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Original title: Span 30 years, zhao Liying follows Gong Li, performed the same person of same author the wording and purpose of what one writes unexpectedly Leave year piece Zhao Liying appeared to act the leading role in sheet ” happiness arrives 10 thousand ” , female advocate He Xingfu, it is a stubborn rural young son’s wife, enter ancestry one day, refuse marriage be troubled by, broke the son of secretary of a Party or League branch of village of 10 thousand villages. The village does health care to taste a factory, commandeer the farmland of husband’s family, he Xingfu argues strongly with village secretary of a Party or League branch receive reasonable compensation, return a village appoint informed against. Typical big female advocate upgrade road. Feel Zhao Liying is the God actor of a baby face originally, but she in prevue, guileless hopeful, put in agrestic environment to also can be blended in, quite appropriate also. It is this gut feeling look familiar having a place. Very mirror like last century heat ” thick line of the accused mountain as form of a address for an official or rich man ” and ” Qiu Ju engages in a lawsuit ” . Female advocate that axis the strength of gruff, special also picture ” want a version namely ” Qiu Ju. Tian Na, arrive from 1992 2022, 30 years are lain between when, acted when red actress same a part, this is the dreamy linkage that what crosses a century. Zhao Liying — Qiu Ju — the creation experience that consolidate Li Chen Yuanbin has recorded him. In his description, ” 10 thousand lawsuit ” arrive from existing writings pat the film to one is plant very abstruse ” fine hand is gotten occasionally ” feeling. His dormitory by baked wheaten cake, he finished with 10 days of time ” stubborn countrywoman is layer upon layer tell village head ” story. Of course, this just originates he is in a country all the time before come home collect folk songs, the relation of the life extract that a lot of ground connection enrage the run upon in brain. This is inopportune, then Chen Yuanbin was sent immediately ” 10 thousand lawsuit ” . Be less than 4 months, fire loss of Chen Yuanbin, had gotten compensating from inside all sorts of remuneration. It is the sky falls really a cake, chen Yuanbin waved, does he ask can you let Zhang Yi seek will direct? Do not have next next, although become famous,Zhang Yi is sought at that time long already, but because of such and such view, sufferred public opinion to attack expose one’s past misdeeds for a time, and he hold guide ” chrysanthemum beans ” and ” bright red lantern is hanged high ” fail to be in country is common mirror, so this idea was laid aside. After original Chen Yuanbin already threw this matter all heads, expect after 3 months, zhang Yi is sought contacted him personally, say he wants to pat ” 10 thousand lawsuit ” . This change is dramatic really, build the bridge to their pull wires without the person actually, it is Zhang Yi is sought oneself saw from the magazine ” 10 thousand lawsuit ” . (later ” one ground chicken feather ” let Feng Xiaogang pat the film and teleplay, xu Fan of main actor Chen Daoming) but should use Shaanxi dialect dialogue considering film later, in Shaanxi word, “Green jade ” and ” autumn ” be being put together is a bad language (the feeling also is on the network nowadays wide mouth) , so final name is ” Qiu Ju engages in a lawsuit ” . Actually Gong Li is in Hong Kong when receiving Zhang Yi to plan a telephone call, she is filming at that time Zhang Aijia’s film ” the dream wakes time ” , perform a beauty the harbor with experience not dark world bleachs the girl. She has taken too much country woman before this, did not think of to want this to pat a countrywoman again, still be the obdurate countrywoman of a body Huai Liujia, careless. The playwrite Liu constant at that time says, “I think of Qiu Ju is Gong Li I write no less than going to, you cannot let affection enchant double eye! ” Zhang Yi seeks hold to Gong Li to have powerful plasticity: “She is this makings! ” and Gong Li also does not lose place to held the ground in the palm to complete this part. When filming actually, Zhang Yi is sought also used a few skill, he won’t film too much Qiu Ju’s face, hand, of the character 8 outside filming the body of her pregnancy overstaffed is mixed carefully however walk pose. Liu Heng also hits a patch to show 10 thousand in ground of the make use of every bit of time or space in all sorts of angle this son’s wife is very beautiful Yun Yun. Complete piece gave Qiu Ju a feature article or story that conceals none in terminal point only, right now she just sat confinement, break up in snow ground climbed the peak, show spellbound expression. Someone says later, zhang Ziyi is in ” my parents ” in run one paragraph that, also be to