Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Father of anxiety book glad and company are frozen 5.8 million belongings 20220111024025 61dcee1955d8eJuridical copy clerk Company shareholder information20220111024025 61dcee19c385bJuridical copy clerk The eye that seize a day checks App to show, recently, liu Mou and Shanghai a person of extraordinary powers praise industrial limited company, yu Pijie belongings conserves executive ruling book is open. Show according to writ, applicant Liu Mou applies for at putting forward belongings to conserve to the court on July 21, 2021, forensic classics examines a ruling: Freeze by a person of extraordinary powers of applicant Yu Pijie, Shanghai praise bank deposit of industrial limited company perhaps closes down 5.8 million yuan, the sequestered, property that freezes its to be worth with equivalence. Show according to shareholder information, shanghai a person of extraordinary powers praise industrial limited company by Yu Pijie (Yu Shuxin’s father) , Liu Jinmei (Yu Shuxin mother) hold respectively 50% . According to media the report before this, in May 2020, liu Jin Meiceng by Nanchang city east court of lake division people restricts high spending. Be aimed at this message, response of atelier of anxiety book glad says, a person of extraordinary powers praise the bilk action that incident involves collusion of inside and outside related industrial limited company, person of Home Yu Shuxin by embroil among them, reside indirect victim.

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