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Original title: Wang Kai: All ability just begin

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Civil / the fish is small 4 2005, year only Hu Ge of 23 years old already with ” strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword is passed ” heat is sowed, rapid leap up is red, become inland to become very quickly red green God. Of the same age October, with the Wang Kai that Hu Ge is of the same age, just enter ” cold autumn ” play staff, huang Yuanshang of personate minor minor role. Wang Kai goes out without Hu Ge namely of summit summit lucky, he is felt in recreational group climb boil hit nearly 10 years of ability to have a full name gradually. At this late hour, wang Kai already became Mesozoic Era actor get one of military thing. He and introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad song are called likewise ” gold bachelor ” , and the emotional hearsay about him, in the bookshops also is eristic in succession. What differ with other in the future big star is, wang Kai as a child and the dream that neither one becomes an actor. After Wang Kai high school graduated 1999, be faced with the crucial fork crossing that decides life, wang Kai was immersed in confused. Of person is in the home persuade below, wang Kai abandoned taking an examination of the opportunity of the university, chose to replace father unit ” Xin Huashu inn ” the job. The word that uses he and domestic person says, this is ” iron rice bowl-a secure job ” , the opportunity is rare.

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In the Wang Kai during the bookshop works, also do not have at a loose end. Wang Kai depends on comely and handsome figure, a pair of sharp deer key points, slender figure, be mixed by local TV station, magazine in model company look. Wang Kai also began the brigade of his entertainment. Wang Kai is in place gradually little famous energy of life, be invited once Beijing participates in advertising to film, after advertisement directs the case that is informed Wang Kai, suggest he enters oneself for an examination perform artistic school, it is a such words, changed Wang Kai’s life to move toward thoroughly. This, the Wang Kai of all along confused muddled found the way of life it seems that. “Kongfu does not lose an observant and conscientious person “

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Became the alumnus of the big star such as Gong Li, Chen Daoming, Chen Baoguo, Zhang Ziyi, Jiang Wen, Sun Gonglei, Liu Ye. The elder sister of division of division elder brother that Wang Kai also is missing to resemble him people in the following act art shine brilliantly on road, can are all meetings so easy? The 2 fellow students with a lot of Thespian major are same, wang Kai is in big one, big 2 lay Thespian foundation firmly, practice hard basic skill, on the weekend when also can go out to meet with the friend, drink bit of small wine. For not rich to economic condition students, a water of 20 money boils a fish, also can be their most contented cate big eat. In October 2005, take the lead by the school, still going up big the Wang Kai of 3, along with group of Beijing produce a film far go to county of Guangxi clever hill big Lu Cun, participate in teleplay ” cold autumn ” film, it is in drama Huang Yuanshang of youth of country of personate warm blood, cooperate with the princely article first time with difficult at that time blueness. After teleplay broadcasts, did not receive enthusiastic echo. To Wang Kai nevertheless this still is in the student in the tower of ivory will tell, it is very deep and unforgettable Thespian practice experience however. Besides appreciate Guangxi place strong outside beautiful district scene, humanitarian landscape, wang Kai to teleplay film flow, also had relatively whole idea.

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After teleplay is patted, wang Kai continues to return the school, after drawing the outline of a graduation at the same time, oneself act art the blue print program of the career. 2007, wang Kai just graduated, by the industry inside course of study in photograph of Hua Yi’s brother of top class firm, force invites him to join in. However, reality still gave Wang Kai pawn one club. Once, wang Kai often is hanged in mouth edge to school teacher ” graduation namely unemployed ” view, distain to be considered. But he when those, also must experience the brutal sex of this word personally however. Big company of China friendship brother is right, also have good resource, right also, big wrist of a gleam of of of superior grade of Dan Huayi’s subordinate Li Bing ice, Zhou Xun, Huang Xiaoming, Deng is returned in for top class resource, contend for so that cannot leave hand in. Prep let alone just gave the wool head boy of thatched cottage, wang Kai nature is the opportunity that did not come forward. such, wang Kai does not have play to pat all the year round, even for a time be reduced to poverty arrives the circumstances that should rely on friend give financial help to. Wang Kai’s fond dream is attacked so that smash by reality. Also was immersed in from this deep bewilderment and confused. Recall a painful experience, wang Kai choice and end an agreement of company of China friendship brother, hit out actively, seek working opportunity. 3 courses cogitative hind, wang Kai chose noisy mew international. Compare company of China friendship brother slant commercialize, noisy mew international is public praise go ahead of the rest however. Noisy mew international ever had manufactured ” Yong Zheng dynasty ” ” the trend is republic ” wait for drama of tall give a little attention to, pay attention to play quality, the company concept of noisy mew international, with the Wang Kai that lineal and Thespian major makes fun of in one’s previous experience, happen to have the same view.

