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Original title: It is TVB3 together inspect the Supreme Being, why the heft of Jin An of Li Yaoxiang Guo from beginning to end not as good as Luo Jialiang? In recent years TVB awards prize the contest fruit of the ceremony more and more water, no matter inspect the Supreme Being or the operation that there is stare tongue-tied letting a person after inspecting. Speak of 3 renown number that inspect the Supreme Being nevertheless, luo Jialiang, Li Yaoxiang, Guo Jin is installed, still be the existence of be convinced making a person! That why can be they accomplished solid return to the name?

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And listen to vicious a general term for young women fine fine line comes. As seek hegemony the hero of screen of 90 time TVB, fine contributed Luojia to be made classically not less! At the beginning of although go out,, he also ran many utility man, but since joined 1997 act ” fellow sufferers ” hind, luo Jialiang is in the position of TVB with respect to advance rapidly. There is Ceng Lizhen before promote, hind discharge person is angry, nobody can reach career peak peak of Luo Jialiang.

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Later sit firmly the gold-lettered signboard that the Luo Jialiang of one elder brother became TV city, the protagonist that war of trade of in every case makes greatly is not him to not be belonged to, and the 100 Luojia fine that change also finished acting well the part is modelled. Regrettablly is to took the 3rd to inspect hind of the Supreme Being 2002, luo Jialiang left TVB, choose the development on north! Because the opportunity is incorrect, he is in of inland dozen go all out quite hard, at this late hour also fails to resemble She Shiman, Hu Xing explode in that way fire. The likelihood kills a tight encirclement in the time with that driving actual strength, luo Jialiang is in the heft of TVB from beginning to end never by efface! So a lot of netizens can yearn for the harbor drama times that shine brilliantly.

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With the Li Yaoxiang with Luo Jialiang similar fate, also be from low make, he of each play staffs ate flounder of one’s early years to be sufferred from not less. Impression is deeper is ” iron blood bodyguard ” the eldest brother in, ” wave whole town ” Li Liaobi the elder brother still has ” domestic good month is round ” inside the Nian Ziyong of cheap cheap. Locating in order to see TVB to him at that time from midleg is greenery costar, till 2009, ” women a fierce and powerful person ” close inspect long rainbow, he just turns over Helot vocal.

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After all ” women a fierce and powerful person ” limelight is not had temporarily 2, grandma of Hong Kong division is Li Yaoxiang of Wen of a gathering of things or people of clap support Deng more. Exceptionally grand occasion of it may be said! 2010, ” the justice sea lofty sentiments of women a fierce and powerful person ” after exiting, caused ghost cultivate unrest more, the heat that this can’ts help letting Li Yaoxiang burns continuously! The Li Yaoxiang that the age grows gradually nowadays, also begin rein in rhythm, although still be in,cooperate with TVB, but he also begins a surname of follow the lead of like Shimanna, increase the proportion that works in inland. Early before he attended put together of first gear network art ” pat the film ” , just relatively Yu Xiaoxian flesh people limelight, the discussion of old show bone is spent want all but from beginning to end.

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He what returned harbor 2003 by ” Gang husband becomes dragon ” have one’s moment, and take went to the first to inspect pot of the Supreme Being. 2005 again because of ” A Wangxin is passed ” carry off myriad star brightness prize-giving celebration is optimal hero award.

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Although still be in,the young animal is brought later anthology of show TVB drama, but it is small mostly make. Although denounce,be fond of do not have predestined relationship award from beginning to end however. Receive those who perform Wang Xinwei supervise the manufacture of till 8 years ” with enemy person of the same trade ” personate Tang Liyan, installed a young to be found it seems that before the course of evil horn, depended on 2013 eventually ” faithful serpent ” take the 3rd cup, become the 3rd TVB3 inspect the Supreme Being!

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Compare Luo Jialiang, although Guo Jin installs Li Yaoxiang’s acting beyond question also, but pot heft still is however not as good as former. Because same role is taken twice, showed TVB only ” talent withered ” , want at the outset the trilogy of Luo Jialiang bear the palm ” fellow sufferers ” , ” lofty sentiments of heaven and earth ” and ” years drifting gold ” , depressed do not get the Li Ji of annals, crafty and crafty and evil Zhuo Shangwen, serious situation is serious justice fourth good edition, but the character is completely different. The test and verify of all sorts of subject matter took out the strongest options, this namely why everybody mentions Luo Jialiang, be willing coronal the reason of the name with one elder brother! After all overmatch still can be taken below 3 times like the times of the cloud, very fierce really! And and his like of letter of grand of Jia Ying resembling Zheng, king, Ma Guoming, although be publicized by media,become stage post, gutty also the name nots agree with solid at odds!

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