Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: Teleplay of | of Zhang You grand ” be defeated win ” : Fang Wei roughhouses for love, love repairs collect field to perform Zhang You grand acts the role of Fang Wei teleplay ” be defeated win ” teleplay ” be defeated win ” sowing in heat raise arris to rise eventually! The Fang Wei of advance on

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Fang Wei discovers ” goddess ” Zhao Ying birthday

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Ling Zhaoying touchs the purse that redemptive Zhao Ying loves his specially most unceasingly

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This purse also is the souvenir when seeing at the beginning of two people extremely to Zhao Ying meaning not only

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The closet that Fang Wei uses Zhao Ying later washs gargle to did not think of Zhao Ying Yu Fan of male friendly Liu goes and answer return

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The other side of Liu world this mortal world that misunderstood two people relationship power two people strike speak rudely violently finally

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Is the relation of Fang Wei and Zhao Ying met after this thing what change to produce? Fang Wei whether hold in the arms so that beauty returns? Our wait and see what happens! Sweet clew: Teleplay ” be defeated win ” defending in Zhejiang inspect, Beijing is defended inspect gold archives heat to sow; Every night at 22 o’clock, cruel of Tecent video, actor, love is strange art the line on synchronism.

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Small gain: Work of movie and TV of @ excusing grand: The film: ” the four seas ” , ” the sea with indignant ford ” , ” marvelous old father ” , ” the sky that lights wild teenager ” , ” 8 hundred ” , ” the blade of hesitation ” , ” adieu, teenager ” teleplay: ” be defeated win ” , Wen Muye supervise the manufacture of ” Beijing past ” net drama: Zhang Yibai hold guide ” the sky of wind dog teenager “

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