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Dan Wangkai still moves back and forth in all sorts of drama to make sauce as before, cannot come true oneself are become the dream of leading role. 2008, wang Kai was joined ” ugly female inapproachable ” Ji Bo play staff, this drama copyright is taken sow drama from Colombian season ” ugly female Betty ” , of personate of the Wang Kai in drama ” sissy ” to edition of mark elder brother ” mark ” . Because of its distinctive character image, by audience place hep. However, what Wang Kai did not have the slightest amount or degree because of the promotion of oneself fame is happy. After this drama broadcasts, a lot of play makes an appointment with lightly and come, but was rejected by Wang Kai. The role that because look for him,performs is similar completely ” ugly female inapproachable ” in Chen Jiaming’s part. Two years during, wang Kai gives the time of 16 months, ” ugly female inapproachable ” set is final be over. Rest and reorganization near one year, people forgot Chen Jiaming gradually, wang Kai just had another sky. Four time come to 2010, noisy mew international is the big company with rich actual strength after all, at hand resource still is some. Below the arrangement that is in broker company so, torpid Wang Kai of near one year, walked into group of Shandong movie and TV ” educated youth ” play staff. And because Wang Kai is modelled outside cold inside hot educated youth Qi Yong, begin to show head leg,

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The powerful ability that make mixes hill album group to make standard excellently, attracting the Wang Kai that wants to exhibit boxing foot greatly in industry of movie and TV deeply. After expiring with agreement of noisy mew international, wang Kai take advantage of an opportunity joins hill shadow group. Wang Kai also is crossed entered act art the watershed of the career, the honorable hour that belongs to him also stealthily approach is entered. 2013, the recent war that Wang Kai joins investment of hill shadow group to film drama ” north is smooth without war ” , this drama assemble Chen Baoguo, Wang Qingxiang, Ni Dagong, Wang Jinsong, Cheng Yu, anxious shake wait for old show bone, also include the actor of Mesozoic Era actual strength such as Liu Ye, Li Chen, Liao Fan, Zu Feng, flare in galaxy ” north is smooth without war ” in, show actual strength of Wang Kai is none inferior also. By right of this drama ” make 5 people group greatly ” renown occasion, in bone of one numerous old show powerful gas field falls, wang Kai does not have a bit timidly, encounter Jiang Zejiang, in with adversary there is driving show strength when engage in a battle.

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Jing colourful expression of Wang Kai was to get the affirmation of Kong Sheng, Li Xue is mixed directing more approbate. Successional ginseng performed Wang Kai to be directed by two hold guide ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” and ” the person that pretend ” . 2015, two drama are defended in a gleam of one after another inspect heat to sow. Depend on excellent drama anthology mass, two drama give a group at top speed, gained superhigh public praise. Even media speaks one year this is ” Hu Ge ” year. And the Wang Kai that with Hu Ge collaboration makes fun of twice, although not be male advocate, but show share arduous, still caused wide attention. Of he and introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad song, Jin Dong ” 3 brother ” combination, by ” bale ” like often see all each big media stories together. Be led with respect to such Wang Kai’s exposure and famous degree promote greatly, also became become actor of red actual strength hotly.

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Even female pink is infatuated with him to be full of magnetic organ, provide the cervine look of allure extremely, slender finger and ham. Call him wildly ” husband ” ! Do not cross sober Wang Kai, the vermicelli made from bean starch that gives infatuation quickly him sprinkled a cold water immediately. As the actor he hopes the communication that keeps sensible with filmgoer friend concerns, and rather than is chased after enthusiasticly hold in both hands. Wang Kai also hopes he does not suffer the outside to disturb, independent him program act art road. Flashy dot of Wang Kai also is seen by more and more person place. 5 2016, wang Kai goes out those who act ” happy eulogy ” heat is sowed, rapid red appear half the sky. The Zhao of his place personate opens smooth doctor, clever and quick-witted, humorous and humor. With the Qu Xiaoxiao with the eccentric genius of princely article personate, comprised a pair to jubilate enemy, it is to attracting popular eyeball more. This is afterwards ” cold autumn ” hind, 10 years are lain between when, two people meet in drama again.

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However the media of certain good work still does not forget to speak, although Wang Kai is hot,give a group, but the actual strength work that he has no himself to carry key link to act the leading role, wander all the time in of all kinds group in dramatic a list of things. His light that had his moment to just also touch hot drama. Face medium sneer at, wang Kai was not paid attention to, he thinks the work that uses his will prove his. In acted the leading role early or late ” if snail has love ” ” he came, close a key point please ” ” abandon me, clutch I ” after the drama that waits for public praise Shang Jia is made, outstanding acting of Wang Kai and market appeal force, also caused kongfu giant star to become the attention of dragon,

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Wang Kai suffers invite refer the time of He Suixi play that performs dragon investment piece ” railroad flying tiger ” .

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Let Wang Kai make everybody is looked at with new eyes and be approbated highly truly however, because,be however this drama. 6 by 2016, wang Kai is accepted ” Venus is beautiful ” special interview. Wang Kai is straight-out: “I am special it is OK to long for his the part that personate has life flavor, had better be rural youth, at the harsh environment of dirt all over the sky, exposed to the sun grows. ” when lie between a year many, this one desire of Wang Kai comes true.

