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Original title: Invite 2 famous female horn, can be big play of this rich and powerful family saved ” is harbor drama dead already ” situation? 1973, hong Kong radio inspects a station namely TVB held contest of Hong Kong young lady first. That one champion name is Di Bo to pull, it is the mother that Hong Kong well-known actress thanks thunderbolt sharp edge namely, after gaining the championship scene whole sweet river.

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After 4 years, year a Zhu Lingling of 19 years old played this game, become the first to be picked so that champion reachs at the same time most on award of lens young lady player.

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In the meantime, also by course of study inside praise for ” the most beautiful harbor a general term for young women ” . Prize-giving celebration ends that evening, the son of Huo Yingdong of Hong Kong famous businessman — Huo Zhenting, expressed the feeling of oneself appreciation to her.

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The affection of champion of elder sister of a paragraph of harbor and childe of rich and powerful family predestined relationship, pull open at this point prelusive. Second year, zhu Lingling and suddenly shake thunderbolt walked into marital hall, marriage have a youthful look left 3 sons. Cornstalk name is Huo Qigang,

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After this Zhu Lingling and suddenly shake thunderbolt ended marriage, digamous object Luo Kangrui also is rich and powerful family of one’s previous experience. Accordingly, zhu Lingling also is open harbor elder sister ” marry rich and powerful family ” precedent.

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To many Hong Kong rich and powerful family, “Beauty and wisdom pay equal attention to ” harbor elder sister, it is the high grade target that becomes son’s wife apparently. Recently, name of a drama is ” familial honor ” harbor drama, it is namely with ” harbor elder sister joins rich and powerful family ” a setting that regards drama as collect.

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Light looks from drama name, the TVB that everybody can associate very easily is familial drama. Resembling is with ” contend for family property ” give priority to ” world man ” ” years drifting gold ” and ” storm of with a soft yolk ” .

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Still have mix ” trade war ” ” old age ” and ” achieve a century ” .

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Nevertheless, come a few this years, wireless had not made familial theatrical work again almost, be in however punishment detect, alarm not and go far all the way on suspense drama. Although the drama anthology of these types also has,suffer certainly numerous, but the requirement to play quality however outclass is other type of drama.

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Rich and powerful family is fought curtilage, trade war wind and cloud-a stormy or unstable situation, it is the exclusive memory of harbor drama all the time. But TVB is not patted, do not pat on behalf of someone else. You Mou cruel and Hong Kong extensive region inferior those who manufacture this ” familial honor ” , it is shirt-sleeve namely war of rich and powerful family, trade and vengeance drama anthology.

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Though not be TVB,manufacture, but advocate the familiar face that achieving personnel is TVB almost however. Home of bridge of supervise the manufacture of is cultivated, it is TVB once one large faction.

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” palace calculation ” in that ” hit you to hit you, pick a day even ” expressional bag, not too classical. Personate ” Gu Luo appearance ” Li Caihua prep let alone, ” the temptation that come home ” medium Ai Li, can says ” national a third party ” .

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The issue came, met Yao Jinling when Ai Li, after all whose fighting capacity is stronger? Be in ” familial honor ” in this drama, she two it is grown ” good sister ” , after be brought up, still attended together ” sweet river young lady ” the match.

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And ” Hong Kong young lady ” needed a word only, understand understand.

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So, she although readily ” good sister ” , but often be such expression and inner monologize however.

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Newly-married that day, martens group because be suspected of bribery, and by cheap politics the government office invites a conversation.

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Do not become hard, after encountering Ai Li, does Yao Jinling become actually ” is Liu San good ” ? The answer should be negative. Because her person is in the husband in jail, had mixed before marry life a daughter. See, this child has been the age that can make sauce.

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At the beginning, she also wants to divorce, but very artful be diagnosed to come out to had been pregnant.

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However, the husband oppugns her practice not only, still also have old feeling seemingly to another woman. She is first to the jail, rancor the husband be rendered speechless.

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Include official the upper part of the body namely next like, point out farther-in-law of Ma Yaozong of Home Ma cornstalk, rely on a relation to bid the jerry behavior of success and engineering field.

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Accordingly, two ” marry rich and powerful family ” heroine, close to be in charge of ” sororal fall out ” play code.

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And actor respect, also have the familiar face of drama of a lot of harbor. The horse of Zhang Zhilin personate exhibits grand, it is Ma Jia’s brother-in-law.

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Although ability is online, however because not be of Martens group ” kiss foal daughter ” , can be in only so assist CEO aside. But, the word that Ma Zhanhong says is very influential force.

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Let Ma Yaozu one person assumes accusation, it is his proposal namely.

