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Original title: Noonday sunshine gets big start again, new theatrical work ” fall beautiful season ” will raid This year, the teleplay that a few noonday sunshine manufactures has not seen? Do not know from when to rise, in every case is to be engraved to imprint go up ” noonday sunshine ” drama of manufacturing movie and TV, made the high-quality goods in the high-quality goods in masses heart naturally. ” Qiao Jia’s children ” there also is dinkum and real feeling in showing the life that even if is one ground chicken feather.

20220111030313 61dcf37130364

Double bumper harvest of public praise heat, the young actor that lets have actual strength more very much at the same time is performing art circle to go up again a step, get more audience is approbated, behead captures a big heat. Had formed not to become the regulation of article in audience heart, if a lot of actors can be gone out to act by the play staff pitch on of noonday sunshine, the acting level that shows them had gotten major is approbated. Act on midday to manufacture, belong to the principle of high-quality goods surely, fine number these year of their each department theatrical work make, which be audience boast to exploded an excellent work? ” hill sea affection ” it is stamp arrived in the heart of the audience more.

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This not, noonday sunshine is in again considering getting big start. New theatrical work ” fall beautiful season ” also be on coming road!

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Enable ace ordinary members of theatrical troupe, powerful cast relates the love story of middleaged person, listen to subject matter to be able to experience this drama to leave solely there can be much fire after sowing. This drama is passed tell about a men and women advocate be forced to part, old hind once more meet again.

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The enemy of affection of kind and enmity before facing this and the rough cross of the life, constant challenge is difficult, stand fast first heart, harvest the story of life true meaning finally, show an one ministry pole to provide the work of drama of movie and TV of life philosophic theory to the audience. More what is more,the rather that of this or Hou Hongliang and Jian Chuan Yu cooperate once more, their idiomatic gimmick is the clue that rises and fall through free and easy, highlight the major idea of deep finally administrative levels, the deepness that causes an audience thereby thinks, with the most dramatic gimmick, show the one side with the realest life.

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The person arrives middleaged, cannot help doing sth. Although will look from story line, much some rarer ” dog blood ” , but art results from the life prep above lives, and the work of noonday sunshine is not confined to those little affection all the time little love, final metropolis falls to taller life cardinal principles of righteousness, be worth to expect. Especially men and women advocate after announcing, a lot of netizens breathe out continuously: This theatrical work is steady! Female Zhu Ningyou goes out by Yuan Quan act, male advocate Jianhong becomes a personate of You Leijia sound, two actual strength send the actor’s collaboration, sure meeting collision gives not little spark.

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Must say, they always can find the good actor of part of the properest writing! Yuan Quan’s acting, do not have so that carry absolutely. And the work before saying, the last few years is drama of movie and TV or film no matter, she can be answered easily. Each give the work that perform is everybody familiar to the ear can the popular an excellent work of detailed.

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Although she feels without the Ming Yan of great beauty, have the rich intention of elegant woman however, intellectual and beautiful it is everybody the first impression to her. As a whole, the heroine color in this and this drama or very of joint.

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And male advocate thunder favorable reply although the result that put together art yielded him to take a few cent comedy people, but wonderful is, in returning drama, his acting also won’t let an audience feel to give play.

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In premonitory extract, he takes the eyes of deep desire to always be full of story sex slightly, can arouse an audience to want one dug by these expression only unexpectedly curious.

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Besides, probably everybody did not think of, male the act person of 2 peaceful excuse me is Zhang Yi actually promote! ” sweep black storm ” in his acting although pass a barrier, but part set not very denounce happy event, and this he can go out act male 2 it is to get an expectant job fully absolutely.

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This he returns to bang the appearance of an actor once more, the eyes is much also a few minutes firm and persistent, do not know this acting can let an audience find everything new and fresh? Should expect.

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The actual strength that faces so much sends an actor, zhang Yi promotes join show blueness slightly really acerbity, but believe to also can progress somewhat below the edification in these old actors. As a whole, actual strength is sent and had when red discharge, this drama is absolutely firm! Be worth to expect!

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