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Original title: Surpass play of Han of old stalk low opinion ” in parting company now ” ending net acid is flat and incognito ” be opposite now in inspecting “ ” in parting company now ” ending rings down the curtain, this You Songhui tall, Zhang Jilong acts the leading role, because exceed,have very tall expectation originally, however ” in parting company ” because gut is set,wait for a reason however, close inspect from highest 8.0% decline downward, bigger be defeated to broadcast with archives ” sleeve red edge ” . Some Han drama can play old stalk a new pattern, but the following 4 nets are discussed ” exceed old stalk ” drama of low opinion Han, show wisdom, Jin Yubin ” aleatoric attaching ” cancer is broken recalling still is not the blindest, zhang Jilong not merely ” in parting company now ” thunder, this often also straightens to be no good! ” in parting company now ” receive big final result, this is leaving before sowing because of Zhang Jilong of & of Song Hui tall two exceed strong card to manage greatly and suffer fully expect, the 2nd collect is achieved even of 8.0% close high inspect, however gut is evaluated by the netizen however ” set ” , ” the drama before resembling 10 years ” , close inspect drop all the way, 4.2% what 14 collect achieve lowest even.

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Many audiences prefer male 2, female the CP line of 2! The netizen points out this line instead has substantial content more, and female 2 treat person of kind and gentle early days to although be not denounced,be set happy event, but from the back see more lovely more, person morale is higher! And ” in parting company now ” although be setting with fashionable industry, also somebody thinks to be patted so that have sense of reality not quite, did not pat the glamour of this industry.

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” some day is ruined ” the fountainhead that tells about everythings on earth to disappear – – ruined (Xu Ren country is acted the role of) the human Zhuo Dongjing that issues life bond with to do not die autograph (Piao Baoying acts the role of) , the deadly demarcate that happens between two people drama of strange unreal romance. Xu benevolence country, Piao Baoying is the actor that takes CP move oneself, when because this just left,be being sowed this expects the cost is very high also, but later period gut also is evaluated empty and set.

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” ruined ” the assistant that playwrite once should pass gold to make up, accordingly style and gold are made up very picture, but did not play a new idea however. Story set respect, ghosts and gods falls in love with human girl to save atone for each other, still have exceed the strange unreal set such as ability, mix ” phantom ” about the same, but do not have more distinctive place however. A lot of old stalk still are full of in drama additionally, for instance female advocate get incurable disease, be broken wildly, still traffic accident, bond lives together, break recall… should push you so to guard you, although forget you,still also love you indescribably… wait for gut to be banged set.

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2020 those who broadcast ” Born Again ” act the leading role by of Zhang Jilong, Chen Shi, Li Zhuhe, tell about a gumshoe and his lover and successive murderer, in generation because of evil predestined relationship each other ended life. Reincarnation parts to be the student of inquisitor, archaeological instructor and medical university after 32 years, at this point the story that open loves to hate dispute between two worlds.

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” aleatoric attaching ” often straighten all Han drama to be used, it is heroine father traffic accident dies first, after leading role of male and female loves each other, part again, intermediate heroine gives traffic accident again, the mystery + that still has one’s lot avenges a clue. Push-pull after several collect, leading role of male and female should love each other eventually, male advocate because meet with has brain tumor,did not treat all the time however, was died quickly by declare, at this moment male advocate begin to break recall, what love greatly repeatedly is female advocate forgot… after restoring memory because of random of a bowl of face, two people are sweet much nevertheless long, male advocate life is moved toward terminative.

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” aleatoric attaching ” tell about junior when the hero of male and female below the knot, after be brought up with Shen Junying of defiant top class star (Jin Yubin is acted the role of) with low-down and ritzy producer Lu Yi (Pei Xiuzhi is acted the role of) the identity encounters once more. Jin Yubin + the combination of show wisdom, also be to let this have very tall attention to spend, but this also is dog blood, old stalk comes extremely.

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With ” aleatoric attaching ” the drama set that the corresponding period broadcasts has new idea very much, resembling is ” W two worlds ” although terminal evaluation is polar, but ” rip free male ” set lets a person find everything new and fresh. ” envious reincarnate ” it is about ” envious ” relaxed Luo Man history, still have male advocate the interesting set that meet with contracts breast cancer. But ” aleatoric attaching ” can say gather is all dog blood, cruel is loved reach old stalk Yu Dacheng, also letting this be criticized by the netizen is ” aleatoric scratch ” , ” random is broken recall ” .

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