Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: King source new theatrical work ” bright! Be bright! ” drama combination is illuminated commentate hand giving sheet is brighter than Ye smile

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On January 10, wang Yuan is basked in on gregarious platform piece ” bright! Be bright! ” drama combination is illuminated, match civil ” bright really bright! It is reported, ” bright! Be bright! ” told about ” unruly teacher ” Hao Nan (Guo Jingfei is acted the role of) the dream and pursues a dream bravely story that how made clear oneself together with the student with a flock of disparate disposition. In the journey that pursues a dream, this group of confused teenagers opened wide heart door leaf to Mr. Hao Nan gradually, find oneself struggling cause, receive the bright life that belongs to oneself. Wang Yuan regards specially invite as this Gao Yuan of student of main actor personate not only, will hold the position of teleplay more ” bright ” musical plan, collective compose is bright and green.

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