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Original title: Song Hui tall ” in parting company now ” viewing rate exceeds miserable, with Zhang Jilong prate suffers from younger brother of fate elder sister to love

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The new show of Song Hui tall ” in parting company now ” viewing rate exceeds miserable, analyse its reason with respect to intermediary having Han. (graph) ” husband and wife of the Song Dynasty of the Song Dynasty ” after divorcing 2019, the Song Dynasty lies between teleplay of 3 years of regression to go out when intelligent tall act ” in parting company now ” , nevertheless all along is regarded as to receive the Qiao Mei that inspects clever medicine, with Zhang Jilong this prate suffers from younger brother of fate elder sister to love, viewing rate is differred however be no good, break through basic 10 % doorsill without any one collect, with in those days ” the descendant of the sun ” highest Ceng Da cannot be compared completely to the breathtaking viewing rate of 46.6% . Accordingly, intermediary having Han analyses Song Hui tall ” decline altar ” , choose horn to have very big concern with hers. Song Hui tall went out 1996, represent work to count deeply more: ” downwind department of gynaecology and obstetrics ” , ” blue life and death is loved ” , ” romantic houseful ” … etc, can saying is Yan Zhi and acting hold provided actress concurrently. Just broadcasted nevertheless be over piece ” in parting company now ” , viewing rate lowest drops to 4.2 % , highest for the 2nd collect 8 % , be over piece also fail to save whole show, only 6.7 % just, discuss degree more the ancient costume drama that parameter acts the leading role by Li Junhao, Li Shirong with period of time ” sleeve red edge ” .

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” the descendant of the sun ” can saying is the hottest at that time teleplay, achieve ” instantaneous is highest viewing rate ” the spectacular success of 46.6% . (graph) Song Hui tall 2018 with Piao Baojian costar ” boy friend ” , also be to talk about sister younger brother to love euqally, gut is more about the same, make an audience apparent lose patience to set play code, according to Han intermediary ” SPOTRS Korea ” report, photograph of Song Hui tall relatively wait for a person at be the same as the female star Sun Yizhen of age layer, Han Xiaozhou, subject matter choice is machine-made without any innovation. Sun Yi’s true new theatrical work ” 39 ” with 3 be about to female friend of 40 years old is a center, content does not have love story only only just; Han Xiaozhou is in strange unreal teleplay ” Moving ” in personate has the behavioral hero that exceeds capacity, just also fall in love no longer.

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Of Song Hui tall and plain sword costar ” boy friend ” top viewing rate is only also 10.329% . (graph)

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Song Hui tall of 40 years old and Zhang Jilong of 29 years old are in ” in parting company now ” younger brother of sister of affection talking about suffering is loved. (graph) another reason is an audience ” to Song Hui the love play of tall has expected no longer ” , express to be piled up besides play about the same besides, the amative mode that goes up in screen to Qiao Mei already very difficult reappear ” pink hubble-bubble ” . Exclusive front is evaluated, be afraid remain the Song Hui tall that is 40 years old only, feel no regret at ” Qiao Mei ” title, and small Zhang Jilong of 11 years old performs adversary to make fun of, yan Zhi freezes as before age.

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