally attend to garrison duty of Liu Neng, Xie Ankun ” rustic love ” more get the better of one prepare. This not, on January 10, this had entered the 14th season ” earthy flavour ” formal Guan Xuan returned to series drama on January 24. Wang Xiaoli’s regression, let old vermicelli made from bean starch sigh with emotion ” eventually Liu Neng or that ‘ Liu Neng ‘ ” ; Because this drama films 2020 the end of the year, so ” thank beetle-crusher ” or by the Yu Yuexian personate that has died accidentally… light is this at 2 o’clock, had increased vermicelli made from bean starch further people expect a cost. 20220110120953 61dc22113e71f Well-known, ” rustic love ” sow want restrospect to 2006. In the past 15 years, this all the time by famous ” laugh at a star ” the series drama that Zhao Benshan holds the position of artistic chief inspector updated 13 season not to say early or late, return with one action to let ” Xie Ankun ” ” Liu Neng ” ” thank beetle-crusher ” ” Nicholas Zhao Si ” wait for main part to become widely known. Be united in wedlock already of exposure ” rustic love 14 ” prevue is beautiful, the biggest window is in namely of countless old audiences ” the appeal ” below, “Liu Neng ” returned former model eventually: Continue to go out by Wang Xiaoli act. Say normally, regard a series that had continued 15 years as work, the main actor is exited, changing is the work that does not pass normally again. Nevertheless, it is all the time in drama personate ” Liu Neng ” Wang Xiaoli is exited due to illness when the 13rd season, caused complete theatrical work to leave however the biggest since sowing ” regretful ” heat is discussed. Include many person of the same trades beside upriver journalist inside, countless audiences think ” Liu Neng ” be ” rustic love ” in one of shapes the most successfully parts, also be the absolutely hero of not decline to shoulder a responsibility. This from manufacture to just be mixed broadcast platform actor cruel was rolled out last year ” rustic love ” when series blind box, ” Liu Neng ” set is ” conceal a money ” , also can get a proof. 20220110120953 61dc2211b66ca So, when on one season ” Liu Neng ” actor person selected is changed after Cheng Zhaoming is far, countless audiences breathe out continuously too regretful. In July 2020, ” rustic love 13 ” after broadcasting, famous singer, ” rustic love ” faithful audience Li Ronghao also sends small gain to breathe out continuously ” Liu Neng substitution performed father blueness to written guarantee ” , this developed hot search at once, the number that nod assist was broken through 900 thousand. Meanwhile, upriver journalist also saw the partial the plot of a play of the 13rd season, letting a person feel really is the flavour that Zhao Mingyuan thinks to show Liu Neng of Wang Xiaoli edition to the utmost, but be inferior to him Wang Xiaoli from beginning to end deduce. And this second ” rustic love 14 ” in, wang Xiaoli’s regression became the most important heat naturally to discuss a topic. On January 10, after Guan Xuan decides archives, li Ronghao of Cue of # entire network saw with one action of Liu Neng # become popular topic. “Hear Liu Neng wants regression, my joy should begin ” ” Li Ronghao, your youth came back ” … similar heat is discussed is to emerge in endlessly more. From premonitory look, liu Neng, Xie Ankun and the ivory mountain that Zhao Si forms ” 3 big tycoons ” the joke scarcely that continues to produce is little. Before be being compared a few season always are around ” elect mayor ” spread out, the 14th season they besides make fun of heart, bicker besides, still increased talent than going all out, eloquence and cate will be a key inside this. They can prepare to give what kind of cate, who can unplug so that the head prepares, make a person curious. Of course, mention ” rustic love ” still a name had be toed carry, that is ” thank beetle-crusher ” Yu Yuexian. August 2021, because traffic is accident,at lunar celestial being misfortune dies. At that time, having in stricken netizen fully is partly quite ” rustic love ” audience, because,also having audience of quite a few is actually ” rustic love ” just pay close attention to gradually and like to go up of Yu Yuexian. 20220110120954 61dc22125e09d So, this second ” rustic love 14 ” look in many old vermicelli made from bean starch, still have the posthumous work that one large tag is Yu Yuexian, “Must support with all one’s strength ” . But notable is, this is not Yu Yuexian is in ” rustic love ” medium last time appears — she is to filming ” rustic love 15 ” later the accident of ability happening, in finishing one season so, everybody still can see Yu Yuexian personate ” thank beetle-crusher ” . But die as Yu Yuexian, drama confusing raised question last year: “Thank beetle-crusher ” later who acts? Can this part fade at this point ” rustic love ” ? Perhaps be in ” rustic love 14 ” in can see partial clue. Yi of advance of upriver journalist fur coat

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