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Original title: Goddess reappears the United States arrives explode! Expensive round round new theatrical work, must not sodden end Recreation spreads attention of group of big burst entertainment alone article classics accredit is reprinted from 10 o’clock the film (Sdimov) say, CP of crack with teeth in mouth is OK an unexpected winner, but cannot abnormal. 2022 just left year, this pair broke CP ceiling again. One begin, it is the bridge with idol the commonnest play paragraph — traffic accident. The late night is performed ” speed and passion ” , direct dash against the Party A that should searching. Tell even boss groove: Gut of what idol play is this? On duty field, cross verbal swords. She works overtime add faint, he is urgent did artificial breath. 20220110121030 61dc223662b85 Etc, this two be a pair unexpectedly? Do you wait to me? Those who say is homebred new theatrical work — ” perfect companion ” ” the tiger attacks goddess ” Gao Yuan circle reappears make. Main actor, still have piece of Lu Yi, Wang Yaoqing and Wang Zhen. Costar, li Naiwen, Wu Junmei, Yu Entai. Sow of course, gues-starring Hu Ge comes round to hit CALL. This battle array, do not expect cannot be justified or explained away. Leave after sowing, viewing rate is defeated easily 2, heat up odd frequenter of search a list of names posted up. The drama of groovy and homebred city that is field of duty of a many family, balance and career? Revealing even placard careful opportunity actually. Husband and wife is not two to kiss to be held in the arms in person, it is unexpectedly, does cent make both sides? Do not become hard, homebred drama holds to paradox of be in a dilemma this no longer, want a female to balance duty field and family. Flat and agile, play directly case ” change wife game ” ? Pursue a career pursue a career, return to a family take a family? “Perfect companion ” , apparently perfect, be not true plain sailing. The Chen Shan of tall round round personate, pass 40, professional ability exceeds strong gold lawyer. Achievement of annual law place is outstanding, should not go up year after year senior partner. For can further upward on the career, her of one mind attacks to go up in the job, the family is taken care of by the husband completely. Her domestic mode, be a standard ” female strong male weak ” . Zhang Lu the marital Sun Lei of one personate, shanghai native, the state-owend enterprise works, stability has spare time. They are basic had been this kind of mode below ” perfect companion ” : Know how to behave in a delicate situation of Sun Lei know the inside story, considerate to the wife, to the daughter attending also is meticulously. Chen Shan is tired, he helps a wife massage, unplug hoary head is sent. In one big one small two dress, it is side move builds Sun Lei. But in the life of middleaged person, have at any time and place contradict and accept or reject. Again quiet, it is apparently. The daughter is missing the lunar birthday that this is mom 40 years old, not hesitate malinger wants to let mom come home. However Chen Shan right now busy move goes seeing big client, the accelerator below the foot does not take a heart a bit, gave traffic accident. The child is bleeding on backlash cry, the husband is terribly defeated at placatory child. And she, the instant discovers this is the client Lin Qingkun that provision takes. Obtaining a document directly, give client hand in. Working mad essence, all show undoubted. She encounters the Lin Qingkun on, be drama actually counteract Home Chen Shan contrast group. “Female weak male strong ” , Yo of type of full-time mom, bereft of one’s spouse, all is domestic portraiture of Lin Qingkun. “Domestic Fu male ” the daughter that is taking malinger goes to a hospital, touch fitly went up the housewife Wu Min of son bromatoxism. Wu Min is opposite right now a mobile phone is accuse of Lin Qingkun ” be missing ” . Their original life is in Shenzhen, because grow an enterprise,just move Shanghai. Life ground is not familiar, husband does not answer information at the job, the child falls ill. Everything carries Wu Min’s pressure rise acme. Look be like her effeminate, can pay everything for the son actually. Not hesitate thought fors the time being after all, the client that even if discover food manufacturer,the home is the husband also does not agree degenerative. King boast celebrates the Lin Qingkun of personate, also be unqualified father of the standard. There also is the one side that loves a family in his heart, but before won’t putting feeling reason absolutely. He most understand fathom popular feeling, know in Sun Lei this is planted ” good father ” and emotional card is played before the wife. Persuade them, the result that gets oneself want. This kind ” full marks works in the same place, zero husband ” figure, also can suggestive the current situation of many families in occurrence fact. See Chen Shan and Lin Qingkun be handed in in the career especially sharp edge, with respect to a word: Bright! The amlposition of two families, “Female strong male weak ” VS ” female weak male strong ” , the story spreads out from