Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: Knight-errant drama has TVB not merely, these 6 inferior inspected classical knight-errant drama to also become the peak of poetic perfection 1, ” too extremely Zhang Sanfeng ” Mi Xue’s young accession is very beautiful still, 10 thousand catalpa good people are very good also, typical inferior the style that inspect drama. In one’s childhood memory, remember thematic song all the time, like 10 thousand catalpa fine very much at that time. Reviewed recently, the twin sister distinction that rice snow cent acts the role of is spent very big. The actor acting previously is really good. It is more classical Hong Kong teleplay, recommend everybody!

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2, ” Huo Yuanjia ” the classical harbor drama in generation popular feeling, thematic song still is being passed up to now sing, true wushu, true kongfu. Bookishness Huo Yuanjia of Huang Yuanshen, chen Zhen of firm intense disposition, fictile is very successful. Great Wall never falls, theme song exceeds assist. when good memory, theatrical work is very nice. Can understand the reason in that times the whole town turns out very much. Thematic song is good light.

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3, ” the eagle will fly in September “

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4, ” be proud the sword comes honour “

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5, ” sword god ” Yin Tianzhao is white inside this drama the clothing is light, feeling inferior inspected playwrite head hole all the time very big. Story free and easy rises and fall, character personality is distinct. Like that flavour of the living theatre is grumous, part disposition transforms too too abrupt. Write down maly all the time advocate cry inherent, at the beginning very dish, become fierce forest past master later, the elder brother is very good at the beginning, later addle egg.

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6, ” needle of red-crowned crane god ” in those days this drama follows TVB ” day dragon 8 ” right blast, broadcast at the same time again, be forced bicephalous revolving stage. The part is numerous, cao Xiong sluggish tone of this actor conversation is too serious, acting is fortunately pretty good. What like most is Mr Yin Di however, the part is denounced happy event grow good-lookingly again. The costar inside very give prize, instead leading role has the field that burn gas to lose, still like faery of He Yuxiao of silver flute student this pair of a bit of a clown, still have white elder sister very good also.

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Knight-errant drama has TVB not merely, these 6 inferior inspected classical knight-errant drama to also become the peak of poetic perfection!

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