Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: ” blue book of Chinese movie and TV ” a review of a play of large force movie and TV is chosen start

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Dispatch of 1905 films net by Beijing University movie and TV Thespian research center and movie and TV of Zhejiang university international develop academy collaboration to roll out ” Chinese film blue book ” ” Chinese teleplay blue book ” ” drama of year influence movie and TV ” case report is first-run choose start. “Blue book ” with ” consequence ” for the keyword, choose strictly through 3 rounds, will single out provided 10 representative films and teleplay work most 2021. The first round choose show formal already open, filmgoer, drama confusing can be in ” 1905 films net ” participate in voting, in 50 films (include a network big) / teleplay (include net theatrical work) in, choose work of 30 phenomena course. The 2nd, 3 rounds choose will be based on an audience voting circumstance, by delegate of student of college of Beijing University, Zhejiang, scholars of 50 movie and TV, essayist singles out 10 beautiful work finally to be a case, analyse year of industry of Chinese film, teleplay deep 10 big important phenomena, induce from which the feature of creative work of estate of movie and TV of 2021 year China and development and rule, be witnessed with this and turn industry of the mass promotion that helps creative work of Chinese movie and TV, movie and TV upgrade the theory of replacement and film industry aesthetic proposes form. Invite you to participate in cordially here choose 10 big phenomenon films of 2021 year China, teleplay, support and participate in what thank you. “Drama of year influence movie and TV ” voting passageway: Https:// (note: 10 an excellent work taste year consequence, for on January 1, 2021 — will show in Chinese inland on December 31 / open work of outback homebred movie and TV. )

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