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Original title: ” happy duet ” Sun Yi continent: The most important is show man is downy ” happy duet ” perform Gujia husband, sun Yi continent: The most important is show man is downy new capital signs up for dispatch (reporter Yang Lianjie) the basis loves Li Li novel ” husband child is raised together ” adapted city affection play ” happy duet ” mango TV heat is sowed. Sun Yi continent pays close attention to the life more in the personate in drama and not be the equation of the career, the wife Liao Sha of the break through brambles and thorns-hack one’s way through difficulties on field following duty (Yan Tao is acted the role of) form bright contrast. After drama anthology broadcasts, this kind female strong male the impact of husband and wife that counters a tradition infirmly caused heat to discuss. When Sun Yi continent accepts media to interview, express, equation is a man that considers the home, love to live to love wife more, “Marriage business ” very tall. “It is the most important to perform equation is to put down his that interest, show of a man downy. ” ” happy duet ” in, in this is working to husband and wife and living, equation and Liao Sha resemble a pair ” antonym ” : Liao Sha is in the job everywhere ambitious, humanness plays never messy, special ” Sa ” ; Although equation also handles the work seriously, but he does not seek higher position. Him hear be about to go up from the position of chief inspector by ” Lu ” come down, he did a demote ceremony in the company ahead of schedule even, happy accept this result. Accordingly, liao Sha often ground of set a high demand on somebody in the hope that he will improve says him ” do not beg aspirant ” . But on the other hand, equation is sent to Liao Sha from inner ground care and esteem, also be special have deep love for the life ” young man ” , undertake the whole thing of major housework still planted a lot of flowers to spend carelessly from amusement. Sun Yi continent looks, equation is a Buddha department, man that considers the home, love to live to love wife more. “The domestic mode of Liao Sha and equation opposes traditional idea a bit really, but every family in reality is different, doing not have any regulations to ask to be gotten certainly is the woman takes care of a family. Since two people had established a family, then with respect to need they are managed together. Equation this individual is very sober, he does not value himself the position in the family, he also very know Liao Sha, can go a lot of moods of see through Liao Sha, what is what can know Liao Sha wants truly, I feel he is the person with a marriage very high quotient. ” get dispute as to equipment ” demote ceremony ” , sun Yi continent thinks this is business of tall affection of equation duty field actually reflect, he gave everybody a chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position through this kind of means below, just Liao Sha is not agreed with to this just. Sun Yi continent before this because be in ” love apartment ” in personate is lively do strange Lv Ziqiao, left deep impression to the audience. This challenge Buddha fastens genial man Cheng, that interest that he thinks important is to put down his, magnify the detail in the life as far as possible, show of a man downy. And he himself follows the equation in drama in the life ” quite different ” , he is more humorous and relaxed, without equation so Buddha is. But he thinks to there are a lot of places to be worth to learn on equation body, especially ” turn over involute ” disposition, and the easy manner when facing pressure. [editor: ? Kuang province?

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