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Original title: Explode regression of paragraph Chinese drama, at a heat 8 market look quite far from! ” go up at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern ” it is an a dark horse with Chinese medium last year drama absolutely. Cannot think of, become year to explode very quickly however paragraph.

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And when alternately much month, let drama confusing expect the value explodes the 2nd season of canopy came eventually — the 2nd season at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern

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So that what on one season produced be still written down? Father’s younger brother will guide everybody to review together below:

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But a playwrite that is called Jiang Han, however the sister two confuse so that mesmerize.

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Two people become enemy because of this fall out, the heart is unripe ill feeling. Place of scene of debauchery, buckish with dark coexist. One numerous accompany wine daughter you are sung I come on stage, but who ever thought one picket murder case churns here however billows.

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” go up at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern ” the first season around ” who is the dead ” the mystery is round, open slowly in the 2nd season at long last.

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Ferial in, revive the way of the world of mom experience and observe, work round be in harmony is intelligent, do not have Chou Jia.

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But everybody doesn’t have expect, can have good prospect originally revive, became a frozen body in mortuary however nowadays. Time pullbacks 1968, luo Yunong and Su Qingyi are acquainted in high school times. Be like all girl youth piece convention bridge paragraph, the friendship of two people from green acerbity muddled, to slotting tool of two costal region.

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Arrive again mutual the misunderstanding between, with the compromise of be dispelled past grudge.

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Precious age, accomplished this paragraph of precious friendly feelings. Imperceptible in, two people become the truest friend in each other life already. Dan Luoyu you is scolded by father as a result of school work problem, before deciding under stretch then, enter toward Kaohsiung swing. Two girls must not be absent the station is tearful leave.

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Be at that time only they did not think of probably, lie between when old hind, the destiny contrail of two people can be handed in once more fold. Although be not traditional suspense drama, but ” go up at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern ” the suspense atmosphere of the 2nd season still builds the ground proper. Around ” who is a murderer ” this one problem, drama anthology leisurely, reason cloth deceptive battle array to mislead the enemy.

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Everybody has suspicion, everybody has conceal in the surface under hold read aloud with the desire. Above all, it is the Luo Yunong with the biggest suspicion.

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The good boudoir that serves as Su Qingyi is sweet, two people feeling is best, but also having the deepest affection fetter. For a broken bits male river vasts, “Plastic sister affection ” instantaneous show one’s true colours.

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Come so, mom mulberry position of Luo Yunong no longer firm, everybody can be mixed her be on an equal footing. And this one act, just be seen by transient He Yuen.

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2 suspects, be He Yuen.

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In on one season, he is peremptory a pair of simple kindness is little male about. Can be in new in one season, we witting he once the fact of disappoint Su Qingyi. Original, su Qingyi once conceived He Yuen’s child.

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She and He Yuen agree time place, if ready-made of the other side, go looking for her. But He Yuen did not come that day, the future between two people forfeits at this point.

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Below the inquiry of police, he Yuen more spoke Su Yujiang to vast the affection between thing. And the anger when oneself witness: “I wish to wanted to kill her ” .

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In the first season, we are witting revive snatched A Ji to regard as ” help straw ” in village gentleman. Two people issue Liang Zi because of this knot. Revive after dying, the ring that village gentleman proposes to her in, ineffable in the hand that appears in Ji Man, can’t help making life doubt.

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4 suspects, it is a pair of sweet sweethearts in drama: Lily & Henry.

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From the point of the odd track of this pair of sweethearts, do not eliminate the possibility that partnership kills the witness. 5 suspects, luo Yunong once ” jail is friendly ” beggar.

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Beggar has what be raped by other to be able to ‘t bear associate with. Originally, she thinks the identity of the young lady that accompany wine, can let oneself walk out of a shadow. Ke Suqing appearance is in before leaving, ever used euphemistic means however ” persuade to retreat ” beggar.

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The pride that this builds a woman afresh undoubtedly and adamancy, the instant is attacked so that smash.

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Apparently look, su Qingyi is a perfect wife.

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However, the window of anthology of drama of the 2nd season, depending on tear this ” perfect ” , let an audience see conceal in more another in ” revive ” . Revive former unripe family, extremely unfortunate. Style of maternal Su Meiyu is profligate, age is wrapped to raise gently.

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More abominable is, her indulge male friend is brutal revive. After the event, direct revive evict a door. Those who rejoice is, be in revive girlhood, she encountered Luo Yunong.

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Two people of as time passes get along, give birth to a kind of special friendly feelings gradually. Su Qingyi is in to Luo Yunong ” face-off ” that night, these year of depression the scar in the heart and dissatisfaction.

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Original, face Luo Yunong all the way pay silently with take care of, su Qingyi not only not feel grateful. More thinking this is undoubted is a kind of commanding almsgiving and show off.

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Then, she is apparently tender flexible language, be determined to use the most callous means however, avenge to the good friend. The rancor of for no reason at all, more than diffuse between two people, more the one dry person that affected with collect rain you is concerned waits.

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The good sister beggar of pluvial you, because revive psychology of a word breaks down. Broken bits male river vasts to be sent toward the love letter that invests business because of, future all is destroyed.


So far, su Qingyi became the vicious people beautiful woman that often appears in black film. Selfish, firm is hot, greedy, in the meantime, the United States is colourful clinking, your person falls into enemy hands.


Compare at head season, ” go up at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern ” the 2nd season is maintaining the extremely high level that make as before. Apparent nevertheless, the murder case of complicated and confusing is by no means the key of drama anthology is in. Playwrite attempts to appear and be disclosed, the female that still is that special period group picture, and the pain that they experience.


At present the 3rd season is on the road that come! Await a month patiently, the big final result that you expect, perhaps still can Jing day inverts. ▼

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