Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: Yu Yuexian dies after 5 months, posthumous work ” rustic love 14 ” decide archives formally, tear of vermicelli made from bean starch looks

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After vermicelli made from bean starch of lunar celestial being is informed a message, also in succession lachrymal eye: “Imperceptible you leave us 5 months, but I think you very much all the time ” , ” today is dried meat 8, at the teacher you there not bad ” , ” today dried meat 8, also be rustic love you return the day that decide archives there ” .

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At the same time Guan Bo also says, a person leaves truly, be forget her when everybody that momently, I believe, want our engrave to be in only heart, beetle-crusher aunt won’t leave forever, beetle-crusher supermarket also is taking the place of beetle-crusher aunt forever. 4 months go nowadays, everybody did not forget beetle-crusher a form of address to a woman about one’s mother’s age.

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Zhou Ying male also praise Yu Yuexian is a good daughter, although take sport very busy, also be parental belt as far as possible beside, still can take parents to travel together. After father dies, yu Yuexian is taking a mother to be beside all the time, very filial. Besides, yu Yuexian still has two little sisters and a little brother, regard the home as the old in, she is carried from pee had this home, the little brother falls ill serious, she begs cure to ask medicine everywhere, assume for the little brother had high medical treatment cost.

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Although Yu Yuexian left, but she in the memory that those classic work can keep in the audience forever however. Nowadays her posthumous work ” rustic love 14 ” be about to head sow, audience people the each second that also can cherish Yu Yuexian to appear, so much person is in yearn for her, most propbably also can feel gratified in the Yu Yuexian of heaven.

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