Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Familial and honorable: Foolish sister-in-law, just be real life wins the home Teleplay ” familial honor ” it is drama of ethics of a family, this teleplay spreads out around the kind and enmity between rich and powerful family, all the time since the fight between rich and powerful family, it is the business that the audience prefers the Eight Diagrams, because these have the life of money person to make a person adv unimaginably, and after this drama broadcasts, although gut has a bit a little set, but also very attract an audience people attention, this drama was become successfully also, heat of near future network compares an expensive work.

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Xiong Dai forest is behaved mediumly in this drama, be worth to pay close attention to as much, xiong Dai forest since after parting company with Guo Fucheng, set his mind at to married a person to be made housewife, see the information about her rarely, and this Xiong Dai forest is in drama the Xie Caiwei of personate, also be a part that has a characteristic quite, although she is the big daughter-in-law of Home Ma, but she is not so clever, to Home Ma, they just need, the big daughter-in-law with beautiful appearance comes keep up appearance stopped.

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When encountering a problem truly, the processing capability of sister-in-law closes nevertheless, and she keeps her state of mind on the face, when the horse boasts Zu Mayao hall marries, sister-in-law is in that opinion on public affairs of the toilet, also let a person feel really her affection business is very small, after all after such word lets intentional person hear, certain can old write an essay, because her conversation is madcapper,also be, take seriously in what grandpa always cannot get in the home so, the likelihood is in elder people in impression, this big daughter-in-law is a vase, know to spend money only all the day, cannot create what value for the company.

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Even if Ma Yaozong did not receive familial right of inheritance, rely on the share that masters in his hand, his share out bonus of each years also is met only much many, and the life of this family also can compare smooth and steady happiness, after two daughters of sister-in-law are grown, sister-in-law also is met more a few more relaxed, say sister-in-law just is real life wins the home so, she does not need too worry about, can have countless glory, such life, it is the life that a lot of women long for day and night, also hope sister-in-law is OK content with one’s lot a bit, know get better to close.

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