Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Wu Zongxian’s big daughter already was arrested by police by dead menace suspect 20220111024044 61dcee2cc7476Wu Shan scholar On January 11, according to stage intermediary report, recently, a man is in the daughter of Wu Zongxian of king of day of put together art the gregarious platform of Wu Shan scholar leaves a message: “I should kill you! ” for safe for the purpose of, she is low-key call the police, police already was carried out to this man a few days ago arrest. This man is offerred say, he is in abroad lodging family is known, 2 people are a friend, have even ambiguous, but be opposite after Wu Cheng name he is niminy-piminy, he temporarily out of control, just meet character threatens, police supports reservation attitude to its view, undertake to the case thorough detect does. Personage of know the inside story Miss A tells media, although Wu Shan scholar has old father of king of a day, oneself also had taken 3 Jin Zhong award is optimal compere award, art circle acts to give off light already in Taiwan calorific, but her personality is low-key, delicacy is little before screen the private affairs that talks about oneself, so besides very close family or friend, the outside does not know she threatens this thing. Miss A says, wu Shan scholar is in relatives and friends accompany below, report a case to the security authorities to the police station personally. She tells police, a man leaves a message in her gregarious platform for many times, dispersed and disloyal opinion on public affairs, she does not grant to pay attention to originally, did not think of this man to become aggravated, finally unexpectedly threaten should is opposite she is adverse, she feels special fear, be forced to call the police processing. The gregarious terrace that media acquired Wu Shan scholar to threaten leaves a message the area is specific information, one when see she is given out only is stuck civil, lower part leaves a message the area has a Lin Mou that be called some man leaves a message continuously express: “SANDY of Wu Shan scholar sucks K smoke poison to make ” ” owe money to be not returned ” , because was not obtained,respond to probably, this man says unexpectedly finally: “I should kill you! ” investigation of the intermediary that occupy a stage, lin Mou two years some many before begin to be in gregarious platform leaves a message, whether to still have other and similar threaten message, still need further check. In the light of meet with forest surname man threatens be related, the agent of Wu Shan scholar emphasizes, wu Zaimei country never lives in any lodging families, do not know this man 100 percent, go up to the network undeserved assault and battery, threaten reach disloyal accusation, the company can obtain evidence with all one’s strength, give police, protect the reputation of actor and person security.

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