Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: By a flock of ” old man ” maintain a public praise ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” , did not think of coda beat an old man however Did not think of ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” ending, public praise defeated however ” old man “

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Should say ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” can maintain close inspect, very big because,one part reason is ” cost old man ” , in this drama, come from the beginning end, a lot of old men for Xu Feng year great undertaking sacrificed oneself! Often fizzle out even if most reputable reputable an old man, a few days that when get offline in Laohuang, the netizen misses him everyday almost!

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In water blame greatly, although had followed Xu Feng now year left, but in the 2nd season, believe they or good-bye of meeting all corners of the country!

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The 3rd old man, xu Feng year master, although come on the stage not much, but for the word that uses a netizen, see ace to play, it is bright!

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It is fierce again pass Chinese rhubarb front yard Xu Feng when before last year Wang Chonglou, these are old show bone!

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Arrived again all the way convoy Xu Feng year sword god!

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Include to look cowardly, finally to protect a daughter, the first rises the Xuan Yuan that is terrestrial immortal to respect a city! These old men are the good part that reverses public praise for an instant!

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Even if be temple of ermine of Han of great villain in drama, of old show bone come on the stage, an eyes is delighted!

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Favour, where is what reason? In newest gut, cross the element of hellion Zhao announce of small Fan Xian because of personate namely, the life for him continuance, be raised to the skies wants in at the last gasp, and Deng Tai A prevents him!

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But after regaining consciousness, just discover, deng Tai A does not have a fault, although say he is arbitrary, but he prevents be raised to the skies of Zhao announce element, it is for the world quiet, element of announce resembling Zhao such person, in terrestrial make trouble, in the word of the middle of forhead, became celestial being, to the middle of forhead to the world it is damage, say so, will see a role through behavior, will integratedly look, deng Tai A is right, just it is too good that small Fan Xian is deduced, clench the heart of the audience, the old man that letting a person very easily think of is excel in of a supernatural power is bullying to be about to die the child that go, slanted person belt so! Say so, everybody still should combine origianl work, combinative role person is set in light of need the plot of a play, this one, deng Tai A expresses too bad luck, how do you look?

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