Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: ” celebrate one’s remaining years 2 ” enter pat time, yan Bingyun person selected is announced, netizen: Still be you fortunately

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” celebrate one’s remaining years ” after receiving Guan Zhi, convenient take advantage of an opportunity makes theatrical work the information that gave a the old cast to return to the 2nd, let this be spent with respect to attention originally for a short while quite tall ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” person energy of life ascends a top, although procrastinated two years, but heat however a bit was not decreased, nowadays is to receive an information at long last. ” celebrate one’s remaining years 2 ” enter pat time, yan Bingyun person selected is announced, netizen: Still be you fortunately. About ” celebrate one’s remaining years 2 ” pat, drama just has been announced, can be in this year switch on the mobile phone first quarter, the time that also does not have 9 months. Besides, audience people pay close attention to most, most propbably namely the recursive circumstance of actors.

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It is reported, as the men and women advocate Zhang Reyun and Li Qin had gone out certainly acted, and drama just has been in be conduct propaganda with this 2 people. And Chen Daoming, Wu Gang, Guo Qilin, Song Yi, Tian Yu, Liu Duanduan one numerous quite the actor that somebody enrages also appears on cast, calculate really going up is complete member returned to.

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Actually, if not be Xiao Zhan, everybody won’t notice Yan Bingyun possibly so a small part. In ” celebrate one’s remaining years 2 ” explode piece when wanting to pat, about Yan Bingyun the problem of person selected emerges in endlessly, among them the message is most is Xu Zhengxi, Liu Xueyi, Xu Kaicheng. About above 3 actors, most propbably authority is not new also, although be like battle somebody energy of life not as good as, but also mix mark in circle of movie and TV old. Xu Zhengxi male model goes out, by right of superhigh Yanzhi and figure gained not little attention and favour, in time of these a few years, go out in succession acted ” Xia Jiasan a thousand pieces of gold ” , ” alone Gu the world ” , ” phoenix play chess ” , ” between a fabled abode of immortals ” wait for many big play.

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If sheet enrages Yan Zhi with respect to the person, above suits 3 times to go out quite really act ” celebrate one’s remaining years 2 ” Yan Bingyun of one horn, this also is why to concern the reason with the so can much information at them at that time. But, those who make a person accident is, drama just did not choose above finally to hold the post of He Yi.

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