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Original title: New theatrical work of circle of goddess tall circle ” perfect companion ” , head sow close inspect broken 2, overtake ” ace army “ Article | sees | of picture of movie and TV come from teleplay of | of series of network movie and TV slightly ” perfect companion ” city of | of type of movie and TV / duty field / | Gao Yuan is round related affection actor / Zhang Lu / Wang Yaoqing / Wang Zhen

20220111022258 61dcea02ec4de

Recently, by tall circle of not old goddess, fish of espionage battle big Ga dawns, cannot perform the poor’s Wang Yaoqing forever, and Wang Zhen of the main actor ” perfect companion ” sowed. Appear, this should be goddess after small screen of tall round round long parted is old, give a daughter of National People’s Congress that act first advocate duty field makes fun of. Most propbably has a lot of audiences, expect the performance after goddess reappears as the author.

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Two directors, not be first time collaboration this any more. Before this, ” spend 1000 bone ” ” drunk exquisite ” wait for play of ancient costume idol, had cooperated for many times. Two directors’ respective associate with work is welcome degree, also can hit very much. One of directors Lin Yufen, once hold the drama of movie and TV that has guided many big IP is made greatly explodes money work. Also hold in both hands red the new student actor that many recreation encircle and the actor that become silent for years. 10 years ago ” step by step Jing heart ” , shi Shi letting Liu is in of after this old, depend on this drama, reside the cavalcade in floret of a gleam of firmly. Mention Liu Shishi, a lot of passerby the first think of, probably namely this one drama. ” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” , after broadcasting comparative for some time inside, no matter be viewing rate, the network is clicked or tall person talks angry or high, for a short while, those who be the same as a type is ancient occasionally nobody can give theatrical work its are right. Again later ” inadvertently rabbi ” ” laugh slightly very bend city ” , and ” predestined relationship of Chen night tide ” notting have is not to explode paragraph.

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Another director Liangsheng counterpoises, his ” strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword is passed ” series teleplay, audience scarcely is unfamiliar. Hu Ge, liu Yifei, yang Mi, Tang Yan, An Yixuan, Peng Yuyan is waited a moment, how many actor because big a confusion of voices of this drama fame, be familiar with by masses place. His ” beauty does not have a tear ” ” Gu Jianji Tan ” ” night of bright and beautiful garment goes ” ” old 9 ” ” blaze is cantabile ” , also be the faithful audience that capture won a batch of respective territories.

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This ” perfect companion ” once broadcast, the market is resonant perfectly. Before two collect, viewing rate is defeated immediately 2. Close inspect rank whole nation the 2nd, exceeded adjoining discharge to be even of king ” ace army ” . Very glad, in drama, goddess does not emphasize not old myth, person of not sunken also girl is set. Of expression, it is an on-the-job field is hit spell old professional woman.

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The one act of begin, hit the job to be the flimsy heart of company cultivate author together for years a bit. A of appropriate appropriate, the boss draws the large spot of cake. So old, has eaten cake is too much. Regrettablly age is old now, intestines and stomach is bad, want to eat a soft meal only now. From at the beginning of the enterprise is virgin, chen Shan follows two bosses to work all the time. Work laboriously dedicates for the enterprise old, give the time of 15 age, and outstanding achievement is outstanding. Finally, connect the post of a senior partner however, unworthiness. The Chen Shan of duty field elite of personate of tall round round place also is firm, before the face of all employee on congress of company anniversary celebration, appear on the stage to force the king or emperor to abdicate directly. She asks a boss, what is the introductory demand of senior partner, ask the boss gives out to ask clearly. Face unfair treatment, dare the front puts forward, dare to go after oneself rights and interests. The thing that oneself mean, speak out bravely, dare to strive for. This, enough to all eating the duty field person of boss picture flat bread, deserve each individual study.

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King boast is celebrated or that familiar uncle king boast is celebrated, cannot perform a poor as before. Come on the stage, namely bully always the Party A Lin Qingkun with wind dye-in-the-wood model. Raise one’s hand is cast sufficient between, me it is wealthy person is written on the face.

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Of course, in this play, very the Zhao Lei that expects personate of piscine dawn place, bring to us again the wonderful show that drama casts a face.

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From female advocate the self-worth implementation angle on duty field will tell, can fizzle out to mark of a small room and Tong Liya ” perfect relation ” , and Jin Dong and La Ying are filled with ” elite lawyer ” .

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The director is very important, should accuse overall situation. The actor is very vital, do not pull it is good to break down. Of course, this drama does not need wushu guidance. So, this makes fun of, most incorporeal part still is a play. Other, it is white only Bi Weixia or perfect. Hope next gut, do not let a bosom put the audience that await, produce too big drop.

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