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Give those who perform this theatrical work to still have Yang Shuo, Tong Yao: The actor of one numerous actual strength such as Dong Zijian, Yang Lixin. However to the Wang Kai that gain fame character, this is a teleplay that has special sense. Than what differ before be, this Wang Kai is with absolutely male advocate the identity joins in this drama. After drama anthology broadcasts, cause intense echo. The drama essence with this solid and excellent drama is measured, the gut of history of press close to, of intention of the entire cast deduce, these are ” great river great river ” the crucial factor that gains a success.

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And Wang Kai carries in the Song Dynasty of the personate in drama brightness, country of one’s previous experience, because of composition problem, by the person scanty leave and despise, still pass the effort of oneself, after many drift along, counterattack life. For more that time mixes press close to character, wang Kai firm makes great efforts thin body, just be in weight control 62 kilograms the following. Ke Wangkai is a meter of 82 big, among them intention degree cans be imagined. Wang Kai is broken with actual strength all doubt and negative.

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Be in ” great river great river ” after be over before long, producer announces ” great river great river 2 ” also carry program. To one part audience, this is a good news undoubtedly. They care the destiny of the trend of gut and content of characters in a play quite, because this also is raise one’s head and look,expect this theatrical work broadcast at an early date. And another part audience is anxiety-ridden however, they fear the quality of continuation cannot get assuring, can destroy this play the figure in memory. This kind of concern does not do not have a truth, before theatrical work of a lot of sequel is made became a wretched sequel to a fine work, again and again to turn over. Be in namely audience such expectation that fall with controversy, ” great river great river 2 ” as scheduled and to. Fortunately, this drama opens the freeboard standard that before after sowing, still continueing, makes, gave up completely the misgive of partial audience and anxious.

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Not only such, before the fabaceous valve grading of this drama passed high even, make, make the homebred an excellent work with not much amount to. In recreation the circle hits the Wang Kai that goes all out 13 years, carry key link to act the leading role by right of oneself eventually ” great river great river ” 1, 2, hit to turn over beautifully battle, feel proud and elated. 7 Wang Kai is encircled in recreation one step by step slow and steady, ceaseless essence enters his acting, greeted oneself to act eventually art of the career blossom in the round. Nevertheless, in light of a lot of people to caring Wang Kai, he still has a regret quite. Although by award of domestic teleplay authority Xiang Jinying and Bai Yulan nominate several times, but large award brushs a shoulder and all pass with each. Nevertheless for the filmgoer friends to loving him truly, this calculated again what loss. In their heart, wang Kai is unique already ” the king that does not have crown ” .

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Rise successively in the career when, his peach blossom carries also rather too too poor. Ever by broad ” CP ” the princely article that pink values, put in the prince father Wu Yongen outside the circle ‘s charge as affection, nature is to do not have later development.

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The old Jon that ever interacted often with Wang Kai, also get because of searching ” element person ” Allan, complete behead broke filmgoer people illusion.

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Ever counted the Wang Ou of second collaboration with Wang Kai, the course gets along for long, was to become more ” good brother ” , become sweethearts nature all up.

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In ” Lu Yu has about ” in, wang Kai is straight-out also oneself also had sufferred an injury in feeling, and the person that oneself are an adherence principle and bottom line. Once be hurt by place of other in part really, with respect to not quite easy meeting Yun Danfeng goes gently, this very the characteristic that accords with Leo. Regard movie and TV as the actor, the acting with Wang Kai him the most excellent general, was without reservation dedication to give authority through work. Regard food as the men and women, wang Kai hopes to protect his other in part, do not wish its to be exposed too much at the public before. Will tell candidly, wang Kai is lucky, also try hard with oneself of course and standing fast is inseparable. Wang Kai’s story, also be media place says far from ” out at the elbows after strike back absolutely ” encourage annals gut.

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What what I hope is, wang Kai’s brains is very sober, he stands fast all the time this oneself heart and professional personal integrity, also did not drift with the tide all the time, aux would rather do act art the Gu brave on road person. Zhang Ailing has said: “Famous want before it is too late. ” but be in bizarre and motley, chaos to resemble fascicular recreational group personally, become famous too early may not is a favour, too numerous to mention one by one of such opposite teaching material. The favorite that so that those are junior,becomes famous, while implementation bends overtake, have a bit inadvertent namely the case of to turn over, also mind did not blame. And like Wang Kai this is planted, all the way from muddy in feel climb boil dozen, work steadily, one step by step slow and steady, just go to oneself even highway, the ability in the heart will be more dependable.

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Of Wang Kai act art the career is in rise period, and he to having deep love for a performance, also be nevertheless begin. Finally, hope Wang Kai encounters right person, also want to say stealthily to Wang Kai: She came, please goggle! The article by the fish small 4 achieve formerly, welcome to pay close attention to, take you to grow knowledge together! The picture originates network, tort needs cutout!

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