Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Chen Yanan puts fierce stuff again, exposure coat elder brother’s wife is furtive recording, be rebuked by the netizen however thinking is too serious Chen Yanan is basked in gave paragraph of recording, its content does not consider the speech of contribution for coat brother husband and wife, even still cursed language appeared. Bask in the recording that go out in her in, wife of brother of apparent audibility coat spoke authority ” Henan person and we am irrespective ” if language. Time of transcribe of this paragraph of recording is Spring 2021, content basically is around Henan the relevant thing of stricken be hit by a natural adversity contribution. Must say, elder sister of this young lady exposes to the sun go out can saying is fierce makings, because it is direct coat elder brother one child good person is set lane did not have.

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Be said according to Chen Yanan, after Zhengzhou is stricken be hit by a natural adversity at that time, she intend contribute money for a short while, but coat brother husband and wife objects to the utmost however, but she still contributed 80 thousand yuan. Again later, chen Yanan returned privately to contribute the goods and materials of 1 car to give disaster area, but coat elder brother’s wife objects again however, not accurate Chen Yanan again so did. In light of the word that presses Chen Yanan, she is a person that has love very much, can give disaster area contribute money, but coat elder brother child do his utmost however obstruct.

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The netizen feels coat elder brother’s wife an average rural woman, feel what is making money not to think contribute money not easily so cannot Rao Shu’s fault, it is verbal nevertheless some are intense, but after all she is in netizens are the rural woman figure with not high level of a culture in memory, won’t somebody is exorbitant to her requirement, condemnation sound is natural also too won’t big. At the outset Chen Yanan joins Zhu Jia, coat elder brother’s wife prepared rich and generous betrothal gifts, want to do in Chen Yanan when the net is red, coat elder brother’s wife takes heat to help her, often give looking glass. And never stand to had spoken ill of this in elder brother’s wife of the coat after Chen Yanan leaves Zhu Jiazhi before daughter-in-law. Chen Yanan’s behavior is really too not honest and kind, the netizen rebukes her thinking is too serious.

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Chen Yanan is actually current direct seeding takes money already very successful, we come to those who see her cover a road to breath out, before the face of the 30000 people between direct seeding, take out a tea first, say this one how many money, next slowly take a case again before be being placed in screen, altogether takes 10 tea, say these 10 tea sell many 1000 at ordinary times, take a tea service again, the tea set that says this make tea turns to be able to drink tea, daily value sells 300 much, say this tea is good, tea service it may not be a bad idea, this two match one case, give baby today people a welfare, want you to support only inferior male, need only between my direct seeding 99, too substantial, be being grabbed is gain, subsequently, reciprocal is counted 3 times, the link is less than 3 seconds on, instantaneous second is done not have. Do not know nevertheless why, the tea that Chen Yanan bubble comes out, oneself also were not drunk, go drinking the water in him vacuum cup however? Was in the evening that day between Chen Yanan direct seeding in the comment is support completely inferior male, what circumstance?

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