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Original title: Check 2021: Homebred film TOP5 Begin to speak? ? ? Nevertheless, face 2021 this lots and lots of country piece, it is difficult that we made indeed, choose without optional, judge without can judge. Final authority discusses, remove one condition: Cannot choose 10, dozen 50% discount. Final, our editorial office was received add up to 26 (ministry film) nomination, in short, only before 6 compared body to reveal ” collective volition ” , in the final analysis, this is the sheet of a list of names posted up that a pretty lets the person is depressed. The first year be 20 time nevertheless just, in the future, can more flooey or meeting slowly better?

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(author order signs according to its a word phoneticize sort) not nocturnal fish playwrite, film medium person (get on next sliding to examine more) 1. Over cliff 2. Search Chinese plan 3. Arrest fetch going up to be able to regard as even somehow is edition of a Chinese ” before destination ” … still be that word, read original edition as far as possible conditionally. 4. Chase after a tiger to capture dragon to look be like a heap of musty old books or papers that broke up countless times, what set off goes out is everybody daydreams however the new condition that never has encountered. With tell about drama of harbor of story of game a person of extraordinary powers the earliest seventies homonymic ” chase after a tiger to capture dragon ” told a Tu Long story that did not say of purpose actually, evil dragon by prostrate, next? 5. Person of film review of glutinous of rice of love myth Cao, ” eternity and a day ” father (get on next sliding to examine more) 1. Strange Tan of a book from heaven (4K rehabilitate edition) 2. Small Wei Mu Zifu 3 people, construction of 3 paragraphs of type, from fretted arrive scanty from, again from scanty leave cannot break up. Can say it is not had flatly strange, also can say it remembers to the end of his life. 3. Orchid heart great theater 4. Eleventh answers the conceal below absurd idea is real problem, even by force of outside pressure alter apropos echo the clue in the film — what person can intervene art is created. 5. Bronco divides hair on the neck of a pig from drive school to the university, take an examination of a jail from the country, male advocate did not become more flooey, what Dan Fuke defines ” compasses example ” intensity is higher and higher however, this are compared ” green ” more worth while discussion. Person of Chen Shiya media, currently hold the post of” round-the-world screen ” chief editor (get on next sliding to examine more) 1. Love is mythological 2. Bronco divides hair on the neck of a pig to have a surprise, but unapt so surprizing, but always stronger than doing not have a surprise. 3. White snake 2: Black serpent disaster rises narrative and agile, occasion reachs the designated position, view and admire a gender strong. 4. Send you a small safflower 5. My elder sister is having god-given balance feeling likewise, besides expatiatory, do not have too big question. Person of big sword media, before ” Tecent film ” chief editor (get on next sliding to examine more) 1. Over cliff type piece crust is wrapping those who remain Zhang Yi to seek ” historical package ” . Got this ” package ” , the Maigefen in the story lets its Maigefen. 2. Bronco divides hair on the neck of a pig piece medium alone feeling is very god-given, this kind of alone feeling is a watershed almost, some people, be born firstly eventually, also fail to cross it. 3. Love myth stands to be defeated again again, the its very good dummy sex the story and authenticity union were in one case. Combining the meaning that was in one case is not harmonious meaning, however, it is dummy, it is true at the same time, it is true, it is false at the same time, not be what two sides, it is one side. 4. See Nai is good again in ” see Nai fine again ” not by it that baronial miserable theme gives box up, some is planted inside it cabinet, chic, amuse oneself in oneself one’s own little world, such thing still grew to come out, quite good. 5. Send your small safflower to be in ” incurable disease type piece ” in it is those who had compared. Of course, I just write this type foolishly. Good, its defect really a lot of, but it lets me can forget not quite. Hao builds professor of Beijing film college, researcher of collaboration of center of Fei Zhengqing of haing Buddha university (fluctuation is slip examine more) 1. Love is mythological (2~5 from be short of) soybean beans (get on next sliding to examine more) 1. White snake expresses · feeling 2. Love is mythological in the portraiture that produces love, place oneself is in this Shanghai large art gallery, be permeated with a kind of advantageous accent and lightsome clever gas, it is Shanghai myth. (3~5 from be short of) teacher of Huang Wenjie college, film book edits before (get on next sliding to examine more) 1. It is not difficult that white snake passes · affection to take 9 pretty pictures in the film, but it is very difficult to if the poem is picturesque,pat each frame pat each frame. (2~5 from be short of) grey wolf scholar, the film learns a doctor (get on next sliding to examine more) 1. Fury serious case 2. Bronco divides hair on the neck of a pig 3. See Nai fine again 4. Arrest fetch is in move the backside of spirit old law, can see technology of a kind of agency and sexual relationship between secret time line: The opposite sex is loved (before technical research and development) , male homosexual (in research and development) , female homosexual (after the technology) . In strange feeling under the story, its text is radical the gender was ignored. 5. Male lion teenager leaves the third of the twelve Earthly Branches film review person, film scholar (get on next sliding to examine more) film of line of homebred to what oneself had looked this year courtyard, I hold this view: I do not have a law ground of be perfectly satisfied says to an any films ” good ” word, of course more do not talk to go up ” beautiful ” , can be a certain part in certain piece only, had looked to leave impression later, feel OK to be carried. 