Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: Omnipotent Wang Qian China reflect exposure nearly, hid 2 marriage husband of 8 years, it is him familiar so Current traffic society does not allow the actor with those older age to become lazy. The new blood that inputs recreational group ceaselessly is allocating the resource in the past. If do not take care, it will by discharge Leakey is replaced. Competition ability is not little. But, we want talking that individual today, she is the heroine in the TV series not only, still be the heroine of own lifetime. She is Wang Qian China.

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When a lot of people hear this name, may feel some are strange, but begin as a child, everybody has watched the TV series that she broadcasts certainly. Attentive person may discover the TV series of her main actor is rustic heroine for the most part. Accordingly, she also is called proud wife of China. No matter be ruthless figure or tender character, she can rise to the occasion. She acts heroine in these TV serieses, this greatly test and verify the ability that she identifies and shapes a part. But she also did not have a problem, herself picks up the crossbeam that had whole show, performed a lot of classic work successfully.

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Do not look at her bright surface, however furtive in, she often must bear Everyman cannot susceptive is painful. Explain the disposition position of the part to allow her act better, she often undertakes study on the spot in order to research the occupation of every part. How is it run, the experience that gains me from inside the life was added film in the process, so I must admire these actress that respect property.

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No matter be in drama,still be drama in, she is her heroine. In private life, she is considered as all-purpose woman in the hall and kitchen even. There is marriage twice in her lifetime, the view of certain thing in allowing marital Zhou Jing lives as a result of opposite is different, because this two people chose a divorce. When career progress is great, she encountered marital heavy boat. To protect oneself family better, she chooses to conceal the 2nd husband in going 8 years.

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Although before China it is 49 years old, but she still owns powerful heroine part, risking life danger and choose to be delivered of the love of she and husband.

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Her children are already satiate now, arrived certain age, they can enjoy the happiness of certain age. Heavy boat is very good also to her, often take care of her. Regrettablly she contracts disease of thyroid function hyperfunction now, hope to she can recover at an early date and continue to become the heroine of her lifetime!

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