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Original title: Other play staff takes stage property, this drama has 80 collect to take true course however, because,thinking of is poor really

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The actor can be loved by everybody, because their acting is conspicuous,be, act different role, make a few issues, perhaps act different figure again, can let a person feel extraordinary nature, and in fact, among the teleplay that has seen in us, the camera lens that has a meal in a lot of teleplay actually is not true, some play staffs to save expenditure, so meeting choice uses the meal of a few holidays.

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Can be used circularly so, when besides has, big summer films teleplay is concerned at eating scene, if use true food, exceedingly no-go, a camera lens should film for many times, these meal are very then possible sour can not pat certainly, also can create very big waste to moment, accordingly, between a few not quite vital scene, food uses a holiday directly it is OK to will do.

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Just be in have a teleplay in the center, the food that appears inside, it is true entirely, this teleplay always shares 80 collection, pass outside Wu Lin namely, they basically film the place is to be among restaurant mostly, the camera lens that has a meal so still is very much really, as a result their food is true entirely, what what we see is, they ate a bit, gall-stone, some camera lens should film several times, then they are about to eat many times.

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Actually itself dispute often pays attention to the actor of food, after filming because of camera lens, broadcast on TV can be pulled wide, so this is planted under the circumstance, the actor has a place a little fat, what the pattern that come out showing on TV is very fat completely, however, the main actor of this drama eats suddenly suddenly, what still eat is so full, occasionally actress also eats the meat even, after a drama is patted, the person of whole play staff becomes fat.

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And they are met such, because their play staff is too poor,be, can not afford those prop at all, it is those prop not just, can not afford, the dress that wears even them also is such, the dress looks bad also to look, still so a few rotate are worn wear, as a result this drama still loves by the masses, also be to make a person very interrogative.

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