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Original title: Had looked ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” titbits, know why dozen of joke of this drama is so little ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” the 36th collect, dozen of the most wonderful in hitting play to be called to be whole department theatrical work by the audience play of Zhao announce element.

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Actually young scrutiny makes show one paragraph this, also give the share of colour without what. Just this paragraph of photograph is compared ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” in other acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance make fun of, the bout of actor fight hand to hand can stop many a little bit.

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” knife of the bold in snow goes ” from since sowing, besides suffer fully in the respect that pick part besides controversy, audience people discuss most is the play of acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance in this drama.

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The friend that seeks theatrical work all the time can discover, ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” in hardly what makes show, of a lot of keys it is definitely to be taken and pass. For instance bulrush swings one battle, lichun Gang is opposite sword god a Wu Liuding, two people just placed a few poses. Swung to fly to a few to make a round trip in bulrush, ended next.

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The world eleventh and Lichun Gang, breathe out those who breathe out a girl is right definitely, spoken parts in an opera make a few motions namely, add specially good effect.

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In seeing whole department play again, xu Feng year a few hands that had given, it is to enrol a second to kill. Be in especially the 36th collect, xu Feng year exert sword 9 yellow swords 959 lis. That picture, that movement follows sportive like.

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Still have Wudi suburban, of the Li Chungang on the East China Sea and Zhi of king celestial being unique one battle, two people are to standing to talk all the time, make show, rely on specially good effect completely.

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Saying Orpheanly to nod is two people reached certain state, need to start work personally far from. Saying badly to hear a drop is this play do not have a law to pat at all, two people fly in the sky, pat how?

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Severe drop says, ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” the knight-errant drama that does not belong to traditional sense to go up, it still has element of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of a lot of celestial being. because such,

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But the much in whole department theatrical work hits play to be replaced with specially good effect, this also makes audience friends are accepted hard. That why ” travel of knife of the bold in snow ” is dozen of medium joke so little? Investigate its reason, see this play film titbits, perhaps everybody understood.

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Can see from inside titbits video, these actors to how draw, how to perform a sword-dance, how to a string of 1 power inferior etc, know nothing about.

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Nevering mention it is dozen of play, connect how can hold sword, how to call in the sword can handsomely again scabbard needs to practice for long. That is to say they are patted ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” , about the part that makes show, begin a practice from the beginning.

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Look again ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” actor, a few had taken dozen of sport truly, base of husband of a few have rendered great service have again? The Yu Rongguang of Zhi of personate king celestial being can be hit really, regrettablly is essential nobody can be built with him go up play.

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So the issue came, the star that why doesn’t seek a copy kept as a record of husband of a few have rendered great service will perform this theatrical work? A word that has said in be interviewed some before Cheng Longzhi just gave out to explain. Say present time into dragon piece, acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance piece not was very popular, also learn time without the person, accordingly true now can beater is less and less also.

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Saw this into Long Zao, so he has begun to establish before early wushu school, guide get married an education new personality, but all these needs time. Look again ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” medium a few actors with dozen of fluenter play, they have easy be ashamed, Qing Diao dancing foundation, flap when making fun of, the movement is a lot of more harmonious.

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But even if is such, before patting, they are leaving still is to pass a large number of exercises, just had the effect with medium now drama. Can accomplish this is planted now degree, no matter be actor it may not be a bad idea, still be the staff member it may not be a bad idea of the play staff, had given much effort.

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So everybody does not want again kink at ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” dozen of joke is little, dozen play is not wonderful this is nodded went up. Integral big environment such, can pat a such teleplay, already very pretty good.

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