this. Unlike before ” big hate is married ” ” north bleachs angst ” , ” perfect companion ” emotional line actually more make a showy display of one’s abilities. Look in Everyman, this has been a lot of husband and wife between only 2 choices. Social competition pressure is great, always a person wants to choose to yield for the family. Sun Lei is ” perfect man ” : Even if two people just quarrelled, still remembering with concern the wife did not have a meal, do bowl of hot noodles in soup to her. 20220110121030 61dc2236ce036 Middleaged love story, hold the largest proportion, it is forever ” eat regularly in gets along ” stable. Will raid when the harships outside, the spouse’s understanding and give aid to became the largest force. Under photograph comparing, lin Qingkun’s family, lost stable basis already. The success on the career, give him a kind psychedelic, oneself can replace domestic keep out all harships. Visible, once family and career produce conflict, his wife Wu Min is basic speech of it doesn’t matter counterpoises. The dialog of two people is basic had been: “My willfully make a trouble? Are then you taken not without manage be troubled by? Are then you taken not without manage be troubled by?? 20220110121031 61dc22376c7fa But the time passes downward more, encountered contradiction can be accumulated ceaselessly only. To Chen Shan, all obstacles that she encounters on on-the-job field as if to be in suggestion: The family is burdensome, the age is stumbling block, the cause that you cannot promote duty is the be a burden on of marriage Yo. 20220110121031 61dc2237e1926 Party A forest celebrates elder brother, when the humor is good, say she is for fun ” henpecked ” . Once go badly, also meet assail she is an its area in the home on take office field. But to Chen Shan, her choice is not much also. Remove one condition, it is backwater not before, be equal to on-the-job field bottleneck before, make concession. Career occurrence crisis, in the family original ” evenly ” also may be broken. Farther, lin Qingkun is best pattern plate probably. Be like on duty field ” super rocket ” , the stand by one’s word in the family. But, the person with the consistent direction on two careers, be also a family really in ” perfect companion ” ? Chen Shan’s follow-up chooses, decided two families are final whether continue. Of course, this drama gives me the biggest feeling, yes: When goddess also has descend to the world. Gao Yuan of Wang Yaoqing X is round CP of field of this pair of duty, can be breathed out by National People’s Congress ” knock arrived ” . Because stamp became medium,be probably alleged ” middleaged idol play ” bright dot: Suit. The Chen Shan of tall round round personate, not be to stand high above the masses be without smoke internal heat ” goddess ” . And the Lin Qingkun of Wang Yaoqing personate, change other theatrical work in, of appropriate appropriate is face of villain in drama. But see him the principle stands fast on on-the-job field, do not agree the about of concede, make an audience big breathe out instead: Knock arrived! No matter be,see ” female strong male weak ” , or ” female weak male strong ” never mind, essential is the balance in a paragraph of feeling. You come my go toing, each other has a response, just be the most perfect mode in audience heart. It is however under frost of this one candy, ” perfect companion ” also have a suggestion: In economize to avoid running short, in the management family of collective and counteractive harships, after all, put nonexistent perfect? Be ” double sword match well ” , all the way of win-win ” successful husband and wife ” idealer? Can traditional still complementary, concede, ability go final? You saw, ” perfect companion ” the conclusion that has not made a complete affirmation. Choice A perhaps chooses B, not be to give out directly standard answer. Hold the post of you to carry however, hold the post of you to choose, even if the choice is faulty. Give out the leeway that everybody chooses, just be the most important. Even if be in instantly, also hear this kind of voice all the time. “Middleaged idol play ” not be in suspension of trend dog blood, move toward trifles namely. Be like everybody to be done not have so that choose it seems that, because reality is such. The life dog blood of wealthy person suspension, life bumpy of the poor. But I also believe: The force of drama of movie and TV, it is not just reproduce actual original to screen. It has the right, accountability also, go be being searched in boundless and indistinct sea of faces. Find a dream, also be in finding a lot of and short life, that paragraph of the most ablaze life. In real world, we probably unlike ” Romeo and Juliet ” same beauty. But we still reserve the right that looks forward to it. Toward period hold in both hands by force choicely old not fire, perform a broken bits male give a group? Suffering is boiled come forward eventually for years, abandon as expected broken bits male starting a career just is the most handsome! New amour exposure! Entire network is blessed, is this delicacy flesh what so special?

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