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Original title: Suspense drama ” germinant ” leave tonight sow, have a strong lineup, by 4 big hotspots, be about to lift again close inspect mad tide How long had not you seen a theatrical work of good suspense of homebred science fiction? I think, many people had waited for for a long time. Probably, a lot of audiences had not looked to now. Nevertheless, this nevers mind, the key is to still can not see.

20220111021705 61dce8a19e43e

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On January 11, namely tonight, everybody has favour to be able to examine the stand or fall of drama of suspense of a science fiction. Noonday sunshine manufactures, drama of suspense of 15 collect science fiction ” germinant ” , will land Tecent platform, pull open the first weighed pound suspense drama 2022 prelusive. Next, small make up talk about this drama simply with everybody, taste have a taste of what is just in season. Specific quality how, after broadcasting, look to know. Gibberish does not say more, go up dried food!

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1: Science fiction adds suspense to mention drama of suspense of homebred science fiction, I think everybody has skinful word to want to say for certain, set a high demand on somebody in the hope that he will improve! Homebred is there theatrical work of good science fiction suspense? Good science fiction piece it is rare, good science fiction suspense? Daydream?

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Really, science fiction subject matter for the work of movie and TV to China, an excellent work is not much really. Inside this one big theme, no matter be the film or teleplay, again or a lot of subject matter such as novel, caricature, it is the world of Hollywood. Although say, homebred IP ” 3 body ” although opened a phase, but change IP work to broadcast without a movie and TV up to now, whats cannot we say more. Good science fiction work is little, good science fiction suspense, that is more little little.

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Last year of Chen Xiaoyun ” be missing population ” , still have this year of Feng Shaofeng ” deadly desire ” , belong to drama of science fiction suspense. But, also be in pairs is beaten. ” be missing population ” fabaceous valve 5.5 minutes, science fiction very high end, suspense is in a complete mess. And ” deadly desire ” it is science fiction suspense is not touched which, obtained the grading of 4.1 merely finally.

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Of Wang Qianyuan and cervine Han ” there is no escape ” suspense reluctance is passing, science fiction is in a complete mess, fabaceous valve 6 minutes, also do not say to go up high-quality goods. Can say, drama of suspense of homebred science fiction encountered slippery iron Lu. Tell the truth, the work that if general Xiaogong manages,manufactures, I still am not valued really. But, should see ” germinant ” it is noonday sunshine company when manufacturing, I came for an instant interest.

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Well-known, noonday sunshine is in homebred drama market, it is the safeguard of public praise, they once had produced anthology of many high grade drama, ” parental love ” , ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” , ” the person that pretend ” , ” great river great river ” wait for without number. Have noonday sun this gold-lettered signboard is in, small make up an individual to feel ” germinant ” can try, is looking anyway fortunately?

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2: Story ” germinant ” had had not just manufacture company, also have good story. It is reported, ” germinant ” adapt pray oneself homonymic novel of gentleman, the science fiction element in the story in drama was involved ” multiple and spatio-temporal ” and ” time circulates ” wait for science fiction element, those who tell is the suspense tale with a ceaseless in time loop heavy strange recrudesce.

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Xiao Heyun is division of framework of a game, li Shi affection is one is in school undergraduate, two people appear in same in the bus. This day, their two bus accident dash against that sit going the tank truck in sailing, two cars barge against produces great accident, all passengers of the spot die, have them only however two accidents ” vivid ” come down.

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Attention, small those who make up here ” vivid ” added quote, they are not renascent really. However, it is tired in the loop of time, the gut when be born is sent with the story before repeating story happening ceaselessly. That is to say, their two traffic accident that experienced an again and again.

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After traffic accident, xiao Heyun and Li Shi affection also grow ceaselessly. They according to clew, begin the truth that seeks incident to happen. They want to find the reason with real accident, before and be in coming circularly the next time, prevent explosive happening, such also can block breaks a loop.

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However, what if they imagine,incident is not is so simple, where be just germinant, truth complicated and confusing. The kernel of story of suspense of this science fiction is very simple, used to be similar to Hollywood science fiction is great ” source code ” big setting set. It is to be in one picket accident, circulate via all previous time ceaselessly, because of,move story.

