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Original title: “Veteran cadre ” Jin Dong: Live together 5 years with Jiang Shan, shine marry 2 marriage Li Jia, 41 years old are gone up to heat up search by ridicule 2010, jiang Shan is ground via removing the daughter’s consult really, with the cohabitational life that Jin Dong ended 5 years, of the same age, jin Dong face about has an affair with with married Li Jia fascicular, the Li Jiagang in those days just talked things over with the husband, the full-time wife that ends 7 years lives, appear in the Li Jia in the screen again, had never missed the first theatrical work after reappearing, sent another the individual’s bosom oneself again, a drama, two people, at this point awake photograph cherish.

20220111021301 61dce7ad26280

In those days Jin Dong says to Li Jia: “I like you, I do not care about your associate with. ” in those days Li Jia listens this word that Jin Dong says, that becomes silent because of becoming 7 years of full-time wives heart, again active rise, li Jia made a bold decision, divorce with the husband, shine with Jin Dong marriage. And the Jin Dong that shows marriage hind happened to transform greatly however on the career, drop to several people to sneer at from conflagration even.

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Jin Dong was 1976 stranger, be born in Shandong of Qi Lu earth to save, the family also is a very ordinary other people, jin Dong is in the home seniority second, have an elder sister and little sister, jin Fu is the small staff of company of a supply and marketing only, mother is stingy did not work, full-time take care of a family. Such family does not calculate on rich, just also can eat and drink very much,

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Do not know those who marry to Jin Fu’s mother is stingy is how to be known, anyhow the sentiment between two people is not very good, the affray between parents is the thing that Jin Dong experiences everyday in one’s childhood almost, two days one small make a noise, 3 days make a noise greatly, small Jin Dong does not give any help on, because brawl is further and further,can look at the relation between parents only, in Jin Dong 5 years old are controlled, mother is stingy also has not missed this kind of life again, chose to divorce with Jin Fu,

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Accept as a souvenir is without when parent is stingy goes, flintily younger brother of Jin Dong sister 3 people threw Jin Fu directly, and had done not have how long, mother is stingy moved toward another marriage again. Jin Fu is taking 3 children to living hardly, want the job to earn money not only, still need to always take care of 3 children, compare small Jin Dong and little sister especially, gradually, jin Fu has some of ability not equal to one’s ambition, jin Fu is direct later Jin Dong 3 people throw sister younger brother to father grandma to attend.

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From this later, jin Dong is to follow to be brought up as father grandma almost, jin Fu also accompanies sister younger brother as far as possible in free time 3 people, but dot needs mother love after all, the Jin Dong that accompanies without the mother as a child yearns for maternal care very much, he is faint still the about that remembers a mother, often see with oneself the mother has bit of person that resemble, metropolis collect goes up be close to with her, this paragraph is short of the mother love that lose to also plunge into a root in Jin Dong heart.

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Arrived middle and primary school, jin Dong begins sensible, regard the home as the man in, he knows very well father it is not easy that to feed sister younger brother 3 people have many, that year is taken an examination of in, jin Dong also did not want to choose school of technical secondary school directly, choose fund to can give father much province only, more await in those days what is more,the rather that still lie packet of distributive times, after Jin Dong need not worry about graduation, did not work so. However Jin Dong is not lucky really, when the technical secondary school graduates, jin Donggang is good caught up with the first year when cancel assignment system, work to did not allocate not only, return unemployment of within an inch of.

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Jin Dong did not lose heart, he looked for a lot of jobs to do, include to wash a car even, do the work that serves unripe and so on, time grew Jin Dong to think oneself cannot again so be without a target to go down, then he is taking his saving, lent one part money to father again, opened a public house, it is OK that the business of bar still calculates, jin Dong often also can make an appointment with a good friend be drunk on one times here,

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Some day, what will drink at that time is a fellow-townsman that makes art designer in some play staff, ask suddenly in the chitchat with Jin Dong: “How had not you considered to become an actor? ” the Dong Caigang is stingy that awaits in those days is firm 17 years old, dashing eyebrows star looks, facial features is stereo, very handsome, jin Dong hears what there has been period of time after the word of fellow-townsman to think, final decision goes to Beijing seeing his comfortable do not suit to become an actor.

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Jin Dong follows this fellow-townsman to come along, to performing art circle the Jin Dong of utterly ignorant, the introduction that passes fellow-townsman had general knowledge, after was being contacted truly nevertheless, jin Dongcai discovers recreation is encircled and do not understand like oneself in that way, because Jin Dong appearance is very good, the introduction by fellow-townsman, act very quickly went up to make fun of, although be the play of a few walk-on only, also let Jin Dong understand gradually however acting in a play after all is how one and the same.

