Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: ” lens twin city ” arouse controversy, li Yifeng and Chen Yuqi CP feels dye-in-the-wood, want a look again ” lens twin city ” arouse controversy, li Yifeng and Chen Yuqi CP feels dye-in-the-wood, should take a look again since killed blueness to rise in October 2020, countless people are awaiting ” lens twin city ” broadcast, regrettablly tardy uncertain archives does not say. Tecent Guan Wei broadcasts it before plan from 2021 move arrives 2021, also will with the audience in all He Xinchun. Act the leading role by Li Yifeng and Chen Yuqi ” lens twin city ” will sow. Of announce of government-owned small officer broadcast time is on January 16, can be broadcasted level arouses many controversy however, broadcasting platform, made however alter, let a person feel to be between tears and smiles. When seeing this information, return very, did not think of this year the first drama is unexpectedly ” lens twin city ” .

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A lot of vermicelli made from bean starch in succession open spits groove: Do not know gut quality how, can you support this theatrical work? Some people say: Li Yifeng’s figure became fat a bit fierce, chen Yuqi still is held out compared with Li Yifeng acting strong, look the power that Chen Yuqi wants to rely on oneself will carry theatrical work. Watch the audience that seeks theatrical work to not very for, extra dividend of this schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater is very big still, tecent made a change, did not choose Tecent to be sowed alone, choose double platform of Tecent and actor cruel to be sowed together however, unavoidable generated a few controversy, add the photograph loving each other of each platform is killed too apparently this year. It is force of schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater is held in both hands this, contend for fetch ” lens twin city ” an opportunity.

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Announce from Guan Wei premonitory in light of, belong to a net to sow, but a lot of approached new theatrical work, can be such before heat sows a level, the likelihood can not explode certainly fire, do not want concern to cannot see so, “Li Yifeng and Chen Yuqi ” still continueing, look premonitory two people are together CP move is very, new role is chased after closely also and come. Chen Yuqi because his appearance is very pure affection, fruity face, the eye of round circle, like to laugh particularly, the sense that gives a person is very sweet, it is sweet that complete can says the heroine that bestows favor on drama. Be not being chased after is really regrettablly, can look entirely at a heat, it is first-rate a thing. The person that still has a lot of shows: Hope he is better and better, expect Li Yifeng, expect Chen Yuqi, expect ” lens double lens ” , expect new role, hope to broadcast at an early date!

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