Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022
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Original title: WANNAONE will release new song to acknowledge Lai Guanlin of vermicelli made from bean starch displays sound to get together neat 11 people

20220111020234 61dce53aca9d4

WANNA ONE of Korea male group will be released on January 27 ” Beautiful Part 3 ” phonic source. ” Beautiful Part 3 ” it is WANNA ONE is in the new music that publishs on 2021MAMA of 11 days last month, it is afterwards 2017 ” Beautiful ” and 2018 ” Beautiful (Part Ll) ” hind ” Beautiful ” series last work. ” Beautiful Part 3 ” in 2021MAMA there is vermicelli made from bean starch to ask to release phonic source ceaselessly after be being made public first, to acknowledge the support of broad vermicelli made from bean starch is mixed support, WANNA ONE decided finally to roll out the phonic source of this song. This phonic source edition collected WANNA ONE all 11 members, made up for the regret that bilks absent of coronal continuous heavy rain on 2021MAMA arena. Guo Mingdong / civil all rights reserved Mydaily prohibits reprinting

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