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If this story is put in drama of Hollywood movie and TV, probably not curious. But, if be put in homebred drama, very scarce. Other do not say, say leading role only people how be in ceaseless loop, find the clue of clues, final crack a criminal case this, had drawn my look. ” germinant ” the story is one big hotspot, be worth to expect!

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3: Actor ” germinant ” the story is fine, the actor also provides a hotspot quite. The main actor is Xin Jinnian of nearly two years light actual strength sends an actor, bai Jingting and Zhao Jin wheat. 3 main minor role are everybody’s more familiar Liu Yijun, Liu Tao, Huang Jiao. Of course, before still having Song Jiateng, Zhang Xi, plum the clique of several actual strength such as feeling, Ma Lan also has ginseng act.

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In these actors, actual strength deserves to compare balanced, can says to have a strong lineup, among them 2 leading role and 3 costar are worth to expect! One of, bai Jingting

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Bai Jingting is some closer year outstanding work is not little, last year ” ordinary honor ” and this year ” honorable ping-pong ” wait, it is good work, he belongs to the sort of person to grow handsomely, actor’s lines strength solid, performance trace is not apparent, the person’s dependable still actor. His deduction the style is changeful, the collect inside from time to time, from time to time is humorous and humorous, it is the latent capacity in young actor.

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Secondly, zhao Jin wheat mentions Zhao Jin wheat, she is ” small take leave of ” medium Jin Qinqin, she is ” the teenager is sent ” medium Lin Miaomiao, she also is ” exquisite ” medium exquisite. Also be the actual strength clique in young actor likewise, expressional control is outstanding, the mood conveys a good point that is her, with numerous actual strength the clique has had collaboration, the performance is seasoned.

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Thirdly, liu Yijun is some closer year, liu Yijun it may be said is successful, not just oneself act art career flourishing, of Tong of son Liu Yi act art road also is plain sailing. Nearly two years, his masterpiece has ” fox-hunt ” , ” sweep black storm ” , decent deduce with villain in drama do a job with skill and ease, to his acting, already need not wordy, small making up is 100 are at ease.

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Its 4, liu Tao mentions Liu Tao, nearly two years she just crossed summit summit seemingly period. ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” and ” happy eulogy ” the influence that brings to her gradually subsidise. Attended such as ” word of palace of big the Song Dynasty ” , ” I am to love you really ” inside much department work, but consequence is general, not conflagration.

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Tell the truth, liu Tao’s acting is some for certain, she needs a good part only now. This, her ginseng acts ” germinant ” , personate police chief, a bingle, very spell able, the hope does not make everybody this disappointed.

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Its 5, huang Jiao Huang Jiao, since him acted ” hill sea affection ” later, everybody likes to call him approach professor, still bringing Fujian oral speech sound. Really, his performance in that drama is too excellent, touched many people, so that the audience takes part impressions to actor body. Connect small make up oneself, because,also be ” hill sea affection ” , liked to go up thoroughly Huang Jiao. This, wang Xingde of Huang Jiao personate, expect he brings excellent performance for us again.

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4: Whether make year of great theatrical work since ” adversary ” after getting offline, without what big play comes on stage, and ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” big ending proclaimed thoroughly the upsurge of a big play has ended. When those, have ” the Luoyang since wind ” , ” who is a murderer ” , ” adversary ” wait for competition of many big play, appear nowadays suspense drama market a blank.

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This opportunity to ” germinant ” for had better not pass, as it happens blocked this to nod, without driving competitor. Body of play of suspense of homebred science fiction is bad to give a group, this had broadcast high gradely environment, also be a kind to help strength. Arena has been built, it is a monodrama. ” germinant ” whether give a circle to make year of great theatrical work, also be one big hotspot, our wait and see what happens!

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Work of movie and TV, the evaluation of someone else, it is referenced only forever, good, oneself saw ability know. The suspense of homebred science fiction that sows to be about to leave ” germinant ” , what does everybody have to expect? The welcome leaves a message discuss!

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