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Original title: CCTV personally warm-up! Ren Jialun acts again big male advocate drama ” dusk heart is made an appointment with ” , see Qing Dynasty daughter advocate hind, I am stupefied

20220111030550 61dcf40e4f9bf

Besides outstanding appearance, ren Jialun’s acting is in with age be among the best of candidates is more in the actor, act the leading role with floret Tan Song Yun ” under bright and beautiful garment ” become year to explode directly money theatrical work, “6 yuan a jin of shrimp ” this is to make knock of audience knock candy mad more to CP, the resource that Jia Lun holds the post of after this oneself begins to rise sharply.

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Especially last year, white deer of Ren Jialun partner acts the leading role ” Zhou Shengru reason ” once broadcast,fired network discussion great mass fervor, during broadcasting obtain heat day coronal 19 times continuously, the cruel heart of king of small Na Chen and what is appropriate to the occasion love story is the tear that earns sufficient audience really, although ending, in still large quantities of audiences are enmeshed in gut cannot extricate oneself.

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Old partner cooperates once more, tacit value pulls full screen

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Be in in last few years in teleplay market, the teleplay it may be said about psychological major is to emerge in endlessly, and each attention is spent very tall. When red floret Yang Zi acts the leading role ” female psychology division ” , the line lifted network heat to discuss on, each points to real psychological problem and social phenomenon continuously, the generation that makes audience generation extremely strong is entered feeling, have subsequently leave high low the power that take, but heat cannot be denied however.

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Still have Gong Jun and tall glad main actor with what show between first phase ” sleep deeply garden ” , it is major of main attack psychology as much, victim of the love of vermicelli made from bean starch and God, CPI waits for an another psychology problem, point to social reality continuously, make what the person also can can’t help when seeing play thoughtful, have educational sense very much.

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” dusk heart is made an appointment with ” this drama, look from story brief introduction, with above the place that two mentioned drama have different in approach but equally satisfactory in result, different is host of male and female sets a field, two people are the talent of psychological major, and come so, the psychological knowledge most propbably that involves in drama also is met more professional.

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Besides subject matter, director and cast also are the dot that the audience pays close attention to, and ” dusk heart is made an appointment with ” the director Li Ang of this drama has two brushes really. ” serious case 6 groups of III ” direct by Li Ang namely hold guide, grading of valve of this drama beans is as high as 8.4 minutes, and this drama is the classical memory in generation popular feeling not only, it is the drama of god of go with rice of a lot of people more, up-to-date still still large quantities of audiences recall this god theatrical work ceaselessly.

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The espionage war big play that still Ren Jialun acts the leading role ” Qiu Chan ” below the camera lens that also is out Li Ang’s director, although have,do not pass this theatrical work assume Jia Lun personally attend to garrison duty when Gong Xiaosheng, but because logic of disorder of editing and rearrangement, gut is illogical,still be however wait for a problem to be spat groove by the audience, with fabaceous valve achievement regret of 5.6 minutes receives an official finally.

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But in ” dusk heart is made an appointment with ” in this drama, li Ang is directed and Ren Jialun cooperates 2 degrees, tacit value nature is need not say more, and believe the director also can be absorbed last time lesson, gut of serious burnish play, research. Goodwife is chosen very accident, faint let a person be worried

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Also cannot blame audience concern actually, the operation before Baby really very fan, the power that uses oneself ” run male ” how much does the passerby predestined relationship of scrape up defeat so that do not have remnant. ” the Yun Zhongge of reason of big fellow love ” in, use the acting that a meeting glare, holiday eats, not only by female 2 Yang Rong condole are hit, more let an audience spit groove.

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But the resource that this affects Baby not at all however, besides what cooperate with Ren Jialun ” dusk heart is made an appointment with ” outside this drama, still grasp in Baby hand much ministry explodes a big play, for instance, the partner brings house when red small unripe king ” free shadow finds trace ” .

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In the meantime, still have what appoint actor partner with the one numerous actual strength such as Chen Kun, Bai Yu ” the Gansu since wind on the west ” , those who regard this as department theatrical work is the biggest female advocate, the acting of Baby really very concern letting a person.

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Do not cross Baby two years this besides a few outside gues-starring drama, really already very long the drama that did not act the leading role and audience met, perhaps take the advantage of Baby of this paragraph of time also harden oneself acting, after all ” skyscraper ” in, the Jing grand dekko of Baby still leaves very deep impressional to the audience, and also be the public praise that this drama lets her be close to danger successful summit loop turns.

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Altogether, ” dusk heart is made an appointment with ” this drama had switched on the mobile phone, everything is already final, although before the acting of Baby very concern letting a person, but everything still should think toward advantage, and still those who hold the post of acting of type of dip of fine Lun Chen is drive, in case can give bring an audience the surprise. At present, become with respect to what let us expect this theatrical work piece, very long also after all did not see Baby in teleplay, so do you expect this theatrical work?

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