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1993, dongying is stingy will have main drama share ” teenager Gao Xianyang ” , drama name is called ” Oriental businessman ” , this drama also became Jin Dong to enter those who perform art circle to begin truly. However this drama broadcasts it may be said is 3 fold, broadcast formally till 1998 ability, during this, jin Dong looks at him performing art circle the mark that honest it doesn’t matter expands, the small public house that returned oneself continues to live.

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What Jin Dong does not know is, ” Oriental businessman ” after broadcasting, oneself welcome the 2nd opportunity very quickly, once cooperated together with Jin Dong ” Oriental businessman ” Wang Hu city, to ” mother ” the play staff recommended this wet behind the ears boy, two people are in ” mother ” the relation that of the personate in this drama is a pair of father and son, other two family members are Yue Gong becomes Mom, liu Mintao is become elder sister.

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Whole play staff is very lively, they also are added more to the Jin Dong of experience of it doesn’t matter take care of, still suggest Jin Dong goes to professional school even attend in a advanced studies, to oneself good thing, jin Dong all listened to go in, it he understands which performance school not quite is good that he understands which performance school not quite, think of ” mom ” and ” elder sister ” it is to be graduated from the Thespian institute central, in also going, make fun of.

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Play has a regulation in, the person that does not allow above 22 years old takes an exam, at that time Jin Dong already 23 years old, for can to take an examination, go to the school learning, jin Dong finds office of recruit students teacher directly, “Tangle to death sodden dozen ” one gain exam opportunity finally, enter the school smoothly. Because the age is too old, during the university, jin Dong it may be said is the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches sufficient interest study, begin the 2nd year from the university, jin Dong can go to Japan every year troupe of a the four seasons is done groom, the time that is as long as 7 years, still can be in even free time goes seeing the Broadway melodrama.

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Jin Dong’s effort did not waste, when had not graduated, go out performed theatrical work of many movie and TV, 2003, jin Dong graduates, back-to-back move is joined acted ” teenager big imperial envoy ” wait for drama, 2004 that year, jin Dong contacts the film for the first time, most male advocate piece act ” Qiu Yu ” , and return obtained through this film ” award of ornamental columns erected in front of palaces ” and ” Yalta gold prize ” , this achievement also opened more capacious play way to Jin Dong.

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2006, ” brave the journey to the Northeast ” go up in TV bully screen, jin Dong’s figure also appears inside, piece act become seriously ill, the Japanese that is closed to be nursling by Home Zhu ” chelonian Tian Yilang ” , accordingly by many people witting, jin Dong just cuts a figure in this drama, let him truly by everybody hep is 2014 ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” , go out inside act ” Lin Chen ” .

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Subsequently the 2nd year ” the person that pretend ” let Jin Dong conflagration directly, the fame that back-to-back Jin Dong rises through fire goes out again performed theatrical work of a lot of movie and TV of wide reputable reputable, for instance ” my before half a lifetime ” , ” amative gentleman ” wait, because Jin Dong gives the is same kind almost theatrical work that perform after conflagration, also was gotten on gradually by the coronal ” veteran cadre ” appellation, must say, adopt his screen form, plus individual temperament, still be appropriate Tuo Yimei really ” veteran cadre ” .

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As Jin Dong this ” veteran cadre ” famouser and famouser before the audience, his a few affection history also was gathered up to come out. The first girlfriend of Jin Dong is to be in an university when talk, be called Sui Junbo, it is Jin Dong’s classmate, smaller than Jin Dong 3 years old, the feeling at that time must let two people very much the person is jealous, almost always together, no matter where be to be able to see the figure that two individual photographs accompany, everybody thinks two people are very suit really consistently, for this those classmates of Jin Dong did not eat dog food less, however this paragraph of emotion still did not go finally final, the university graduates that year, jin Dong and first love cummer divided a hand.

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After this paragraph of feeling ends, jin Dong is single state, arrive all the time 2006, this year Jin Dong goes out not only acted ” brave the journey to the Northeast ” , still go out in of the same age performed another theatrical work ” pathos mother child ” , give the person that act to still have Jiang Shan jointly, the mother of personate Jin Dong, right now Jiang Shan already 39 years old, jin Dong is smaller than her 9 years old,

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3 years ago, jiang Shan and former husband tall dawn end marriage formally, matrimony of 8 years from now on melt into visionary hope, after this, jiang Shan puts the emphasis on the career, go out early or late act ” big gate of an old-style big house ” wait for work of many outstanding movie and TV, prosperous temporarily. The Jiang Shan after the divorce did not lose the longing to love, when encountering Jin Dong especially, the sort of longing is aroused.