1. What not old miracle tells this piece is not love, not be science strange unreal more. It is about one is in since childhood heart most hesitate to press forward not to know place from beginning to end on inner affection consciousness eventually inner fear of the person and compunction, he is ceaseless passivity and active ground are lost, also dodging to stand in the periphery care doubt of all things to examine all the time accordingly, want greedy prolong life indefinitely pessimisticly again, it is to await the opportunity of that OK and real operation. Had just about so the theme of immanent be well versed in, playwrite king new moon just has ” courage ” make theatrical work content cuts fluctuation intentionally the part with two not associated each other. If unlike of second half part rushs 100 meters,cursory ground says all gut like thorn, it can be this year homebred courtyard line piece a li of affection attitude is the most earnest and true. 2. New look a list of names posted up: This play structure and narrative posse disorder do not have which Zha renascence basically any art of composition and skill but character. But the person that those who let a person shine at the moment is it sets design of modelling, movement and cent lens, the atmosphere of black of firm fierce hyperbole that already the United States is overflowed combined the Oriental element that a lot of expect are less than again, both did not produce a surprise, mutual instead set off produced glaring chemistry to react. The imagination that saw a few homebred cartoon go up in the vision eventually and creativity. 3. The before half part of small Wei film is too constrained at cancer this is propositional, what the mood that causes a person is pressed is too solid, the family concerns show by ” ill ” belt to the space that does not have an echo. But be in after 3 left a town, the film just begins to wave start off. True what a 3 people go up in the train is relaxed after flashing is wispy the instant, all moods and affection all are in not call the turn, created motion picture of language of this one time in need not verbal most become enamoured hour. (4~5 from be short of) person of medium of Mei Xuefeng film, ” see a movie · midnight field ” start publication chief editor (fluctuation is slip examine more) 1. Bronco cent hair on the neck of a pig is indignant but not Bei is bitter, joking but not oily, poetic flavour but do not take antrum to take tone, although be the youth’s work, look however very practised. 2. Bunny is violent 3. Orchid heart great theater refuses the existentialism work of illuminate, absolutely not by the individualistic anthem of baronial and narrative kidnap. 4. Eleventh answers the allegory of concerned history, the truth never important, it is the pretext of each elucidator footing only. 5. Amusement of my elder sister Nico criticizes a person, columnist (get on next sliding to examine more) 1. Life of male lion teenager is like dance lion, the drumbeat in wanting a heart only is eternal, can be in eventually silent in erupt. 2. Orchid heart great theater is not had with reality dramatically seam join, change grain of video and analytic history with the style. 3. Love is mythological 4. Good fortune as one wishes places a professional actor actual circumstances in, derivative and sealed a got-up affair is moved toward, experimental sex and dramatic not character is axiomatic. 5. My elder sister is right ” senior a general term for young women is like a mother ” ethical chains sent affectionate a brief survey, already true choke again. Ren Guoyuan (get on next sliding to examine more) 1. Love myth held those not delicate, affirmatory life breath, little some behaves the Chinese film of real life. 2. Orchid heart great theater behaves good least of all Lou Ye movie, glaring still also those are cold, let a person confuse drunk artistic breath. (3~5 from be short of) person of the film review that surpass a person, film medium person (get on next sliding to examine more) the film of 1.1921 inconvenience much praise, should say only, li Da one low when, with respect to the smiling face that can see a child on the balcony, the child is future, smiling face also is. 2. The first furnace is sweet knowing perfectly well is bad, still be gotten and ” bad ” good all the time go down. Like that show on the boat most, sea wind is like very big, the boat is flabby also. The newly-married that nobody values was destined to want to endure bump Geng . The worry of everybody does not wish to be written on the face, manage apprentice accuses hard oneself in affection only, but nobody pays attention to him those are not big not small nohow. Situ Houlai is to got countervail place to wish, the desire of someone else also had respective implementation. Still can do not have morality more actually a few, need not know shame more a few. 3. Love is mythological 4. See Nai fine again (5 from be short of) 39 (get on next sliding to examine more) 1. After the ministry looked, love myth can let a person like the movie of before last sea, have abundant native land temperament, be full of a times to feel again. other and homebred love piece in be patted ground connection is angrily by mythological love, the love that also enrages ground connection is patted so that call person longing like fairy tale. 2. Bronco cent hair on the neck of a pig dazzles ability, narcissism but brilliant film, having belong to 90 hind people peculiar, had done not have much resentment, already suspension, honest, and the air of arrogance of poetic flavour and anguish. 