often be sought child for memory in those days Gong Li’s elegant demeanour. Chen Yuanbin also accordingly piece ” fly litre ” , he is promoted to be one class writer by abnormality, enjoy the State Council special allowance, he gifts to Qiuju ” denounce a view ” spoken parts of a Chinese opera, become popular vocabulary, return income later ” dictionary of contemporary Chinese language ” entry. ” 10 thousand lawsuit ” be issued to transcribe into multilateral language by the interpreter, return later again by income Hong Kong teaching material of 9 grade Chinese, his full name and work are included Beijing University graduate student to take an examination of examination questions library, boreal shadow undergraduate students inscribes a library. After a few years, chen Yuanbin has feeling society to develop, clear away the mood, wrote again ” Qiu Ju legend ” , those who tell is countrywoman He Biqiu layer upon layer lawsuit denounces a view, win victory finally, her achievement is patted film sensation whole nation, be elected as countrywide National People’s Congress to represent accidentally from this. “Qiu Ju ” make persistent efforts, the person that it is a village runs, hit a holiday to uncover secret again again, let each corrupt official fall equestrian story. Deepen understanding and linkage to allow authority, chen Yuanbin is designed still will ” 10 thousand lawsuit ” add hair was in ” Qiu Ju legend ” the first in, because achievement is broken up to take the motion picture,show He Biqiu in begin again, be served byname ” Qiu Ju ” . The great change of this kind of destiny, also be Chen Yuanbin’s choppy to oneself portraiture. The Chen Yuanbin outside play, also was elected as delegate of National People’s Congress, most when scene, accomplished vice secretary of municipal Party committee. This one ” Qiu Ju legend ” did not cause similar ” 10 thousand lawsuit ” resounding, but style of writing is adept, clue free and easy, also be an excellent work of rare. Just jade of Gong Li bead is advanced, also do not have a few people to dare take Qiu Ju’s story ever since. So this subject matter is gas of know how things stand and feel confident of handling them certainly confident director just dare receive a baton. And break up had patted ” red broomcorn ” Zheng Xiaolong, it is first-rate undoubtedly person selected. Dignified air of Gong Li makes person impression too deep, zheng Xiaolong is in instead ” red broomcorn ” in used the Zhou Xun with beautiful exquisite, be in again ” go to 10 thousand happily ” in enabled young and ignorant and melting Zhao Liying. Come so, unapt also instead let an audience take contrast from figure. Because be two kinds of about at all, two kinds of different period setting, also can compare a gender without what. ” autumn chrysanthemum legend ” overall for, it is the arousal of ego rights and interests that is describing rural woman, all the way thought fors the time being, by small reach big story, not only extolled Qiu Ju the proud self-improvement of this rural woman, build legal idea actively in the story still. Female principal and subordinate is hazy only at first want ” denounce a view ” , arrived to have legal idea gradually, go to what represent as National People’s Congress to depend on law state again concept. Female advocate grow gradually, but still do not forget first heart, safeguard justice from beginning to end. Moreover, ” autumn chrysanthemum legend ” also be the work more than 20 years ago at least, a lot of work style inside, it is to happen in the scene at that time, should adapt necessarily so accord with a times to accord with a list of plays with aesthetic nowadays audience again. This let her have contact inspection law and the chance that know legal system. See a men and women originally advocate when be the same as casing, still think gut is to want convention ground to fall ” duty field feeling ” in set pattern, who knows the development from the back is to answer a village to become rich however + thought fors the time being. Look the gist that feeling is not this drama, what gist still wants to fall to female self-improvement, country to become rich to counterpoise with legal dimension is thematic on drama concept. This thinking that Zhao Liying looks at baby face to show tender, bad to control such country does poineering work big female advocate story, but give prize naturally again again in her condition in prevue, no matter be,work in rural go to the fields, still work quietly in the city, no matter be countrywoman,dress up, still be the OL in lawyer building makeup look, do not show abrupt. Look nowadays, the Zhao Liying with lone recovery, did not abandon transition all the time actually, look at present, can you become what the first transition in 85 flowers succeeds?

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