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Because Jin Dong lacks mother love as a child, also begin to having inarticulate feeling to Jiang Shan, plus Jiang Shan the position at that time, the profit that can bring to Jin Dong is more than nod 1:30, two people became friend of male and female very quickly between contact, jin Dong of 30 years old is hormonal the period that erupt, such Jiang Shan is right is stingy east be obsessed with unceasingly.

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Although the outside has how to to value them, have broken sign of character of how many idle, jin Dong and river Shan all do not grant to pay attention to, was the same as before long even house, two people crossed unabashed 5 years to do not have the life of foul smell, during this, some is more than it is the outside is not valued to theirs, more it is Jin Dong ” eat soft meal ” of behavior distain, the fame between the Jin Dong that awaits in those days and river Shan is them between very big wide gap, female strong male weak combination, let Jin Dong very quickly be gotten on by the coronal ” soft meal male ” fame.

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Jin Dong does not care right-down to these appellation, dan Jiangshan cares, slowly Jiang Shan is broken by these idle character language be troubled by very is be perturbed. Experienced unsuccessful marriage, jiang Shan or hope can have a happy family, object to theirs in view of domestic person, jiang Shan offers to go to abroad marrying, demur of Jin Dong it doesn’t matter.

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Be about to talk in two people when marriage talking is married, daughter Gao Yixin of Jiang Shan bars was in among them, gao Yixin is in when be informed mom to want to go all the time with Jin Dong, often express not to like Jin Dong extremely before Jiang Shan, jiang Shan was not put on the heart at the beginning, be troubled by more as the daughter, jiang Shan more and more feel to be opposite from personal ashamed daughter, the lover that chooses can helplessly to end 5 years with Jin Dong only concerns.

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It is actually in these 5 years, a person still has appeared between Jin Dong and river Shan, actor week raise, two people are in 9 years that ” special contention ” in acquaintance, the red that having two people subsequently is shocking relation is heard explode piece, more exorbitant is to return somebody to weigh two people already try to win sb’s favor marriage room, to that one pace of finish marriage, final this explode makings end up with nothing definite in order to do not have real evidence, but expect through exploding the picture that come out looks, a person with a discerning eye can see Jin Dong does not have overmuch idea to Zhou Yang, be being garbled also is not impossible.

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2010 that year, jin Dong restores lone, amative memory of 5 years is not to say to put down what put down, although Jin Dong surface has been done not have so that behave, heart also already bruise again and again, fortunately, he encountered the person that accompanies lifetime in this year, li Jia, right now Li Jia since after marrying, already retired several years, reappear again the first sport that take is mixed namely Jin Dong partner.

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In those days after Li Jia marriage, li Jia’s former husband is ceaseless to Li Jia brainwashing, let her put down the job to do full-time wife, li Jia is persuaded to move chose to do full-time wife really, but she still has as before walk into the think of a way that performs art circle again, the time that so Li Jia and former husband marry 7 years did not give birth to the child all the time, perform art circle to can maintain best condition to return to only, as the propulsion of time, li Jia is overcome eventually the life of full-time madam, she found former husband to undertake one time deliberative, final former husband lets go let Li Jia reappear.

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The Li Jia when reappearing already 33 years old, smaller than Jin Dong 1 year old, go out jointly acted ” green not character is defeated ” , two not lucky people are encountering that momently, produced the feeling of awake photograph cherish, as get along the growth of time, li Jia discovered Jin Dong’s immanent fine point, like to go up slowly actually Jin Dong, in him be enlightened affective this momently, li Jia is scared by oneself, begin ground of try every means to forget this ought not to some feeling.

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What Dan Lijia does not know is, right now Jin Dong also produced different feeling to oneself, jin Dong does not understand Li Jia before, also do not know she has been married woman, he knows he likes this woman before only, special inside the play staff take care of Li Jia, it is affable that this kind takes care of it may be said, jin Dong’s the real situation is moved so that abrupt prevents not as good as, li Jia also sees Jin Dong’s different to oneself feeling gradually, she looked for Jin Dong actively to speak her married fact, hope Jin Dong does not want again give away goes.

