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Original title: What be ignored in travel of knife of the bold in snow is male match: Tall peaceful Yu Junlang, bully gas of tall Wei light, enunciative do not admit Teleplay ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” be about to receive an official, although be updated slow, but still have white of a lot of drama chasing after.

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The slow motion of early days hits play to suffer netizen doubt fully, jump over in the future to look to feel more it actually very reasonable, because of this drama not the category of swordsman film of bureau be confined to, still added element of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of a few celestial being. The woman role Yan Zhi that many netizens show this theatrical work is very tall, the attention when seeing play was attracted by them, what chase after drama to still can discover drama is medium seriously is male deserve to also comparative raise a key point, review together. Gao Taiyu: Eyebrow of peaceful high mountain is acted in drama

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Eyebrow of peaceful high mountain comes on the stage is the figure that have good faith, appearance is brilliant, individual character is bright and clear. Every time world child Xu Feng year (Zhang Reyun is acted the role of) encounter risk, eyebrow of peaceful high mountain always blocks advanced side, eaves of tall peaceful of the person that act performs the faithfulness that gave this role and one antrum warm blood. Eyebrow of the Ning E in drama and green bird (Ding Xiaoying is acted the role of) it is a world child two old guard, the general is mixed dead person cooperate tacit understanding, the Gao Taiyu outside play and Ding Xiaoying two young actors also are special raise a key point, see this piece of picture, do you have a head to fill give small sweet drama?

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Gao Taiyu is unripe 1991, be graduated from Shandong artistic institute, ever acted the film ” Huang Feihong’s hero has a dream ” medium Lin Shirong, teleplay ” fight Luo Daliu ” medium Dai Mu white, teleplay ” inadvertently rabbi 2 ” Bai Chuan afraid waits medium villain in drama a moment. Wang Tianchen: Zhao is acted in drama

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Wang Tianchen is unripe 1993, be graduated from on play, he and Liu winter ooze, Han Dongjun, Zhang Binbin is a classmate, they are collective transcribe crosses first gear put together art cries ” green homecoming ” . In addition he still goes out had performed the film ” fragrant China ” the Chen Can of Chinese industry group, teleplay ” return go coming ” rich 2 Dai Chengran, teleplay ” I am to love you really ” duty field Xiaobai fathers. Wang Yanlin: Wen Hua is acted in drama

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Wang Yanlin comes on the stage take happy move oneself, it is he is in probably ” inadvertently rabbi ” in Wu Tai does the Guxuan that act laugh, had a part ” filter lens ” , but won’t feel a play again, the Wenhuale that acts because of him watchs humour, and represented a kind to enter the belief that swings all corners of the country. 6 years are lain between when, wang Yanlin again partner Zhang Reyun, vermicelli made from bean starch says to see them interactive dream is answered ” inadvertently rabbi ” Gu Xuanwu and Zhang Xianzong, do not know everybody has this kind of feeling?

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Wang Yanlin is unripe 1989, be graduated from on play, by right of teleplay ” Chu Qiao is passed ” in Wen Huaiyi horn gives space of villain in drama circle, domestic career double bumper harvest also is outside play, he and Ai Jiani of classmate of college fellow student are fond of knot happy match, the audience is right this girl not unfamiliar also, she is in teleplay ” one’s whole life ” in act dress stylist Wang Man. Gao Weiguang: Chen Zhibao is acted in drama

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The Chen Zhibao that Gao Weiguang acts is one kills the high-ranking military officer with decisive cut down, it is boreal Liang Wang Xuxiao (Hu Jun is acted the role of) foster son, also be boreal Liang ” calm Nereus needle ” . Show share of Chen Zhibao is not much, the performance that those who make a person surprizing is Gao Weiguang has memory to nod very much, especially his abstruse eye, sometimes the topic of conversation one in a flash becomes closely guard a secret.

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In addition, he still goes out had performed teleplay ” dear translates an official ” , ” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” , ” help up shake ” ” angry fine West Hunan ” , ” enter by accident buckish ” etc. Zhang Xiaochen: Hong Xi is acted to resemble in drama

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The Hong Xi that Zhang Xiaochen acts seems fierce to become next allowing palm door, show share is less but have a characteristic very much, he does not review fierce, can join the essence in showing a book however, help Xu Feng year the confidence that learns connecting with the boxing skill sturdily, say Hong Xi resembles the costar that also is a key so.

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Zhang Xiaochen is unripe 1983, be graduated from Shijiazhuang railroad university, feel his ancient costume the appearance of an actor lets a person shine at the moment all the time, can saying even sometimes is very Jing is colourful, be like ” beauty calculation ” medium emperor child Liu Wu, ” new compartment is written down on the west ” medium Zhang Gong, ” Sui Tangying is male ” medium Yu Wencheng, ” dirt of of through the ages ” . Enunciative: Chen Xiliang is acted in drama

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Chen Xiliang is a student that has strategy quite, the cause and effect of thing of can rapid judgement is terrible. He and Xu Feng year chime in easily, the adviser of boreal Liang is become later. Have a verbal battle with of the Chen Xiliang in drama group Confucianism, by right of the original understanding to the current political situation one battle becomes famous, also be the tall smooth extract of complete theatrical work.

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Enunciative unripe 1989, in be graduated from, make fun of, ever went out had performed teleplay ” face about says to love you ” , ” lucky day treasure ” , ” antediluvian secret agreement ” , ” dimly discernible of a poetic name of China is recorded ” etc. Teleplay ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” in what be ignored is male match: Tall peaceful Yu Junlang, bully gas of tall Wei light, enunciative do not admit.

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