Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: Valentine’s Day film ” do not forget me to love you ” expose to the sun knock of new placard atmosphere arrived! Graceful plunge into Liu Yihao sweet make a person enchanted to inspecting

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2022.2.14, 21 centuries ” love ” most Valentine’s Day, film of a guard the threshing floor!

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By Huang Zhen true hold guide, graceful plunge into, Liu Yihao presents as leading role to act the leading role, zhang Xin art is special piece act, ma Zhiwei friendship goes act, the film of the main actor such as make public, Luo Ji ” do not forget me to love you ” will on Feburary 14 the Valentine’s Day is shown. The film is released now ” love is in instantly ” edition placard, the sweetness in showing two people love is daily, graceful plunge into Liu Yihao to stare at each other smilingly, sweetness is leaning close each other, romantic atmosphere blow on the face and come. And outside the film, the two people that cooperate the 3rd times also are tacit and dye-in-the-wood, in the titbits video that releases before this, two people piece perform from time to time lovely and interactive, bicker fights noisely, let many netizens look so that show ” aunt laugh ” , leave a message express ” by sweet arrived ” .

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Graceful plunge into Liu Yihao to love to direct Huang Zhen to encourage everybody really in instantly forcibly: Cast next apprehension, go bravely loving the movie ” do not forget me to love you ” the question that raised to attack the soul continuously to love: If your sweetheart awakes to be able to forget everything what happened yesterday everyday, do you still have courage to talk about this to there is the love tomorrow? In the film, liu Yao (Liu Yihao is acted the role of) in break after recalling, live a life like remnant the body, because encounter astral (graceful plunge into adorn) and experienced love, those pasts and the day that will not fall into abyss are loved to enlighten. Two people choose to cherish instantly each quarter, love each other forcibly. Huang Zhen of director of no less than is said really, “We apprehension is occasionally too much, talk about a paragraph of love, can become cautious, too care about future, forget instead enjoy instantly. ” the person that hopes each see the movie, can courage enjoys instantly, cherish instantly, love to be in instantly. Click get Liu Yihao of film more information whole a legendary venomous insect is graceful plunge into be rancorred by each other of hold tight ear daily sweet in funny film graceful plunge into and Liu Yihao is sweet scintilla is ceaseless, piece field titbits two people as much Cp feeling is pulled full, especially all sorts of Gao Tian is interactive, it is each other rancors, it is to fight noisely, offend everybody laugh is ceaseless. A Liu Yao adds the drama of mustard juice to astral coffee, the Liu Yihao before filming rectifies a legendary venomous insect piquantly graceful plunge into, a lot of mustard juice were added in past cup secretly, hot graceful plunge into when filming, cannot help hold tight lives he is auditive. Two people are lovely interact truely again, also teased the spot visits put staff member, let a person more in expecting the film graceful plunge into the scintilla that with Liu Yihao collision gives. The film ” do not forget me to love you ” limited company of You Huanyu entertainment, Shanghai cleans out brilliant culture of city of limited company of culture of bill bill movie and TV, Guangzhou to transmit limited company to manufacture. Come from date of media of the ticket that tax a bank note: Do not forget me to love you

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