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Original title: ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” the actress that effective ginseng performs: Man laugh crystals clear to win the home, 2 female deserve to suffer reputably ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” in came on the stage early or late numerous woman role, for instance Jiang Ni, south Gong Pu is shot, Qing Feng of be ashamed of yam, Qing Diao, Yu Youwei, easy, Xu Weixiong, Xu Zhihu, Pei Nawei, Wu Su, Xuan Yuan.

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Also because such, ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” be called to be by play ” female group like drama ” . Of course, also have white of many blame origianl work, it is the woman role with this strong numerous drama and the choice sees play. Xu Feng year personate person before Zhang Reyun paragraph time has said, ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” the first season resembles is highway of edition of an ancient costume piece, and since be itinerary, natural somebody is leading role, somebody is costar. So the issue came, ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” in in occurrence numerous woman role, what actor is effective ginseng acts? The author thinks to basically have 3 people.

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Qing Diao’s personate person man laugh crystals clear to win property greatly first ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” when announcing to decide archives, guan Xuan’s actor is entirely almost ” main actor ” , include to present as leading role main actor, specially invite main actor, combination main actor, and Qing Diao’s personate person a Ding Xiaoying is associated main actor. If calculate orderly according to the rank, ding Xiaoying should be all actor 4 times medium, it is in actress female 2, but in fact, his show share hopes as Zhang Reyun, Li Geng, Hu Jun, Qiu Xinzhi, Liu Duanduan, Tian Xiaojie.

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But fortunately, drama edition ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” with Qing Diao this part is mutual achievement. Qing Diao and Xu Feng year although do not have emotional line, but Xu Feng of green bird for company year took itinerary whole course 2 times, even if is female advocate ginger mud midway left. To the Qing Diao of Ding Xiaoying personate, the audience gave beyond the support of expect of a lot of people, drama just does not have expect this are afraid at the outset with Ding Xiaoying. Qing Diao of in every case comes on the stage, barrage is brushed together brushing is hurrah, especially Qing Diao a few infrequent smile camera lens, more confuse pink of one numerous drama ” 5 confuse 3 ” .

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Also be the Qing Diao because of Ding Xiaoying personate, on the network about ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” gold sentence, it is no longer ” the day does not give birth to my Li Chungang, sword path eternally is like long night ” , also not be ” celestial being of sky of we should like to ask, who dare come this world ” etc, however ” kill a life child, the bird that seize blueness ” . Be worth what carry is, ding Xiaoying acts the leading role ” fight broken canopy 2 ” already last year year end kills blueness, she is in drama of personate is female advocate Xiao Xun, at the appointed time because she raises a temperature,this drama should is.

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What Zhangtian loves personate is female match south Gong Pu is shot suffer reputably of Zhang Tianai personate south Gong Pu is shot, be ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” come on the stage the earliest main female part, but it is regrettablly in the first season, she is the costar of be worthy of. Although Xu Feng year in 2 itinerary road, the double Dao Xiudong that adorns the Gong Pu austral the move is shot from beginning to end and spring thunder, but this part is got offline early. ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” head when sowing, ceng Yin is south a when Gong Pu shoots slow-motion make show and suffer doubt fully, be to be by the evaluation even ” Ppt ” type movement makes fun of.

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But undeniable is, all along with ” Ming Yanmei ” the Zhang Tianai that shows a person, give those who act to take male look slightly south Gong Pu is shot very appropriate, and also be the amount to in this drama be not approbated by the audience more pick part. Of course, love personate to Zhangtian south Gong Pu is shot, the person that still can have many good works takes Lin Qingxia and week fast oppose to compare, but the author thinks can need not. Every times should have such actor, always take classical go contrasting young actor is not a job that is worth to advocate, more what is more,the rather that of Zhang Tianai edition south Gong Pu is shot not poor, it is outstanding even, below the hope one season does not want substitution.

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Be worth what carry is, the new theatrical work that will fight blueness in December last year ” A Mai enlists ” in, what Zhangtian loves personate is female advocate A Mai also is male play the part of female outfit, gut resembles spending lily magnolia to enlist for father a bit. The part that just announces from drama is illuminated in light of, him Zhang Tianai still Sa energy of life is very, placard feels pretty good also character, the cast that only drawback is this drama not quite row, do not know can love because of Zhangtian at the appointed time and conflagration.

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The female short for Weihe River matching Xu of Wen Yongshan personate rebukes Jing making a person admires to be compared is female likewise match south Gong Pu is shot, of personate of the article Shan that chant south Gong Pu shoots show share fewer, it is two big play probably, it is Xu Feng for the first time year first time is itinerary after returning, it is Xu Feng the 2nd year swim 2 times specially of last a period of time went going up Yin Xuegong. Of course, although south the show share that Gong Pu shoots is not much, but the Yan Zhihe that depends on Wen Yongshan is temperamental, still be maintained to be by many audiences ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” appearance takes on.

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With Ding Xiaoying, Zhang Tianai, the audience also appeals drama just does not change in the 2nd season Wen Yongshan. To this, the author is guessed should come true. The first, zhang Reyun is accepted when interviewing, ever said, wen Yongshan is good to act Xu Weixiong this part, ever turned a lot of plays, present a Xu Weixiong that does not have label to give an audience namely. The 2nd, the Xu Weixiong of edition of the article Shan that chant suffers fully reputably, drama square nature hopes she continues to perform below one season. As to Wen Yongshan, share of show of later period of the Xu Weixiong in origianl work is not much also, she herself should be willing to also can coordinate good schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater.

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Besides Ding Xiaoying, Zhang Tianai and Wen Yongshan, the author thinks drama edition ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” other woman picks part, have more or less problem. And do not say the chamfer that be spat most the Jiang Ni of firm and Pei Nawei, the Qing Feng of thill of a small room that even if is Li Chun personate, dress is much some rarer also need not heart, a suit violet garment is to accord with origianl work, but the decorative pattern on the dress is improper, at first sight still thinks and Zhang Julu’s dress is to be the same as a different color.

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Overall for, ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” fail to achieve at the outset ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” heat, picking part is among them a problem that nots allow to ignore. Before paragraph time net is passed ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” below one season should change partial actor possibly, wang Chu may replace Li Geng to hope like that personate ginger mud, luo Yunxi may receive marvellous Gao Weiguang to go out perform Chen Zhibao. Although do not have how many reliability in order to upload character, but if drama just issues one season to have really,change the plan of partial actor, hope drama just can listen more drama is confused people opinion, after all authorities person fan.

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