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Original title: This is a drama of TVB crack a criminal case that is delayed badly by emotional play

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Fright came not only such, although this is drama of a crack a criminal case, but basically do not begin around the police, the part it may be said inside is ” everybody is all detective ” . Male advocate be good at crack a criminal case, female advocate also know crack a criminal case, male advocate aunt elder sister also is small hotshot of crack a criminal case. It is the A Sir inside alone only need enthusiastic citizen constantly remind, just have the inspiration of crack a criminal case. Install the tall Sir of personate into Kui especially, although cry ” Gao Ren ” , but he every time inference is equal to take out of automatic side audience a wrong answer, I wish to call him ” gross profit is small 5 benevolence ” .

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Chengkui installs the A Sir of edition, revealing eldest brother breath everywhere

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The case of teleplay is to be worth to look, emotional play is really undeserved look. Aboveboard one foot steps two boats, call it by a good name of wants to know through compare and carrying out ability who suits oneself most. Two hero Wu Qihua and lukewarm Zhao Lun always are fallen in love with same a woman, it is Mokexin first it is Xuan Xuan again. Compete for fairness, two male advocate the woman that seeks with oneself by turns dates, meet the person says this is this girlfriend, and the woman is cheerful also amid, look I one face is muddled. After Xuan Xuan chose Wu Qihua, mo Kexin come back to look for Wen Zhaolun to beg compound, wen Zhaolun agrees for an instant, 2 people returned ground of pretend to be serious about sth to place surround come with this announcement the world. Mo Kexin also is announcement really an important information, it is she should marry, bridegroom is not Wen Zhaolun, still say this band Bao action is for retaliation only, I again muddled force. Still have more unusual is, female advocate good friend Zhang Fengni is the same as extreme misery with Wen Zhaolun situation at the beginning, be aimed at everywhere. By rich after 2 generation are harmed, wen Zhaolun comforted a few, fell in love with. Relate is good, was swung by Wen Zhaolun because of a few small issues again. The emotional line in drama is to begin to still end no matter quite abrupt, xuan Xuan and Wu Qihua this pair more very. Because of Wu Qihua too justice and serious, do not agree to be opposite Xuan Xuan give the wrongdoer a way out of that criminal father (can be this after all where is the fault! ) parted company next. The feeling inside anyhow has many to be mixed in disorder optional, only you want to be less than, do not do without them.

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If you had not seen this play, give everybody a method that sees play quickly, jump over feeling to make fun of namely, look directly check record share. A blemish in an otherwise perfect thing is inferential part not be too much, gut is a bit laggard, a Sir basically also did not have much big effect, but compared with ” law card pioneer 4 ” , I can be willing to look more ” 900 serious cases are chased after fierce ” case. If TVB takes part of this type theatrical work again, might as well referenced the place with this outstanding theatrical work, learn from others’s strong points to offset one’s weakness, believe to be patted again make can be expected soon classically.

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