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Original title: ” perfect companion ” greet a climax! Sudden death of tall round round within an inch of, ring noisy alarm bell to modern Afterwards teleplay ” small quick home ” defend in Hunan inspect, with end-all means perfect after receiving Guan Zhi, another teleplay ” perfect companion ” receive grade successfully, after receiving grade, be violated without what and feel, and this drama regards female star as Gao Yuan the circle is postpartum reappear make, so, the temperature of this drama is very high still. Must say, hunan protects the inspected eye that choose theatrical work really essence of life is accurate, ” small quick home ” and ” perfect companion ” star without discharge, but have without one exception become explode greatly the likelihood of the paragraph.

20220111030140 61dcf314cdf64

” perfect companion ” although did not enable discharge star, but the actual strength school that chose all of the same color however, the state that is put in instantly on drama market, ” perfect companion ” cast can say so that a top matchs as much. And, long did not appear when Gong Mingxing Hu Ge also is in drama gues-starred a part, and the 7th concentration that Hu Ge just also was broadcasting appeared, although have a scene only, two actor’s lines, but to vermicelli made from bean starch, also be a very big surprise.

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Nevertheless, if say the 7th market that just broadcasted, hu Ge is a surprise, so female advocate sudden death of tall round round within an inch of became the biggest scare in this drama. Because work,see Gao Yuan is round at that time too too fatigue, move plus high strenth, bring about tall round circle on the spot insensible, more for a time heart halt. What what I hope is, have male advocate Wang Yaoqing’s seasonable CPR, just make Gao Yuan round had escaped to rob from inside danger sopt so.

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And those who occupy a doctor divulge, because,tall round circle is this heart disease of neck source sex, because,be after cervical vertebra pathological changes of the person, the cervical vertebra that cause is out of shape, oppressed cardiac nerve causes a heart to stop suddenly.

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And the cause that causes cervical vertebra pathological change has a lot of, resemble normally sedentary, and the physical training of impropriety, still have even if lower his head a group of things with common features the cervical vertebra that cause is long-term strain, especially latter, can say the common fault of modern. Accordingly, before screen close people, must add an attention more, want great activity to fall at ordinary times, do not maintain a pose.

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Although will look from gut, ” perfect companion ” it is good theatrical work of a conscience really, but also have a lot of unreasonable places really. Take sudden death of within an inch of of this tall round circle for this incident, it is modern really an alarm bell. But, for the way that handles from the hospital, already stopped via the heart, but the doctor anabiosises without the lung that make a heart and electrical shock is divided quiver, just make a round trip very simply flyback a few camera lens, give her oxygen therapy. Want to know, the heart stopped, either divide for a short while quiver restore a heartbeat? But, there is this operation in this drama.

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From the point of now, ” perfect companion ” in all sorts of problems that can see middleaged men and women is encountered in the life, concern from career, excellent front courtyard and close affection, it is the key of this drama. Not coxcombical, also not dog blood, narrative successive, around logic unobstructed. So, negligence leaves other detail, understood very easily also.

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