3. Fury · serious case the movement of top class level makes fun of. Xie Ting sharp edge acts art a the play in career is best. Civil play is a little babyish, but ever since metaphor and violent the feeling that sorrowfuls with Bei calls a person to clutch wrist groan. (4~5 from be short of) Xu Yuan (get on next sliding to examine more) 1. Bronco divides hair on the neck of a pig 2. Love myth is really five Di Allan the essay with the concentrated actor’s lines of type, story of get to the bottom of can discover the flaw is not little, but the lovely taste that having to make popular feeling affection cheerful namely. And, the most crucial is, in today when now this ” 3 view want ” instantly, behave a flock of broken bits male broken bits female sex and love not allow really easy. 3. A maiden work that small Wei makes person Jing is colourful, pat unusually ad cool-headedly adept, with small see the earth is handled life and death, close child, a few big proposition such as the family, hold concurrently at the same time was being provided is a branch abundant and, the characteristic of Xu Anhua and Bi Gan film. 4. See Nai fine resembles a cup of light bitter tea again, if disappointed letting a person is broken unapt truly afflictive, without real story, recorded a certain number of condition of a certain number of people only. 5. of arrest fetch Yang Shi (get on next sliding to examine more) 1. Love myth is deft but not coltish, grumous not heavy, play a form to also do not let a person jump play, here hides literary small stalk, in a bit sport playing again over there, make fun of, when getting on for argumentative forbidden zone line, arrange a part first ego try to explain things away when been laughed at, dropped the thing clear up that begins to become heavy, strong very clever. The director does not have a burden it seems that, do not bear, not grand, let an audience also come down flabbily together instead. In this year, courtyard line film lets a person carry really do not have interest, the end of the year this one small, gently the thing is little surprise. 2. Orchid heart great theater this is the film, is to use video formal taletelling not merely, it has the ambition that attributes light and picture, take predicative make peace seriously to narrate itself. 3. Frank devoir ground completes this sort story over cliff this some appearance, do not make fun of a flower, not act in a slick way. ” cliff ” drama edition is already special and outstanding, keep close on line of the photograph is wholer than be in at that story time stretch tight, this film edition is only namely on a sectional edge have dance. 4. Bronco divides hair on the neck of a pig ” love is mythological ” the middleaged alcohol tea that is Shanghai, ” bronco divides hair on the neck of a pig ” the teenager firewater that is Beijing. Have however on dialect loosen similarly. (5 from be short of) Yang Shu’s writer (get on next sliding to examine more) 1. Butterfly of an affectionate couple of orchid heart great theater opened the fun with literary revolution. 2. Love is mythological these year have a homebred motion picture inaccessibly, not only serious care has a meal, still served the story that tells on dining table seriously. 3. Small Wei affection is true, structure and perspective sufficient reason, the expression that lets individual experience is unapt ego and excessive affection, very precious. 4. The fleshy body that the annals strange legend of arrest fetch tradition rents contemporary science fiction returned mood. Defying trifling and daily with aeriform and authoritative respect, the meaning excessive that develops subjective activity is very important really. Yi Wen Xiying criticizes a person, teaching staff (get on next sliding to examine more) 1. Love myth is difficult is not to take fashionable love, take the taste of a city however; Difficult is not to discuss bisexual topic, however not abet is contrary do not defame painstakingly. The director is 90 hind, work matures however unlike a maiden work, although be essay, but there is big knowledge in essay. 2. Male lion teenager is inaccessibly besides one antrum warm blood, still have the sincerity of pinch of straight face ground floor, gaoguang always burns with righteous indignation, but still should work after all. Have harbor piece aftertaste, aesthetic also calculate advanced, the debate that small eye initiates becomes social topic for discussion, look be like absurd extremely true however. 3. Over cliff these year, zhang Yi is sought even more high yield, not stick to one pattern of subject matter type, have the taste of some of have words even. ” cliff ” in calculating Zhang Yi to seek the film, go out carry, travel work just. Making what the person sighs with emotion is him many years old 70, if there is the creation of different type with full enthusiasm like the youth,still be in, admire of bend making a person. (5 from be short of) worker of distance A strange animation, film review person (get on next sliding to examine more) 1. Love is mythological 2. My elder sister 3. Small Wei is god-given the family has in disease abandon stirring in subject matter, turn and discuss life whereaboutldirection. 3 paragraph all there is no lack of the place with gorgeous Jing, trouble is very much also, is perhaps this is fokelore medium ” immature ” ? But the food of the daily life of a family that the grandfather makes calculates be not a patch on 5 stars large kitchen, can let you always also be engraved in the some of the life think. 4. White snake expresses · feeling farfetched pat suddenly, drama makes a problem break through horizon, the theme is too grand, image is too rich, carry out too out of control. If not environment of home of be enslaved to be enslaved to, may have patted. The platoon enters Top5 very loath, but this is a ministry amused and interesting brave film. Can unscramble a gender very strong, if be willing. Child dagger (get on next sliding to examine more) 1. A bronco cent hair on the neck of a pig is god-given ” condition ” the film, with inattentive humorous clue, tell about a bronco by domestic whole process. 2. Small Wei is in ” small safflower ” ” arrest fetch ” besides, for ” incurable disease film ” offerred a kind more natural, realer possibility. 3. Love myth says to resemble European movie, be inferior to saying to resemble normal movie, but in unfavorable balance of trade should return here constant a kind. 4. My elder sister is rare this year what point to instantly society topic for discussion continuously is homebred piece, behoove has position. 5. Intertropical past is exclusive this year almost one goes up in language of seeing and hearing those who have self-conscious consciousness is homebred piece, because this is selected.

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