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Original title: Harbor drama ” iron fist hero ” sow! Odd from mew female role sea of faces signs up for by cutout, netizen ridicule TVB does not have the milk of human kindness The article edits drama to show a company: Issac without accredit forbidden reprint, the person that discovery borroweds will undertake entire network is complained chant by the Chen Zhanpeng that inspect the Supreme Being, Tang poetry after inspecting and the TVB that the Chen Shancong, Yao Ziling, person such as Wang Junxin presents as leading role to act the leading role makes acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance greatly, in the bottom that press a storehouse greet eventually after two years head sow.

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This drama with the anthology of drama of TVB high public praise 2016 ” hero of city stockaded village ” for former ordinary members of theatrical troupe, because this can imagine set of the gut of drama anthology, part should where won’t differ, leaving so the outside suffers to expect fully after patting. However this drama plans to broadcasted in September 2020 formerly, TVB had given off prevue and calm archives date at that time, but be smoked finally to rise temporarily because of all sorts of reasons however, overwhelm all the time the cannon fodder archives this year just sees light again.

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Be apart from this drama to kill blueness formally, approach time of 3 years quickly also. In 3 years, each actor that drama centers had very big change. Picture senior Liang Shunyan of old show bone had died due to illness, this drama also became her final posthumous work. And like Ni of snow of old show bone, the 3rd heroine Wangjun strongs and pervasive fragrance wait for a person, because all sorts of reasons chose in succession,also leave mew in these 3 years.

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Drama anthology is about to open sow, according to the convention of TVB, also can be on each gregarious platform undertake conduct propaganda. But attentive netizen discovers however, recently ” iron fist hero ” in conduct propaganda, regard drama anthology as the Wang Junxin of the 3rd heroine, be forced however ” disappear ” into thin air.

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On gregarious media, the odd sea of faces that TVB shared anthology of much department theatrical work signs up for, and ordinal the date of gregarious media Zhang that labelled everybody acts the leading role. Like a few main actors Chen Zhanpeng, Tang poetry is chanted, the placard that waits for a person has Chen Shancong to appear alone, it is Liu Yingxuan of the 4th heroine has alone placard even, do not have Wang Junxin alone only.

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Clearly, not be Wang Junxin did not film propagandist placard, however TVB is intended its ” disappear ” ! It is after all by last month in and month out, wang Junxin just announces formally to leave mew completely about. Handle actor leaving mew, TVB often does not give a shop sign by constant manage, or cutout reduces show share, or uses underhand method on drama anthology placard.

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The drama anthology placard that this Mr Wang strongs and pervasive fragrance is merciless ” disappear ” , also caused the dissatisfaction of numerous netizen. Also be heroine in the Wang Junxin in drama after all, among them the show share affirmation of tussle won’t be little. Many netizens feel, anyhow king gentleman strongs and pervasive fragrance also line of business of estate of Ceng Jing Jing worked 14 years in the company, also have hard work without contribution, announce to adopt distinction to treat from mew, painful approve TVB to do not have the milk of human kindness.

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In small make up look, wang Junxin is TVB these a few years absolutely the biggest ” bead of involuntary discharge of urine ” one of. Have Yan Zhi, have idiosyncratic, have masterly acting more, the force that cannot get a high level namely regrettablly is held in both hands and trust. Depended on 2016 ” hero of city stockaded village ” in, amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds Hua Man after one character runnings successfully, of Wang Junxin act art the career did not imagine medium rise steeply.

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Begin from the year before last year, wang Junxin began to be on the road of independent music person, dedicated at singing, dance, also abandoned acting secondhand art career.

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Leave mew to what Mr Wang strongs and pervasive fragrance, small make up besides feeling to be returned regrettablly is regrettablly! Putting so the not do one’s best of idiosyncratic, a female role that has acting is held in both hands, what how think to know to TVB high level is? Finally, come to greeting head sow ” iron fist hero ” , young associate has the expectation with different what again.

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