Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: Leave high low drama of 6 when go army brigade, did not look, abandoned 1, ” ace army ” an army manage piece, should be to do love piece. Too hodgepodge, can not tell love not to tell love not to tell so much love. And, some extract strange Ga is clinking. This has not seen final result, can saying only at present is good place very good-looking, dull place is super and dull. Well army brigade drama takes idol play, love theatrical work, general like ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous, army brigade subject matter is OK, wrapping around army brigade appearance takes God theatrical work can need not.

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2, ” like you unluckily “

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3, ” hello, flame is blue ” surpass sodden play, make up chaos to build why, acting is coxcombical, background music is very mixed and disorderly also. Men and women advocate actor’s lines good Ga, this course of unripe child is too false also. Male advocate I find actor’s lines eventually right word will describe, fire spot is not poetry reading spot, acting does not want too pull cross, rectify individual and figure figure to not agree with badly.

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4, ” fall in love with special type arms “

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5, ” bugler perch ” the within an inch of of 5 wool big missile that begin launchs falls to my thunder! Male one perfect aureola shows blind eye, even if complete member to him sunken person is set, still also do not stand. A bit false, saying is firm feeling is one below drama one second came with respect to idol the plot of a play, saying is idol play begins to do again other, army brigade subject matter calculated. Male advocate those who hand in is friend of barrier of two what wisdom then. Ability of male main actor too pull cross, still one pile Ga of vermicelli made from bean starch to blow.

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6, ” the king of a land battle ” is this gut to perform a loneliness? Understanding director thinks answer the brightness of quarter soldier assault, but history this more than 3 characters are vivid, this part that watchs old Xiao Yan instead is owed with respect to two words beat, all sorts of owing beaten pattern and have nothing on the ball, this drama told us a truth, can pat ” soldier assault ” ” my colonel my group ” so classical made director is inferior to a good play as before, good write a play is important.

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Leave high low drama of 6 when go army brigade, did not look, abandoned!

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