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Original title: ” rustic love 14 ” calm archives! Ivory hill 3 tycoons talent matchs powers, wang Xiaoli is strong regression ” rustic love 14 ” decide archives! Head sowing date was on January 24, also be northward off year at the same time before today. From the point of the date that decide archives, year of full flavour come over, have eventually spend the New Year inside flavour.

20220111030030 61dcf2ce59937

Although ” rustic love ” the fantastic country that the story is a rich authenticity is comedic, but it has a theme each times, each years every family also has new change, the audience also witnesses child of ivory hill generation at the same time grow. ” rustic love 14 ” the theme has interest sex more, before a few are not to choosing mayor to be namely on the way that picks village head, this one had new change and hotspot eventually, the 3 tycoons of ivory hill begin to go up new talent!

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If say to thank An Kun, Liuneng and Zhao Si,3 their tycoons’ biggest characteristic is to make fun of heart bicker, so, tang Jianjun, Wang Xiaoli and Liu Xiaoguang’s biggest characteristic is body bosom stunt.

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In front a few story these 3 tycoons this honour all sorts of talent that show oneself without the space almost, ” rustic love 14 ” for them the quantity made personally with ” talent ” the story that gives priority to a problem.

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Eventually no longer government-owned confusing, these 3 tycoons began to talk with actual strength, actually this kind is the drama of movie and TV of subject matter with northeast country, still want finally to have new thing and all wool and a yard wide artistic sign, such ability are long fill do not decline, those who cause an audience in all affection.

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The talent of 3 tycoons matchs powers to be become probably whole ” rustic love ” inside series story of summit of another comedic summit make, disentomb as far as possible the talent work force of 3 individual oneself, make so called performance more natural, they act rise more handy, what the audience looks is more happy also.

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And strong regression of Wang Xiaoli, more for ” rustic love 14 ” added a lot of window, his knock stutter cling to besides the favorite makings that pig’s or ox’s tongue always is in reason. This kind of comic effect adds adversary is Xie Ankun and Zhao Si, faultlessly 3 people are combined, dramatic image ground is depicted gave ivory mountain the life of those plain old little man is daily.

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Since Zhao Benshan do not attend spring after evening, the stalk that spends the New Year a few a lot of lesser to just arise indeed, it seems that ” rustic love ” also began to make up for the regret that did not straighten. Each ” rustic love ” always can produce new classical package, likelihood it is so rich without drama of other movie and TV deepness, also do not have too strong logistic sense, but, no matter you begin to look from which which one collect, perhaps jumping to look, can receive on. It resembles an earthworm, chop which, can acquire a new life.

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Exclusive heroine adds suspense again in drama original ” rustic love ” heroine should be Wang Xiaomeng, Liu Ying and Wang Xiangxiu, since this 3 individual marriage hind, did not have a hotspot it seems that, these 3 people still have besides Liu Ying so little comic effect, the show share of additionally two people does not have too much meaning completely, wang Xiaomeng has a Xie Ankun to open show for her fortunately, still have stipple side constrainedly, wang Xiangxiu did not have a hotspot almost. Look look, 3 heroine that decide formerly faded out of the eye shot of the audience already, thank beetle-crusher to grow all the time only fill do not decline, she is the heroine with whole exclusive set.

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” rustic love 14 ” first after deciding archives premonitory in the center, did not give thank everybody any picture, plenary meeting is held in the village with respect to Lian Xiaoshuang’s secretary, ivory hill is almost all the person that the head has a face is participated in come in, did not see the figure that thanks beetle-crusher as before right now, do not know what the director sold this to close child.

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Beetle-crusher aunt also is a person that has artistic cell very much, 3 tycoons fight ivory hill talent, how can thank beetle-crusher less participate in, and 3 old man are performed again well, also should a belle shares talent more good-looking, after all safflower and greenery just are to match absolutely.

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The story of ivory hill is machine-made, went up new talent, that begins extraordinary rise, very expect 3 tycoons can bring what kind of classical and comedic bridge paragraph, also expect to be in at the same time premonitory the foot meets li of Xie Da that conceals how to come on the stage, since had be concerned about, regular meeting brings an audience the surprise. Do you like 3 tycoons most whose performance?

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