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Original title: Heart of cruel of body of Xiao Dingquan cruel is unripe be inferior to dead, ” crane cry Hua Ting ” is this drama returned can good? ” crane cry Hua Ting ” the ancient costume drama that is a of this year small fire, but the drama that explodes greatly this year is not little really, so, let this make excellent big play fail to get some pays close attention to degree answering however instead, nevertheless, no matter be of this drama,take change path or picture to be worth to pay close attention to absolutely, welcome everybody to click!

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What counterpoise surely with desolate is clever, clear of course so the consequence that make, but if he not so do, doesn’t that let namely at the outset did the thing of teacher and land home repeat? Not, he cannot let such thing happen again absolutely. Also accordingly, ability can safeguard Liu Wenxi that kind, because since likes, because do not think the business that allows teacher and land home repeats,also be.

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Liu Wenxi is caught, xiao Dingquan stops without mechanical resistance, this moment, xiao Dingtang also comes over add fuel to the flames.

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He tells Xiao Dingquan, zhao Guifei should be sealed to be empress, still be the aim below the emperor personally, what this makes Xiao Dingquan aching is extremely more, he did not think of an emperor actually so do not leave feelings, gave that woman the seat of his mother actually, nevertheless, he is clear also, this does not cross be an emperor to make judge art stopped. Xiao Dingquan right now can talk about again and again is worn inequitable, develop to cannot be prevented to everything however. As prince, prevent feebly however beside the departure of any, anybody, at the outset teacher, the Liu Ying later, his prince the wife of a prince, the Liu Wenxi that just is caught even, still have the place after the mother, want to be taken away completely, this kind of weak feeling is eating Xiao Dingquan’s heart.

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But right now, liu Wenxi been dependinging on his eloquence to let catch her person to unlock her, get off hastily, run to prince government office at once.

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Again for this paragraph of gut, prince bunts that kind the emperor is unwise really, although the emperor allows his inspect country, but do not have after all emperor give he, such behavior can let an emperor regret to give influence only he. He so do, although paragraph Liu Wenxi was saved really in time, but will for a long time look, liu Wenxi as before great risk, more what is more,the rather that beside still each passerby horse is in eye covetously.

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Here, think however, this drama present state, the with it whole fundamental key on certain level also has very big concern. For the psychology according to the audience, see a play, make excellent, actor acting is admittedly important, but the most important still is to make my heart unripe cheerful, is not to feel depressive. Very unfortunate, this drama lets a person have very big depressive feeling namely. Also believe, a lot of people did not pay close attention to this drama, because,be this reason, everybody is not willing to look too the drama of cruel heart, after all cruel heart still has a person than cruel body!

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