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Because, have on Ma Zhanhong’s body other mainer task. His father, be killed by equestrian family extremely likely.

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The Huang Hao that still has personate Ma Yaozu like that, also had left TVB at present, turn sign Gu Tianle company. This part, had entered a prison in the 4th collect, kept one stake however ” tasteful debt ” to wife.

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3 sons Ma Yaotang is Yang Yi (Yang Qian Monarch Yao) the husband in real life — Luo Ziyi (Luo Zhongqian) , true ” wife runs elder brother’s wife ” .


Eldest son Ma Yaozong is once TVB actor Guo Zhenghong, he most the role that gives a group, should belong to ” on the west travel notes 2 ” the apes and monkeys opening an arm in.


Besides, the Liang Jingqi of the Chen Manna that still has personate horse old lady and personate Ma Jiasi’s daughter.


And the Xiong Dai of Xie Caiwei of personate big daughter-in-law forest, she is in the set in drama, resemble a bit ” palace calculation ” medium virtuous the wife of a prince.



Family circumstances of a married woman’s parents’ home is pretty good, disposition aggressive is capricious, but fighting capacity indeed not strong. Still have the Ma Shihong of father generation part of Martens group, say deal wants at the same time law-abiding, be an upright person should be free from anxiety foursquare.


Everybody can experience next words that he says, be worthy of really is the person that there are two wives at the same time in the home. In fact, besides this opinion on public affairs, ” familial honor ” a lot of set of this drama also can let a person feel ” unwell ” . Resembling is ” lord ” name of type of this kind of harbor, tell with mandarin rise special at odds, make a person very difficult believe this drama is to say the thing that produced 2022.


And two big daughter-in-law Xie Caiwei’s unripe daughters, one calls Zhao Di, one calls up Di. Want to give birth to the son’s heart, had spilled over screen.


Retreat 10 thousand paces to say, since be,be setting with rich and powerful family, cannot take two some moderner names? In addition, the every word and deed of equestrian family, also be to be full of all sorts of ” feudal ” flavour, “Fight curtilage ” play code is quite straight white.


Nevertheless, one say one, these set are in before in harbor drama not infrequent. But important is, in wanting the set that nots agree with with the times in this kind, deliver an a few thought-provoking truths. The trade war play before resembling for example ” achieve a century ” in, can accomplish Jin Goupin to go out.


The part in drama also has picture ” Fang Jianping ” such world is sober. Resemble enrolling these names of Di He Laidi otherwise, can persuade minute minutes to return an audience really. And with respect to rhythm, compared with in recent years many drama, ” familial honor ” gut appears compact a lot of.


But compare with the harbor drama photograph in the past, appeal is reduced greatly however. Drama intermediate frequency is for instance numerous appear all sorts of memory flash and narration interposed, be inferior to telling a meeting to have more from the beginning directly actually can view a sex.


After be harmed by marital Ma Yaozu, the expression of the sort of inhospitality and be bitterly disappointed and limbs movement, let an audience enter sport at a draught. Zhang Zhilin also is to take a story to feel oneself, light is gone to there sit, let a person feel this part not simple.


In addition, because this drama is grinding leather respect to compare control, it is clear and visible that so the actor’s lines can say.


And the quality of a material of a few dress in drama and match colors, also not quite the style that resembles rich and powerful family.



Fortunately the part in drama starts a career start a career, contend for the contend foring that produce to produce, yield vengeance, love loves or highlight at affection without person kink fine-looking on.


And with respect to residence of the rich and powerful family in this drama costly degree in light of, the find a view of TVB is true air before comparing is too much.




Perhaps, the major cost that make is spent here. In light of the content that broadcasts at present, ” familial honor ” than in recent years many harbor drama want high grade a lot of. But and before photograph of drama of TVB rich and powerful family, trade war play is compared, apparently inferior still.


Say artful also, before before long TVB prize-giving celebration just rang down the curtain 2021, a lot of audiences after looking can’t help N second deep feeling ” harbor drama is dead already ” . And no matter ” hair flood ” after inspecting the Supreme Being, frame is messy ” 7 princesses ” , sufferred a defeat actually reputably ceaseless ” the benevolence cure below sky ” !


Before long, the nomination list of anthology of TVB optimal drama, it is the battle array that the immortal fights. No matter you are the type from drama anthology, conception, rhythm or actor expression,isogon is spent look, can find out at least one to have representative an excellent work in that year. Because summit summit passes to just can sob nowadays, answered really ” storm of with a soft yolk ” the libretto of thematic song: It is windy light should regain consciousness namely. Also hope here ” familial and honorable ” follow-up gut can catch up with, save or redeem next audiences to be opposite a bit confidence of harbor drama.


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