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Which know Jin Dong and pay no attention to Li Jia’s associate with, state oneself like her in vain continuously even, everything what can accept her, li Jia matrimony of 7 years, grind a heart early to become silent because of the consult of days come down, hear Jin Dong one time this nowadays the confess of real intention of the real situation, that dreary heart again active rise, li Jia was done be stupefied the decision of everybody, divorce with former husband, do what one says, li Jia is trashy how long is patted with former husband two medicinal powder, face about was married Jin Dong.

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Right now Jin Donggang is firm because ” brave the journey to the Northeast ” wait for drama small fire, famous degree do not calculate on big, it is marriage was brought to him probably lucky, postnuptial Jin Dong develops with splitting speed, time of two years, pass ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” and ” the person that pretend ” two drama, successful conflagration, 2015, jin Dong greeted the first his child, after two years, li Jia is being risked big produce child dangerous, was delivered of a child to Jindong again, hold water formally from these 4 home.


The Jin Dong after conflagration is made fun of to call ” veteran cadre ” , to accord with this pair ” veteran cadre ” figure, jin Dong also did many homeworks, he sends thing of a few obscure cramped via often can be on platform of a few public, or is to pretend to be profound, or implies deep desire namely, but Jin Dong is air of charm of book of full of really poetry after all, that has him himself to know only, although,do not pass cannot get to the bottom of, also can find out a few clues in his common achievement however.


Jin Dong loves to use the original complex form of a simplified Chinese character, this is to be in inland is very scarce, regard star as actor especially, if not be personage of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, did not use the convention of the original complex form of a simplified Chinese character almost, when Jin Dong is asked why to like to use the original complex form of a simplified Chinese character, the answer that Jin Dong gives out also is good-looking only, and inheritance China traditional culture, nature of his this one conversation can get the admiration of a lot of people, just had done not have how long was this admiration become derisive.


An article that interviewed about Jin Dong 2016 is ascended, the Jin Dong in the article is asked ” you like to read a book, play a ball game, play car, photography. . . . . . What considers learned new project recently? ” the thing that answer of Jin Dong criterion thinks to learn is very much, involve act in a play, medicine, maths, still mention nobel prize even, just this nobel prize is mathematical award, this kind of opinion on public affairs comes out, jin Dong is sneered at to do not have culture for an instant, do not have even Nobel mathematical award not to know actually,


Should cover a company later ” actor home pictorial ” come out to apologize, saying is the error that he work, just create this kind of appearance, the mouth that Jin Dong’s atelier comes out to admit saying is Jin Dong again later by accident, the bilateral broad netizens that apologize and did not let love to watch the scene of bustle cease comes down, all is following suit sneer at.


And let Jin Dong drop truly below ” veteran cadre ” of altar is chat with Ga of Li Jian, li Jian can say the comedic person that is musical group, affection quotient is very high, jin Dong contrasts to it, can see witch of big Wu Xiao come. Because conversational content is too long, do not give authority one by one enumerate, anyhow is whole conversational process is the picture that Li Jian helps Jin Dong meditate hastily,


The alma mater that is him Dis without giving thought to, still be Diss flaps play as string of 1 power inferior person, the book that perhaps also states oneself look is taken do not go back to the motherland, each words say Jin Dong special ” conscientious ” , li Jian is on the side of meditate circle terrifying, “Nobel maths award ” did not pass how long, “Chat with Li Jian’s Ga ” let Jin Dong suffer all kinds of again sneer at, more and more people believe, jin Dong is an a bare outline, just apparently expression is an intellectual, heart however unlearned.


Suffer the Jin Dong that sneers at to countless netizens, also dare not use again ” veteran cadre ” renown date swagger through the street, changed the way of genteel with respect to the conversation when Lian Ping even. Show the Jin Dong nowadays already 45 years old, early had become a state one stage actor, still become the vice-chairman of committee of job of actor of association of national TV artist,


After passing conflagration, pass again endless the Jin Dong that sneer at, convergent oneself ” ostentatious ” disposition, static next hearts will act in a play, some closer year go out again acted ” together ” , ” ideal and beamed China ” wait for a lot of and high grade work, appearance all the time on-line he, also be as before approve then in those days beautiful female people ” male god ” , just from in those days beautiful female became show the middleaged woman nowadays.


But what must say is, although Jin Dong is spat in these respects groove, but be in serving wife field is a good man however, since after marrying with Li Jia in those days, jin Dong is exploded to had given what red to hear hardly, li Jia also returns to a family again after giving birth to the 2nd child, absorption take care of the child and husband, husband and wife two people are unusually low-key, never can be in public circumstance is barefaced beautiful conjugal love, composed the Jin Dong that come down, want to time can come home only, company is beside wife and child, become a good man, good father.


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