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Original title: ” iron fist hero ” TVB head is sowed, chinese kongfu enters Chinese quarter, ground floor lives, the world feels character On January 10 evening, teleplay ” iron fist hero ” in sheet of TVB halcyon stage collect head is sowed. This teleplay is chanted by Chen Zhanpeng, Tang poetry wait for an actor to act the leading role, those who tell about is to go up on Chinese quarter of and other places of century Thailand Bangkok, the story that how Chinese live. Regard the teleplay of subject matter of boxing foot kongfu as work, ” iron fist hero ” the hale and hearty that let an audience see Chinese time not only, it is to invite an audience more people saw Chinese quarter Chinese lays the position that retains hardship. Latter, should compare even former more important.

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” iron fist hero ” head part the plot of a play, basically be antecedent setting to explain. Go up century 20 time end, a flock of Chinese live to seek, come to Bangkok by boat ” the four seas one ” , but the exploit that they encountered local black eldest child however. The station of a few boxer that be driven beyond forbearance comes out, the organization revolts, produced contradiction with local old. Final, they go up in a fisher do or die. Change sides in a war of a boxer appeared however among. Final, a few boxer and that old perishs entirely. And the boxer family member of change sides in a war, bore bad name, must leave Chinese quarter, go fending somewhere else.

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The hero of this teleplay, it is ” change sides in a war ” the son of boxer. The change sides in a war that says here, estimation returns meeting meditate to come back among follow-up gut. The narrative time that drama makes comes to 60 time very quickly. Male advocate peace after the mother gets the message of the brother little sisters that be missing, stride from Qing Dynasty return Bangkok Chinese quarter afresh, spread out to search the activity of brother little sisters. In this time paragraph in the center, male advocate the sinister gang force that confronts Chinese quarter go up again. This, everybody of male main organization, a for bread battle. Between battle process, get acquainted with female advocate, form follow-up love story. Teleplay ” iron fist hero ” follow-up gut content, between partial data platform, announce already formally. From the point of these gut content, the core content of this drama, still be troubled times actually in the center, how to use the old practice that fist hold together lives. Gut of such boxing foot kongfu, between the teleplay work of Hong Kong, too numerous to mention one by one. Mix boxing foot live connection is together, everybody to live battle, can say the story truth that is an indisputable, this can form audience affection to agree with very much.

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Actually, the work of drama of movie and TV of subject matter of acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance, wanting settlement core problem is, leading role people why and dozen, this why and hit argument, whether to have the affection self-identity of the audience. Film to the detail of boxing foot kongfu and character, the drama of movie and TV of subject matter of acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance developed so old, this go up early not be what tickler any more. Real difficult point, handle namely ” why and dozen ” this theme content. ” iron fist hero ” put oneself narrative background in on the southeast Asia generation of the century, if why seek there story over,those who tell is everybody, this kind of set, had been destined the world of rock-bottom life feels character, give prize easily. Boxing foot, it is the child of troubled times certainly, also can be only among troubled times put to good use. Can say even, boxing foot kongfu is the illusion with the last common people that lives among troubled times. ” iron fist hero ” was in in oneself story setting set of southeast Asia on among the troubled times of the century, the bridge Duan Yu that looks for those troubled times between gut next in order to prove, then allows leading role of male and female people face this kind of troubled times, generate thereby must the gut labor force of battle, won an audience next people chase after drama to approbate. ” iron fist hero ” go up in this, of the special still major that do.

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Will tell at present, this teleplay needs truly ” upgrade ” , be not boxing foot content, however the assurance to times sense of reality. Harbor produces drama of movie and TV to all face this one problem. Hong Kong film and teleplay pay attention to a hotspot to convey, like enlarge to handle a few content. This kind of enlarge changes the way of processing, although bring,appear of very much hotspot thick and fast, but the authenticity that narrative content harmed on certain also level. So, we often can see, hong Kong film and teleplay lack a kind of realistic dimension to spend the narrative ability that go up. ” iron fist hero ” also cannot escape this problem. Be in this ” iron fist hero ” in the center, audience people can see pattern of a lot of concepts ” reality ” , these ” reality ” although be rock-bottom, it is for what live, but these content are in before had appeared in great quantities among harbor drama, this is one kind is based on what drama makes itself ” reality feels ” , and be based on the sense of reality of real life. So, if we just regard this teleplay as the word in light of commercial theatrical work, already special and pretty good, but if if want how to fend this teleplay fend this teleplay when Chinese of stand treat South Asia really,the teleplay on the realistic way that put looks, not OK.

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More resemble show, is not more resemble realistic work, belong to the pursuit on creation ability law to differ, evaluate the discretion on its art level without method. To ” iron fist hero ” this teleplay, it at ” play ” go up at the same time, pay attention to ground floor to live very much the expression of hardships, and be on boxing foot content, also be a hotspot many. So, it is the teleplay of a theme of relatively good boxing foot kongfu. (civil / Ma Qingyun)

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