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Original title: Ban sow delay to revise play, make stop God kind choose beautiful put together art… true big melon came!

20220111021520 61dce838ece46

Author: Liu Kongqing a few days ago does big news believe everybody knew? ” ban in the round sow delay to revise play ” . And before mixing pass a few times banning those who sow a message differ is, it is head of wide report head this point out on newest conference ” job of 2022 keys job ” one of.

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In other words, wide report had aimed this index the drama of all movie and TV 2022, include project approving to arrive examine a series of aspects. Because this message is too overweight pound, so that oversight of a lot of people another key — prohibit God kind choose beautiful put together art make broadcast. This information is same very important, the infuse of new sound acting blood that encircles to prospective recreation because of this has serious effect. The most typical is, the before this a lot of people that want to enter recreation to encircle, or is to pass an exam to read, enter regular school, graduation acts in a play to stand through actual strength; Or, be through choosing beautiful put together art shift to an earlier date the swift-footed arrive first. Latter is a very convenient passageway, because mean to this actor, do not need to learn, also do not need an exam, need stagewise only enough attract white, need them to shift to an earlier date scrape up discharge.

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And such evil consequence nature is, the people of a new type that enters recreational group can choose such shortcut, on one hand, for oneself can red, to grab discharge leave no stone unturned; On one hand, disdain the person that those act in a play through reading, think ” read useless ” . Natural, the newlywed person that can cause recreation to encircle finally makes 9 leakage fish, what the audience sees is a few ability not what kind of person is in act in a play.

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And this second only then the Zhe Aiji that make tomb figure art, it is not only ” incident pouring a grandma ” of the cause of disaster only then, also be ” weather official is blessed ” make square.

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Love is strange art these year had fumbled the way that gave an ego loop — anthology beautiful come out new personality, use beautiful person next act in a play, the key is to fill in to revise play into delay. This also is for many times step on thunder.

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And delay revises play, it is more of course this second key punish object.

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Look in order to come up, the delay of day Han changes drama to broadcast incidence is finite, the actor also does less than passing at all this kind of drama scoops up gain. And once actor enters mainstream market, this can bring about the delay that is circle of small numerous culture originally to revise play, enter people culture ring.

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Day Han never changes delay regard as an Ip automation line will operate, drama can come out, can pat very well, but the actor cannot promote through the drama of this kind of subject matter ” Ga ” .

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For this purpose, capital can have been decorated ahead of schedule ” cosmetics ” and ” water army ” , the drama previously, it is gut good actor is strong attract an audience, next drama fire, the actor has an opportunity red. But abandon oneself to the way that changes drama is to turn over, let cosmetics and water first army direct brainwashing everybody this drama very fire very explode, buy all sorts of hot search to connect draft forcibly next ” explode by force ” . Without giving thought to drama quality how, say again by the head first. More typical is ” bright garment goes ” , drama project approving when, water army and cosmetics show brainwashing public through the road ” the actor is true Cp feels ” , let everybody feel this play ahead of schedule ” explode ” .

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This discloses the 2nd when gave delay to revise play serious problem: ” dance true person ” . But delay revises play different, delay changes Ga people have flow to have temperature for a long time, ” open business take lifetime ” idea, can let cosmetics the move such as the part that water army acts him arrives on true person, let the masses and vermicelli made from bean starch believe, they are the sweethearts in drama not only, also be in reality ” true love ” .

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Preamble said, delay revises play is delay changes Ga only people gangplank, ultimate goal is to pass discharge to promote his Ga make money, next social status times go up enter mainstream circle to act in a play, had better be to be able to take a few prize.

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What this route goes is the most successful, it is Zhu Yilong at present. Had entered mainstream ring basically, took the film resource of the mainstream, achievement is bright 2021 eye.

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Had his success, follow-up Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo, Gong Jun, be in ready to do sth.

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This caused delay to correct the 3rd of drama serious problem: ” extract is ripped force ” . So, everybody can see, after solution is bound, for oneself the increase is the biggest change, the vermicelli made from bean starch that delay changes Ga is ripped each other force, mutual the other side wanting place at the deathtrap. This fights, or is you die, or is I die. Zhu Yilong and Bai Yu, be like battle and Wang Yibo, gong Jun and Zhangzhe vast, all appeared large-scale solution binds extract to rip force. Affected recreation badly to encircle the harmony that movie and TV encircles. On one hand, capital opened a Pandora’s box through destroying rule of regular movie and TV, hold in both hands gave this kind of actor or artist, on one hand, circumfluence of this kind of actor enters the market, squeeze the place that takes normal and rising actor again, destroy market rule.

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Because this kind of pattern can charge, capital can be operated completely, so the sex pursueing interest of capital, was destined such actor will be increasing, and the adjusting control of the market, had clutched apparently not know clearly. So, national old hand comes out to check forcibly at that time, it is very right thing. Let movie and TV encircle regression to arrive under regular pattern, imperative.

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Of course, what to want to swing boiler to examine, visit the territory that did not restrict, does circle of movie and TV have the exam paper that has handed over? On one hand, him crack oneself up is culture author, will ” anise booth dense fog ” this kind of drama inspects elite. On one hand, look down on masses, feel of the jubilation of people cannot enter oneself ” high law key point ” . Make a person feel disgusted extremely really.

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